The gold release for CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2) is very, very close, folks. The CyanogenMod team has already gone through four (count 'em, four) release candidates to date, and the fifth has just started popping up on the CyanogenMod download page. RC5 for the Sprint, MetroPCS, Cricket, and AT&T versions of the Galaxy S III are available at the time of writing, as well as the Nexus S, Nexus S 4G, Samsung Captivate, Acer Iconia Tab A700, and the Nook Tablet.


As the day progresses, builds for the rest of the officially-supported devices should start appearing on the download page. The CM team has not added anything to their Google+ page, which might mean that Release Candidate 5 isn't anything all that interesting... or just that they haven't gotten around to it yet. (They're busy people.) If you're happy with RC4, you might just want to wait until the complete build is ready.

If not, head over to the download page and check the latest releases. (The builds are coming in alphabetical order by device code name, so you should be able to get a pretty good idea of where your phone or tablet is in the list.) Those labeled cm-10.1.0-RC5 are Release Candidate 5. Don't forget to back up, and don't forget your Gapps.

Update: Builds have been posted for the Wi-Fi Nexus 7, Verizon, US Cellular, and T-Mobile Galaxy S III, unlocked Galaxy S II, Galaxy Epic 4G, the international LG Optimus G, international HTC One X, and the Nook Color.

Update 2: Builds are ready for all versions of the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 10 WiFi, Nexus 7 3G, and Nexus Q, Sony Xperia T,V, ZL, and Tablet Z, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7", and Tab 2 10", Motorola DROID 4, DROID Bionic, RAZR and DROID RAZR, LG Optimus 9, Optimus 4X HD, and Optimus L9, the Kindle Fire (old and new), and the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity.

CyanogenMod 10.1 Release Candidate Downloads (All)

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Simon Belmont

    RC4 has been great on my old B&N Nook Color. Haven't had any sleep of death issues.

    Guessing stable will drop next week. Maybe in time for Android 4.3 to be announced on June 10th (har har).

    • effinay

      I still get the sleep of death on RC4. Seems only to happen when WiFi is on. Haven't seen it happen in airplane mode yet.

      • Simon Belmont

        Weird. I used to have issues with that when Wi-Fi was on, but it stopped doing that a couple months ago.

        I guess it's just the luck of the draw. So far I've been pleased with the RCs for the B&N Nook Color. I haven't had a chance to flash RC5 yet though. I might just wait for stable.

  • Sir_Brizz

    Anyone know if they are planning to either port Picasa Sync to the CM gallery or figure out why the heck the Nexus camera causes camera freezes in 4.2? In 4.1, the Nexus camera works just fine with no freezes...

  • Vilkku

    RC4 still had the calculation issues at least when it came to the data display (confirmed by me and others). Hopefully this fixes that, even if it's just a cosmetic change.

    • Simon Belmont

      I've noticed calculation issues on my B&N Nook Color for data usage for a while now. Well before CM10.1 even went into RC.

      From what I saw, it looked like it was basically doubling the actual data usage. The numbers from each individual app added up to twice what the range total at the top said.

  • sourabh

    i brought a int'l S3.there are only nightly builds no RC or anything.Qualcomm versions enjoy the most support.never again will i buy a exynos phone .

    • Daniel DS

      I feel sorry for you... I'm using an international S2 for a few months now and I never liked that so many other devices get more stable CM builds than I do, and today I decided to go back to stock 4.1.2 :)
      With Nova Launcher and stock ROM the device won't be less fun than with CM, believe me ;)

    • Simon Belmont

      That's pretty much how I feel about the situation. I've never owned an Exynos based device, but I don't want to buy one that is difficult to support anyway.

      It's a big shame that documentation for Exynos SoCs can't be better. Oh well at least the other chipset manufacturers are good about it.

  • Bretton Key

    I'm about to try this out... I like the 20130607 Nightly build a lot, but it has some battery issues...The RC have had great battery life...if they can fix the camera and connectivity issues then this will be the best one yet.

    I wish the GS 3 VZW had PIE built in or some other handy item baked in to it.

  • power_pizza

    Any word from CM on what they've fixed? A little wary to switch as RC4 has been good to me on my d2att

  • Stealth Dave

    RC5 fixes a _major_ Bluetooth bug for me. I had huge problems getting my Jawbone ICON headset to connect quickly and reliably, and the headset button did not hang up on calls as it did with other ROMs and devices. RC5 fixed all of my Bluetooth issues, and appears to be very stable over the 2-3 hours I've had it installed so far.

    On a completely unrelated note, what's the point of "signing in" with FB, Twitter or Google if you still have to give Disqus an email and password?!? Who designed this crap?!?

    • Cherokee4Life

      I love you for saying this!! That has been my problem with the HTC EVO LTE and my Jawbone, so I had to unroot and flash a RUU just to use my Jawbone.

  • http://teamfreewill.net Supernatural Online

    I dont see any Release Candidates for Galaxy S2 i9100.

  • elvito

    i used this rom for galaxy s3 metropcs and i was good with rc4 but when i went to 5 aparently it broke my 4g and my phone stuck to 1x. i tried everything even restored to where i backed up my phone with nandroid (although i might of backed up at the wrong time since it was my first time doing everything) to trying to update the phones prl and factory settings but it stayed with 1x. i even went to metro and they couldnt fix it so they just replaced my phone but the point is i think the rc5 has issues with 4g lte on metro and when i get my new phone ill stick with rc4 until there is a new build