Cerberus is one of the most highly regarded Android security apps in Google Play, and now it can be yours forever at zero cost. All you have to do is download Cerberus from Google Play (if you haven't already) and confirm that free things are of interest to you.


This deal comes by way of AppGratis, and unlike a lot of AppGratis' free app deals, this one links directly to the Play Store edition of Cerberus. That means you will get updates as they come out, and the app can be re-downloaded at any time. You can bypass AppGratis completely, but it's still a useful service. The catch is the license has to be activated on your device today. A license for Cerberus usually costs €2.99, or almost 4 freedom-bucks. Also, this if for new activations only. Users on the trial can't take advantage, sadly.

Cerberus has a ton of features including SIM locking, device alarms, remote lock, remote wipe, location tracking, front camera support, and that's just the start. It can also be installed as a system app on rooted devices so it can't be removed by a third-party. So go now, and enjoy the added security.

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[Thanks, J Schippnick, Via AppGratis]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    Hell yeah! Hope there isn't any country restriction.

  • Avishai Okun

    purchased the Cerberus license months ago, money well spent!

  • Lizard

    It doesn't seem to work when you have an existing/expired trial.

  • Roberto Giunta


    You can't get Cerberus for free if you already had the free trial! This is only an offer for new users who didn't registered until now!

    See here: https://plus.google.com/111441929456451548230/posts/goedGNYXp2q

    • Jesse Campo

      That really sucks. Maybe I'll make a new account to get it.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      It says it right in the big screenshot. But we'll clarify.

    • http://mobers.org/ psydex

      Oh goodie! First time i hear for this app. Will try it out. Tho Samsung has similar function build in their Galaxy s2 (Jellybean) for example, with what Cerberus is better?

      • Roberto Giunta

        I never needed the app but some cool things you can do: If you are rooted, you can set up Cerberus as a system app, so even if thieves make a factory reset, the app will still be there, you can activate GPS, take pictures of the thieves without them noticing, etc. I can't imagine the Samsung thing is doing all that.

        • http://mobers.org/ psydex

          Sounds really cool. But can this app send messages without warning which may result in massive
          spendings? I read a negative comment in their store page where someone
          was complaining he got huge bill. When he changed SIM and Cerberus
          started sending messages which resulted in "massive bill". Is it likely
          this or something similar to happen?

    • William C

      TIP #1: After you've availed of this deal, you may want to make accounts for friends and family. To do this, go to the website, sign in there, then delete your device (Device Settings > Delete Device). Then, when you reopen Cerberus on your device, it will let you create another account with another email address. Yay, I've made 5 accounts so far!

      TIP #2: Usernames that already had a free trial cannot do this because the website won't let them in. If you're one of them, INSTALL CERBERUS ON ANOTHER DEVICE. This lets you create a new account, and then go back to your first device then click .

  • John

    Just remember that their servers are getting slammed right now with new users so it'll be hit or miss for a couple days.

    They just posted about it actually.

    A couple of clarifications on the promotion we are doing with AppGratis:
    - The promo will end at 1 PM GMT, June 7
    - It is only for new accounts created in this time frame. So if you already have an account with the free trial expired, unfortunately you can't get the full license for free.

    We are getting a lot of new users, which means that the servers are a bit overloaded and we are receiving many support emails.
    Please bear with us for a couple of days, and if you see any weird errors on the web dashboard (like "Error=QuotaExceeded") try to install the latest development version of Cerberus, that you can download here: https://www.cerberusapp.com/Cerberus_2.4beta.apk

    Thanks for your understanding!

    via: https://www.facebook.com/CerberusAndroid/posts/472927216123259

  • okungnyo

    AP is going downhill, just regurgitating stuff from Reddit without giving credit.

    If you guys had bothered to put any sort of research into this post, you could have told us two important bits of info:
    - you don't need to install AppGratis, you can just install Cerberus and it'll still work
    - you have to make a new account, this won't work with existing ones

    But noo, you just have three paragraphs of generic "blog spam" (aka rewordings of pointlessly generic and old info). Good job.

    • Haunter

      You're aware that a TON of stuff on Reddit ('m assuming you're talking about /r/Android) is stuff submitted from this website... right? Heaven forbid the AP team not know every single thing going on during every single second of the day... it's total insanity that someone could get the news before them and they'd want to share with their reads. It's ludicrous I say!

      • okungnyo

        That's not my main point. Did you read past the first sentence??

        Instead of doing research and giving us important info (when the deal will end, how to get the deal, etc.) they wrote THREE entire paragraphs about absolutely nothing interesting. They could have just linked to Cerberus' Play Store page.

