BlackBerry announced last month that its beloved BlackBerry Messenger service would be coming to Android. Although, the company didn't offer a date when BBM would be available. Don't tell T-Mobile UK any of your secrets, because it just let it slip on Twitter that the big day is June 27th.


There have been rumors for years that RIM (now BlackBerry) was planning to expand to other platforms. Release date speculation began immediately after the announcement, with June 27th being suggested. It's looking like that was correct with T-Mobile UK chiming in. BlackBerry has explained that the initial release will only include messaging and groups. Advanced features like voice, screen share, and channels could come later.

BlackBerry Messenger was one of the first mobile messaging system that offered read-receipts and reliable group messaging, both of which have become a big deal in competing apps more recently. With so many other services, you have to wonder if it's too late for BlackBerry to realize any gains from this move. A year or two ago, maybe, but now? Time will tell, but I'm sure the folks in Waterloo are on the edge of their seats. And yes, that mockup is pretty bad.

Udpate: Well, BlackBerry is out telling everyone that no, the date listed by T-Mobile UK is not correct. Bummer. T-Mobile UK also deleted the tweet.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://www.maverickcreative.ca/ Joshua Richards

    Is that just a mock up? Because it looks ugly as hell.

    • xspirits

      As it was 5 years ago...

      I smell the fail from here.

  • http://kennydude.me/ Joe Simpson

    The photoshopping here is awful :(

    Does it really cost so much money to put the mockup on a real phone and take a photo? They're a phone company!

    • mauric

      not that it would make the app look prettier or somehting....

      • http://kennydude.me/ Joe Simpson

        True true

  • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

    They are going to be so bummed out when they realize you can only get users to use a chat client if they know people that also use it... 2.9% anyone?

  • Matt

    Why is it using the Google Voice icon in the upper right-hand corner?

    • Tony Sarju

      Just a bad photoshop is all.

  • JackGreen83

    I'm not looking forward to this at all. It's going to be one more messaging service that I have to keep installed on my phone. I'm sure it's not going to fit into Android as well as Hangouts, probably won't allow you to sign in on multiple devices, and definitely won't have a web interface.

    • Bryan Pizzuti

      I don't even know anyone that actually USES Hangouts.

      • JackGreen83

        That's a shame, as it's easily the best messager currently available. I use it with at least a dozen friends and family members.

      • taxi333

        I use hangouts :), I am sure it will get better over time

      • Paul_Werner

        Me and my family use it too

      • mauric

        I do ;) works like a charm! Just missing a popup message window like whatsapp and it would be perfect!

        At least it's better than facebook chat which managed to take 40% of my battery yesterday.

      • Lulu Mondra

        I use it all the time! It just takes some time to get use to, but it's great. You should totally give it a try ;)

        • Bryan Pizzuti

          If I can ever find someone actually using it. All my friends are on FB. Or Tango.

    • andy_o

      The problem with hangouts is that you never know if the message made it to their phone, or if they even have it installed. What I've done is, I facebook-message them and tell them to install hangouts. I wish that was a joke. Even then one of them I think was just chatting from his computer, but I didn't ask if he has it on his phone too so next time I message him, it's unsure if he'll ever know it.

      Also it's very confusing. I have some contacts with hotmail emails who when I try to message, it doesn't offer to send them an invitation, implying that they already have a G+ account (or something, it's unclear). If I do message them, the message goes into the ether, and I never know if they are even able to receive it.

  • Tony Sarju

    They have deleted the Tweet now.

  • yash1229

    Did anyone notice the charging icon and no charging wire attached anywhere? :P