If your love for Android (or at least its little green mascot) is so profound that you feel the need to collect every possible piece of memorabilia, then we've got a great deal for you. ThinkGeek has been making official Android plushies for a while now, but they've been consistently sold out on the website. An Amazon retailer is selling them for the low, low price of one buck. If you can spare another $5.99 for shipping, this little guy is all yours.


On ThinkGeek it goes for $9.99, if it's ever in stock. It's even more expensive elsewhere, like Sears.com, where it goes for $15. It's safe to say that you're not going to find any better deal on this plushie. If you want more than one, the savings on shipping start to add up: buy two, and you get 'em both for $1.98 plus $9.49 shipping. Three are $2.97 plus $12.99. Five is $4.95 plus $19.99 shipping, and so on. I'm not suggesting you make a tiny army of adorable green robots, but you could. If you wanted to. Hypothetically. (Or maybe you're a normal person, and you just want to get another for your dad.)

If you want one you may want to hurry. They're sure to go fast, and the price may be adjusted if the merchant sees a quick spike in demand. Happy hunting.

Amazon - ThinkGeek Android Plushie

via FatWallet

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • TylerChappell

    I already have a different one from Fye...and the Android Squishable, + a keychain one. Ah what the hell, what's one more, right? :D

  • http://brandonbrown.io/ Brandon Brown

    What the hell? checked it out on Amazon Canada because Amazon USA won't ship to me and its CAD$25 http://bserv.net/PWwc

    • Peter Morrison

      Mine said $40 :(

    • ShaunOfTheLive

      They're both sold by third parties. The US one is sold by "Cosmetics Life", and the Canadian one is sold by "Eshopic". Not Amazon's fault this time.

  • CA719

    it kinda looks like a penis... I have one of these ball ones, they're cooler and really soft

  • cabbiebot

    got it!

  • Michael Kennedy

    Just bought 4. Thanks!

  • Odz Manouk

    I just grabbed one.
    I'm a grown man.
    What is wrong with me?

    • fixxmyhead

      Nothing. I still watch Yugioh

  • Bobby

    It looks nothing like Android. Disgusting.

  • Gregory Folk

    Looks like they are sold out. :(

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Still there for me.

      • Gregory Folk

        I stand corrected. Just ordered 3. I swear when I clicked the link earlier that Amazon kept showing me one for $4.99 each.

  • impure

    No, no, no. The proportions are all wrong. I'm not buying this.

    • Goldenpins

      look st the picture I just upload in a comment.That is not how the doll looks like. Its complete different. From think Geek.

  • Goldenpins

    This is how it looks like in real life. The pictures must have been older version that they use on the site.I bought these December last year and 1 month ago. There not stiff at all and all soft with a movable head.

  • Diabetic Jedi

    I just tried to buy a few but apparently Canada is too foreign of a country for amazon to ship to.

  • Asphyx

    You know when an Operating system has it's own Merchandise line of products it won't be long before Arnold comes back in time to kill Sarah Conner!

  • louched1

    Ordered! My dog thanks you.

  • Garrett Bridges

    It doesn't look like quite the same thing, but I grabbed one at Fry's last year for 75 cents that had a keychain attached to the head. It was pretty sweet! Same size too, so a it bulky for actual keys, but I just clicked it to my laptop bag. Fry's still had them as of a few weeks ago, so if you have a local one I'd definitely check it out.