        • Haunter

          Seeing as how they wanted to share the deal, they had to write SOMETHING about it, hence the paragraphs of what YOU personally feel is "nothing interesting". I, for one, have never in my life been to a journalism website/blog of any kind that just says "Free app, here's the link". Also... bare with me, this might blow your mind... they can edit these posts later should it be confirmed that it's just flat out free in the Play Store without the 3rd party. I know... all of these are super crazy thoughts.

          • okungnyo

            Jesus H. Christ...

            Are you actually advocating journalists to write generic filler nonsense, instead of performing original research and providing new and valuable info, as desirable?

          • Haunter

            Are you really so whiny and jaded that you can't for 1 second understand that:

            - Everyone might not know what Cerberus is, making the description of various features useful in paragraph 3. Fun fact... there are TONS of things you don't know about

            - The second paragraph explains how to access said deal and has since been edited to explain that you can go straight to the Play Store (What a shock... I knew when I mentioned editing above, I wasn't dreaming. What a wonderful futuristic land we live in)

            - The first paragraph is an introduction that gives a quick run down of what Cerberus is and why we might find it useful... you know, typical journalism/writing stuff

            So... wait... hold on a second. 1 paragraph to introduce, 1 paragraph explaining how to get said deal, 1 paragraph listing useful features in slightly more depth... *grabs calculator*... (let's see, carry the 2)... WHOA! So that's 3 paragraphs of, dare I say, 100% useful information. Amazing stuff, I tell ya... amazing.

          • okungnyo

            Are you seriously brain dead?

            My argument is simple:
            - The writers should not have spent three paragraphs to tell us something that could have been done with a simple link to Cerberus' Play store page
            - The writers should have done original quality research, that AP is famous for, to give us important info that other sites are too lazy to do.

            See? Not that hard to understand! On the other hand, you're nitpicking the examples I use and don't seem to have a clear point. I don't know what you're rambling about at all!

          • Haunter

            Intro, check... how to access said deal, check... features of said app, check... today only, check. How much more depth are you looking for? Sounds like you're just complaining to complain.

          • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

            You know what? Yeah, just put up a bunch of links and not any information about them. Screw you writers adding information about the links or trying to make an article out of something. I could have gotten that information from the direct source. I guess I should just stay on Reddit and avoid every other news site out there until Reddit tells me to get there. /s

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Does "Today Only" in the title not work for you?

          • Haunter

            Nah, man... he needs a detailed paragraph listing when the deal is ending, down to the second. Get your shit together staff.

          • okungnyo

            You do realize that making childish jokes means that you are incapable of arguing with logic and invalidates your argument, right?

          • mgamerz

            I've brought popcorn. Bring the arguments, bring the entertainment

          • Haunter

            You realize your "arguments" have no legs to stand on, correct?

          • okungnyo

            That was just an example of an important info, wasn't saying you guys didn't tell us.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Not going to bother replying to this. Oh wait, I just did.

      The new account clarification is right in the fat screenshot I took earlier today. I'll have Ryan clarify it in the body as well. You don't need AppGratis to get the deal, that's true - you never need it as the deals are always through the Play Store (though most of the time via one-day separate apps that won't get updates), but they're the ones running the promotion, it's because of them that we have the promotion, so linking people to install it is only good manners.

      P.S. There's this link thingy at the end that gives credit to the person who tipped us this morning. And there's this app called AppGratis that lets you know about daily deals they run - have you heard of it? It's unimaginable that someone has it installed already.

      • okungnyo

        I appreciate your replying.

        I am not saying that you guys can't post news that others already have. Otherwise you guys wouldn't be able to post anything.

        What I am saying is you could have looked into the situation a little before you posted about it and given us the quality info that AP is known for, you know? (Like how existing accounts can't get it, how they're currently having server problems, how AppGratis isn't necessarily required to be installed, etc.)

        After all, isn't that AP is famous for? While other sites blog reposts with generic filler blogspam, you guys post original, quality stuff like APK teardowns. Just hate to see it decline, is all.

    • Mr E

      meh -- i don't read reddit, so am happy to see these "reposts" here as long as it's not all garbage. i think AP does a good job and it's my go-to android blog for good info

    • Scott

      How about you just quit your bitching and enjoy the free shit.

  • Nasko Hristov

    How can I check if my license is active, I installed only from the play store, not from app gratis.

    • illninofan

      Thank you Nasko, it worked just now, It brings up an account creation screen, fill in the details, and i believe it should be activated :)

      • illninofan

        You'll get an email, saying that your license has been activated for free :D

      • impulse101

        I can't even activate from the acocunt creation screen, it keeps asking if I have internet connection

        • illninofan

          impulse101, mate just keep retrying, it will work, but as Nasko kindly pointed out to me, their servers are probably hit max capacity every few seconds with people trying to activate, just keep trying it'll work :) Good luck and let me know when it's worked for you

  • illninofan

    Argh not cool, keep getting check your connection message! so can't activate!

