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If you haven't yet manually updated Gmail to the redesigned 4.5 release, it's rolling out on a wide basis this morning to users in numerous countries. If you can't see the update on your device, try forcing the install from the web version of the Play Store, here.

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The new version of Gmail for Android includes support for the all-new inbox tabs from the desktop Gmail, along with a totally revamped slideout navigation bar. Learn more about the update and the new inbox experience here. In the meantime, head to the Play Store and get that update! As a technical note, this is the same version we provided as a download earlier this week, so don't fret if you flashed manually - you're up to date.

If you're still not seeing the update, you can manually download the APK right here.

David Ruddock
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  • Addison Todd

    APK available here for those who don't want to wait: http://goo.gl/qrKjQ

  • Randy Strye

    is anyone else having weird notification issues with 4.5?

    • Haunter

      It's not a notification issue, but a feature. You can set up individual labels to give notifications and by default only the "Primary" label will give you notifications.

  • sssgadget

    How do you get notifications for different Categories in the notification bar?

    • Haunter

      Go into that specific label and click "Label Settings". By default, only the primary inbox gives notifications.

  • Andrew

    New version broke support of DashClock Widget, unfortunately.

    • firethorn

      Really? Seems to work fine for me.

      • Andrew

        For me it works only of I choose "priority inbox". If I set "Inbox" it does not show unread count. (

        • firethorn

          Weird. I don't use Priority inbox at the moment but it displays normally. Maybe I shouldn't jinx it. ;)

        • Chris

          Look under Dashclock settings for Gmail and be sure Show unread count for label is "Inbox".

          • Andrew

            As I said, if I set it for "Inbox" it does not show unread count.

            "Priority inbox" works, strangely. Maybe I should try DashClock beta.

  • Haunter

    For the benefit of those who haven't quite figured out the new notification system yet...

    Each label holds it's own setting for notifications. Click on a label>Settings>Label Settings and you'll see a little box that says "Label Notifications". Click that for the desired affect. By default, after the update, only your Primary inbox will push notifications. The feature comes in handy for situations such as getting notifications from my primary box for bank alerts, but not getting an alert for every little fBook noti in my "Social" label, since it is unchecked.

    • David Oliver

      Thank you!!!!!! I've been pulling my hair out over this issue... Thanks a million!

      • Haunter

        No problemo, sir! Glad I could be of some help!

  • Lorenzo Alberto Arteaga Avila

    Does anyone know how to downgrade? To the Previous version?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Build a time machine.

    • Ian Flanagan

      Why would you want to do that?

    • Mobile Phones Fan

      Given the available options, if you'd like to avoid the Tabs and Labels you can do so without downgrading to a previous version.

      For one thing, Tabs must be enabled in your desktop GMail client.:

      Settings > Configure Inbox

      Of course, this (option) treatment could change in future, but for now it effectively controls whether you can see Tabs in your mobile app.

      Same principle applies to labels and even to the new profile pics (Google calls them 'Sender Images'), both of which must be enabled in Settings.

    • laura

      i want to know to, anywhere i can download the previous one? it lags a lot and the refresh also takes ages!

      • Lorenzo Alberto Arteaga Avila

        Give me ur email and ill send u the apk file.

  • Tony Sarju

    I'm still waiting for the change to roll out to my Google Apps accounts. I have the new Android client but features are missing until I'm upgraded on the back end. Woe is me.

  • Jason Rittenhouse

    I got the update (4.5.694836) and I have most of the new features, but I don't have the image icons next to each email - the ones that show the profile picture or just a single letter of the sender. I have the slide out bar and everything, just not that. My update came automatically from the play store and I even tried restarting my phone. Anyone else see this happen or know why it might be happening?

    • Mobile Phones Fan

      There's a separate settings-option for the profile image feature.

      Settings > General Settings > Sender Image

      ...should be the 3rd item down in that final menu. Look for.:

      Sender Image
      (Show beside name in conversation list)

      • Jason Rittenhouse

        Awesome, thanks! I don't know why it wasn't enabled by default. This gmail update could definitely use a Ron teardown. There are many new settings buried in there.

  • Christian M. Z.

    Anyone know how I could get those colored labels? All my labels are grey in color...

  • http://socialmediaplz.blogspot.fr/ Sebastien Defrance

    I was reluctant at first because I depend on my mailbox for my work, but after a huge cleaning of my Gmail, it definitely improved my user experience. I use the new categories-system for a week, it's awesome if you just don't want to spend time on setting-up your filters. If a mail goes in the wrong one, just drag it in the good one, it'll learn for the next time.

    • Adam Truelove

      "If a mail goes in the wrong one, just drag it in the good one, it'll learn for the next time."

      Seriously?!?! That's awesome! I didn't know it did that.

  • firethorn

    Not related specifically to the Android version, but I wish the new iteration of Gmail would automatically associate the tabbed inboxes with their respective label. Right now, mails labeled Promotion aren't necessarily in the Promotions inbox, which I find weird.

    Also, looks like too few of my contacts have associated pictures so I'm getting lots of colorful letter icons instead. Too few G+ among my mail contacts I suppose.

  • Ahmed

    How do I enable labels such as social, promotinal, etc. ?

    • bimsebasse

      Click the Settings cog wheel in the top right corner of Gmail, choose "Configure inbox".

  • http://dennisbareis.com/ Dennis Bareis

    Well I tried the tabs and quickly turned it off, they must still be a work in progress as there is no indication of any type that there is mail in the tab (read+unread counts etc) apart from the initial notification. I don't want Gmail to hide my mail from me. An "ALL" tab would at least partially make up for this flaw. You should also be able to create your own tabs.

  • http://www.about.me/FHL09 Troy

    Please Google allow HTML based signatures on Android devices too.

  • mt

    How do I multi select and assign labels to my inbox emails? It seems like I can only label 1 at a time or just move them to the folder which I want to label the emails after but still keep in my inbox. I feel like I just got hit with Microsoft Office 2007 after years of XP use. : ( HELP!

  • Andrea Nasuelli

    I find irritating to have such different layouts on the web and the android one. Do anyone knows if a similar update is coming to the webclient viersion?

  • Carrie

    Is this only for the newer Android versions? I'm using HTC G2 with version 2.3.4.