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The updated version of RPG classic Final Fantasy III has managed to sell over 100,000 copies on Android, despite its super-premium $16 price tag. Square Enix is hoping to replicate that success with the next entry in the series, predictably titled Final Fantasy IV. It's available now for Android 2.3.3 and higher, at the same $15.99 price. If you're looking to party like it's 1991, head to the Play Store now.

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This version of FFIV is a port of the Nintendo DS update, released in 2008 in North America. Like FFIII before it, it gets a complete rebuild, with 3D polygonal graphics, fully-rendered cinematics, some basic voice acting, slightly tweaked gameplay and movement mechanics, and a few mini-games thrown in for good measure. As a DS game, it's not going to blow away other high-priced Android titles in terms of graphics or overall production, but Square's refreshed role-playing games have a certain charm to them that makes fans overlook their technical shortcomings. FFIV is the first in the series to use a mix of turn-based and timed attacks in its battles, and allow characters to change classes during the story.

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A slight note for gaming historians: The original Super NES version of Final Fantasy IV was released in the United States as "Final Fantasy II," thanks to some odd localization on Squaresoft's part. If you're a stateside gamer looking to rekindle some 16-bit magic, it helps to keep the old numbers straight. Square Enix has made Final Fantasy I and FFII (the real one) available on Android in more or less their original versions, so hopefully they'll eventually get around to the later entries in the series. A word of warning: Square Enix's Android releases tend to be pretty buggy at launch.

Jeremiah Rice
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  • AceoStar

    Its ff 1 and 3 that they already released I believe. That said, I def need this in my collection :D

    • Jeremiah Rice

      Read the story. Read the story. Read the story.

      THEN write a comment.

      • AceoStar

        And after reading the story like 3 times, I noticed you mentioned 3 at the start :p Carry on. :D I did miss out on the release of 2 somehow and didn't realize they did 1-3 and now 4.

  • Chong Kok Hoong

    somehow it shows USD20.07 on my place store :(

  • troph

    Hey guys, apparently root is blocked for now (they've done this with other titles and removed it later). So just a heads up to all rooted users.

    • DavidHollinger

      I can confirm a "root block" for the game. Currently cannot connect to check license if you're rooted.

    • Bryan Pizzuti


      • troph

        If the past has any relevance, they'll unblock root... eventually.

        • Bryan Pizzuti

          Yeah..and I do have an unrooted tablet I can play on for now i guess. Curse LG for forcing me to root in order to get rid of the QSlide bar...that's the only frigging reason I did it.

    • Kevin Aaronson

      Looks the only successful way to open on a rooted phone is by having a modded playstore. Funny how this form of drm only shafts paying customers, while only mildly inconveniencing thieves.

    • Bryan Pizzuti

      Root seems to now be unblocked.

  • Bryan Pizzuti


  • Joel

    Wake me when they get to Tactics. The PlayStation version, not that Tactics S thing they're trying to push in Japan.

    • Bryan Pizzuti

      Actually I'm hoping for FF7.

      • troph

        I bought a used PSP just for crisis core. And it was worth it :P

  • Steve Green

    The new graphics kill it for me. I much rather just use an emulator and get the graphics I remember.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

    Does it at least play better than Crono Trigger? The controls on it are horrible nearing on impossible. I gave up trying to play it on a phone and their still bad on my N7

    • grammarisgood


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jacob-Gallegos/1578850285 Jacob Gallegos

      I always ignore the grammar trolls. They tend to feed off of responses to the trolling they do.

      • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

        Oh good you just responded to me and not him/her. I was afraid you might make him/her/it return. That's why I edited my post rather than reply to them.

        I do hope they got the personal satisfaction that they were superior at grammar to me simply because I didn't bother to proofread my incredibly important comment post. I take my Android Police seriously and all but not nearly as seriously as I would any personal work or school paper or the like.

  • Jadephyre

    The price is what kills it for me... I have no problem with paying for software, but 23 bucks is way too much.
    For just a bit more I can get "Remember Me" for my PC, and it'll look a lot better as well.

    • ChainsawCharlie

      Yeah same here. It is not like I haven't bought this and the previous FF's for full price already, twice. Original and the GBA/PSP remake. And now again?

  • Nick McMurray

    I was so excited, I thought it said FF VI...

  • Fatty Bunter

    Still waiting for FF6 and/or FF7. Show me some Kefka and/or Cloud!

    • charles anderson

      Hell if they would release FF7 i would pay whatever the price as long as it was not just some sloppy port

  • Thomas Gladdines

    Seems they implemented play games save game sync :D:D:D

    I bought it and after that used a custom cracked apk with lucky patcher to bypass the root restriction :P

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    ATTENTION ROOTED USERS: Root seems to be unblocked now. I was able to install and run successfully on a rooted Optimus G Pro

  • Kevin Aaronson

    Works on rooted gs3 with custom rom

  • Lumi

    I think this doesn't include the After Years, unlike the PSP version?

  • FFNazi

    just want to say... you cant switch classes in 4, that started in 3, they skipped it in 4, and did it again in 5.

  • radiohead14

    question.. would there be a noticeable difference in graphics between playing this on an S3 vs an S4?