The ASUS press conference is happening right now at Computex 2013. Click below to watch the live stream (you actually really need to click the ugly placeholder for the video to start).

Update: So far, ASUS has announced the 6" fonePad Note, the new Transformer Pad Infinity with Tegra 4, the MEMO Pad HD7, and the dual-OS Transformer Book Trio (tablet, laptop, desktop).

Update #2: The live event has concluded.

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wm_6-3-2013 12-39-22 AM

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  • oktnxbai

    Gotta love this CEO guy. :D

  • AlcatrazKing

    YEEEEEESSSS! A new Transformer!!!! I am a happy man.:)

  • GazaIan

    This is freaking awesome, but you can kiss your wallets and bank accounts goodbye if you want this...