    • Nasko Hristov

      Try and try again, with me happened 5th time, their servers are probably "going on fire" :D, which actually is not cool.

      • Nasko Hristov

        How do you activate, I mean I registered, and enteren in the app, no activation was requiered. Or entering in the app registeres the device itself.

        • Scott

          You should create an account and then you get an email saying your license has been activated for free.

          • Nasko Hristov

            Yeap, got it. The email arrived. Maybe I hurried too much. Thanks

  • Sorian

    How does this compare to avast! Mobile Security?

    • illninofan

      Sorian, the root features of Cerberus, allow it to take screen shots, record sound etc :D Avast AFAIK (have it installed on my device atm) doesn't allow stuff like sound recording or screen capture, the web interface only allows siren alert to be sent to the phone, GPS on a map and wiping the device

      • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

        Thanks for the post and the information. I don't know why people would downvote this. It's a legit question and I'm currently using Avast myself.

        • illninofan

          ninjustin, Avast is a decent piece of kit and i've got it installed on my sisters' galaxy s3's and my dad's s3 also, not rooted, but it does the job when i need to help them with finding their device when they misplace it in the house! :p

  • Niloc

    I thought this was a 'lifetime' trial/license.

    The email I got after I signed up stated, 'Your free trial will expire on: 13 Jun 2013'

    So this is just a week trial?

    • Haunter

      Mine said lifetime and stated that "The buy now option should be gone now"... which it is.

      • Niloc

        Thanks for the reply. I don't see anywhere in the app to see when my license expires, nor do I see a link to purchase it.

        I guess I will just assume that the email was incorrect about my 'trial' ending next week and that the lifetime thing worked.

        • Niloc

          I found on their website forums that someone else ran into this issue.

          They confirmed that there was an issue with the email listing an incorrect expiration date since we no longer have the option to purchase the app.

  • Tony Sarju

    Thanks again AP! Much appreciated.

  • Aswin Adirono

    not sure if we have to go through Appgratis but seems like I got it. Got the confirmation email. Can't login yet like others, server seem busy.

  • Scott

    Installed, logged in and snagged my free license. Awesome!

    • bungadudu

      How do u apply for a license?
      I saw nothing referring to in settings.. .

      • ltredbeard

        Create an account and then sign in. Done.

  • TrixzD

    Just got it now for free :D Did have avast but hey since this is a free full lifetime licence might aswell try it out :)

  • mgamerz

    I must say Cerberus is an excellent piece of software. Never gets in the way, can be hidden, works fine. I do wish it had a bit better interface.

  • Omar Al Matar

    Thank you guys <3

  • John

    If you have connection issues, check your device, as Cerberus is mucking with it.

    I was on wifi, then went to activate and Cerberus dumped the wifi connection for 3G connection.

    Reconnected to the wifi, tried to access device from Cerberus website, it again switched from wifi to 3G.

    • valapsp

      Yes disables my wifi network. So annoying that I uninstalled the app.

    • dimeim

      I have that too. Any way to solve it??

  • Marcell Lévai

    I guess they have high loads today. Connectivity issues all the time.

  • fajitatt

    THANK YOU SO MUCH AP! I was in need of a security app... and now I got a great one with a free license!

  • http://twitter.com/cabbieBot cabbieBot

    I bought the license long ago and it was worth every penny. People would be absolutely SILLY to not jump all over this right now.

  • bukowski

    does this license transfer from device to device? i have an n4 on the way, but i jumped on this deal with my thunderbolt. going through the settings, i noticed a device id and it got me thinking that maybe the install won't carry over to a new device.

    • Paul_Werner

      I hope it will. I started this from my N4 today and after that I put it on my N7. Hopefully it's gonna keep for both on one account for me

      • drawkcaB

        You can register 5 devices at any time. Delete old ones and replace new ones when you reach the sixth device or earlier

    • squiddy20

      As far as I know, it's linked to your Play Store/Google account. I got my copy from a deal similar to this one about 2 years back when I had a Samsung Moment. Now it's running just fine on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • faceless128

    i dunno why some people would assume that a promotion like this was "stolen from ___" when it's much more likely that either AppGratis or Cerberus people shot off a tweet or pr email about it...

  • Droid

    Just got mine pretty amazing couldn't ask for more play store only opportunities

  • Miguel Ocampo

    does anyone know what happens next when the trial expire