Don't get too excited if you see an update notification on your T-Mobile HTC One or Galaxy Note II today – they're both getting minor updates. Both devices stay on Android 4.1.2, but cheer up. There are phones that don't get any update love.


The HTC One update has version number 1.27.531.8, and is coming via OTA. You may notice this isn't even the 1.29 HTC software revision containing fixes for the camera and sluggish buttons. In fact, T-Mobile says all this update does is improve the performance of Visual Voicemail. This one is an 18MB download, and you have to be completely stock to get it.

note 2

The Galaxy Note II is getting a slightly more substantial update, but it's not setting the world on fire either. Update version T889UVBMD1 includes security fixes and Smart Switch. In the likely event you're not familiar with Smart Switch, it's a tool for transferring content between Samsung devices. The Note II update is coming via Samsung Kies and an OTA, so take your pick. The update is 15MB in size, and you (of course) have to be stock to receive it.

[HTC One Update Details, Galaxy Note II Update Details]

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  • Steve Freeman

    Also, it can't be rooted.

  • JoeyKhache

    The capacitive buttons on the HTC one are in fact improved after the update. I noticed that after pressing the buttons there's stronger haptic feedback intensity and pressing the button always hits the button. Before I'd need to press the buttons like 3 times, now it's instant.

  • PhoenixPath

    Already running 4.2.2 thanks to Android Revolution HD; Sense 5.0 and all.

    ...but thanks anyway, T-mo.

  • Matthew Miranda

    Weird my buttons are working great after the update ! hummmmmmmmmm

  • Frank

    Visual voicemail only?? Unless it's the infamous placebo effect, my capacitive buttons seem to be more responsive than before.

  • aajj

    signal is better too

  • icyrock1

    What version number is the international version on?

  • Lucy

    My capacative buttons are working much better now! Before they wouldn't work at all now they are very responsive and fast.

  • christopher quijano

    Is this t mobile update (1.27) is MINOR HOW LONG IS MINOR CUZ I REALLY WANT THE 1.29 UPDATE