Madfinger Games is hard at work on the follow up to one of last year's blockbuster mobile games. Dead Trigger 2 is nearing completion and the developers have decided to release a few new details and drop some impressive gameplay footage on us. The video demo shows the stark difference between Nvidia's last generation mobile chip and the new Tegra 4.

Dead Trigger 2 is going to behave more like a massive online RPG by encouraging cooperation with other players. Of course, you can still go solo if that's your thing. The game will actually play out in real time, which is an intriguing concept for a mobile shooter. On launch day, Dead Trigger 2's virtual world will start spinning, and events will unfold whether you're online or not.

The Tegra 4-enhanced graphics will support advanced reflections, higher-resolution textures, particle effects, and dynamic lighting. If the video is anywhere close to accurate, Dead Trigger 2 is going to be drop-dead gorgeous on Tegra 4 devices. Madfinger isn't just bumping up the pretty – some of the controls have been tweaked and more zombie models are being added. Expanding the world to make it more expansive was also a top priority.


Dead Trigger 2 was originally slated for release in June, but it's now been pushed back to later this summer. The game is going to be fully playable at E3 June 11-13, though. In addition to the vague release date, we don't know for sure what form Dead Trigger 2 will take when it's released. It could be a Tegra exclusive on Android for a brief time, or it could drop for all devices simultaneously. We do know Dead Trigger 2 is going to be free-to-play, so expect in-app purchases. A tie-in with Nvidia's Shield device is likely. The game was announced alongside Shield at CES this year. Hopefully more details emerge at E3. Full PR is below.

Dead Trigger 2 Reveals a World on the Verge of a Global Zombie Apocalypse

Brno – June 5, 2013 – Madfinger Games, responsible for the successful mobile games: Shadowgun and Dead Trigger, with the latter having been downloaded from AppStore and Google Play by more than 18M players, has broken the news today on their long awaited follow-up game, Dead Trigger 2. At the E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo, which will take place next week in Los Angeles, Madfinger Games in joint participation with NVIDIA, will present demo versions of their new release that will be available to play for all visitors.

While the original Dead Trigger was a simple single-player game, the sequel, Dead Trigger 2 aspires to much larger ambitions. Players will be delivered to a parallel world, where humanity is engaged in a battle for control of the Earth. What was once a game with a simple theme has been parlayed into a far greater project. “The first time you play Dead Trigger 2, you become part of a global conflict. You are not alone and you are not playing only for yourself. You are one of many survivors across continents and from different parts of the world,” Marek Rabas explains the central concept of the game. “While there are individual objectives within the context of the game, you must align your efforts together with other players to fulfill a joint global objective.”

The reality of this worldwide apocalyptic conflict is underlined by the fact that the game will play out in real time. “On the day of release, we will unveil a world that has battled the ravages of a zombie plague for the past two years. The first players of Dead Trigger 2 will enter into the conflict at this precise moment, while additional players will essentially be stepping aboard a moving train. New players, who download the game a year from now, will find themselves joining in at the third year of the apocalypse,” clarifies Marek Rabas with regard to the development of the game. With each update, the action will shift to varying locations and continents with the concrete development influenced directly by the participation of players. 

The developers emphasized core features in order to bring more emotional intensity into core gameplay. Aspects of the game that have undergone significant improvement include: zombie characters are more varied, dramatic game pacing has been completely re-worked so that the game will be more responsive to players’ actions, combat intensity features improve the player experience and enable more thorough enjoyment in gameplay. “We placed tremendous focus on making a game that people would find entertaining,” says Marek Rabas. In the following updates, the game will deliver more content - new weapons, gadgets, and zombies. “We worked hard to bring those features to the game that were absent in the first title. Players can look forward to additions such as using static weapons for heavy fights or shooting from helicopters, etc.“

Players are again awaited by above-standard graphics, which remains a given at Madfinger Games. The developers of Dead Trigger 2 have introduced new graphic effects which will again push forward the boundaries of graphics. “Real time reflections in water, dynamic vegetation, cloth simulation and even, enhanced ragdolls, these are all things that are available in Dead Trigger 2, which you will see for the first time within a mobile game,” reveals Project Leader, Pavel Cizek.

“We had hoped to release Dead Trigger 2 in June but when we put into perspective all the ideas that arose in the course of development, we decided that we did not want to deprive players of a better experience and so the decision was made to move back the release date,” states Madfinger Games CEO, Marek Rabas. “We wanted to release the game only when we were at a level of 100% satisfaction.“

The game will be released in Free-to-play format for both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, developers have not ruled out the possibility that Dead Trigger 2 will appear simultaneously on MacStore, Steam, and Facebook.

The first game in the Dead Trigger series was released in summer 2012 and has since become a massive favorite within the gaming community. It has been met with significant acclaim, among other awards, it was selected for inclusion in the App Store Best of 2012, featured in the Apple “Hall Of Fame“ and won Best Technical Achievement and Community Choice at the Unite 2012: Unity Awards.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

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