Minecraft Pocket Edition has had a hell of a development cycle. Each new point release brings a ton of new awesome stuff, though. Today, the app reaches version 0.7 and users get a whole bunch of awesome new features. Like fire. Fire is cool. Spawn eggs have also been added. You can use these items to create sheep, pigs, cows, or chickens.

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The new version also includes an in-game chat function (finally!) and initial support for Minecraft Realms. While the feature is currently in alpha, Realms will allow players to pay for easy-to-setup mobile servers that up to ten users can join. For the moment, those servers are free. Nifty. Mojang doesn't skimp when it comes to the updates, so if you're a Minecraft player, hit the widget below or grab your device to get the update and check out all the new stuff.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Marcus Lee


  • MasterMuffin

    Sheep, pigs and cows from eggs? What kind of madness is this!? :D

    • DeadSOL

      Madness? THIS. IS. MINECRAFT!

      • Herman


      • HellG


  • ElectroGadget

    What's up with Disqus? There were 11 comments here a minute ago, and i replied to 2 of them, but now there are only two comments left, and it's not even the comments from the "other" thread. *Scratches head*

  • Herman

    It's a good day for us, Minecrafters :)

  • Alex Luckett

    Anyone else unable to sign up to Realms? I'm just getting a blank page - no content loads.

    • Jurano

      Its not letting me into realms either and i tried for a whole day

      • Fistinflame

        i can get on theyr page ... but when i click on login it just flashes the login page then immediately sends me back to the opening page.... annoying

  • Herman

    People, if you want to complain about (furnace) bugs in this version, please read this before you do so:


    An update is coming soon :)

  • Metallinatus

    It has been how many months since the last update? All of them?


    i dont know how to use mcpe realms (joining a server) some help:)

  • chey023

    Every day I'm shovelin.

  • Guest

    It will not let me make an account

  • zw

    I cant get in to realms either im on the note 2

    • Arthur Hernandez

      mojang said on twiter that they are fixing some bugs in the servers and should be up some time this week but i really wanna know is how to play local on same wifi

      • BWB015

        If you're on the same wifi just go to where all of your already created worlds are and it's show up Ina different color and their name.

  • zw

    How do you play wifi multi player

    • Zhuowei

      Tap Play then scroll down to the bottom of the worlds list.

  • Floopthepig

    How do you join realms I made a account and logged in but the server list is blank!! Is no one playing right now?

  • Blake Blake

    It won't let me make an account

  • ihouih

    cows,sheeps andpigs from eggs?!!!!!! what is it?!

    • SpazzBerry

      Yeah... Duh? If you knew anything about Minecraft for PC you'd know this by now!!!

  • elliot

    ye i signed into realms but all i can do is create new realm and edit but they do nothing, this new stuff is all a load of crap

  • Guest

    It wont let me pick up water in my buckets an once i pit stuff in my furnace it wont let me take it out

  • GazaIan

    I'm still hoping we can get some huge servers with hundreds of people. I'm always playing on other people's servers.

  • superhutt

    i have the the P.E. version on my kindle fire and it won't update can someone please help me?

    • Laura Paraski Cronin

      I have the same problem please help

    • megaNUTS

      Just go to the app store and go to minecraft p.e and click on download, it should update

  • Aykova

    How do I fill the buckets with water and lava??

  • shiiguii11

    how do u pick up water in bukckets...it wont let me

  • Uclaunicorn

    I play on pc so if you do too put in your mojang account for it and it will work

  • Kenny Gu

    How do you get milk in pe? I tried hitting the cows with a bucket, but it doesnt work

    • Trifecta

      Hold the bucket on the cow

  • SpazzBerry

    Yeah... There's a furnace glitch it won't let you remove materials or smelted items

  • Arthur Hernandez

    mojang said that they are fixing up the servers and should be available some time this week

  • Julia

    How do you get spawn eggs?

  • Emma

    How do you join a game

  • Hugo Trejo

    And still no flint & steel on creative mode gues I wasted my money

  • Aiden Motionless

    Please fix the sign up thing

  • Cool chic :) :-

    How do I get milk in a bucket

  • Trifecta

    Why will it not give me the option to join or create a realms server

  • Joshua

    It won't let me fuel my furnace! I can't smelt anything! It seriously ruins the whole game for me. Any suggestions?

  • Minecraft_master

    how do i friken craft

  • Minecraft_master

    on ipad