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We all knew it was coming. StraightTalk Wireless announced that it was getting the GSIII LTE last month, so it was only a matter of time before its sister company Net10 did the same. Well, that time has come and Net10 users can now get The Next Big Thing Before The Current Next Big Thing for a cool $440 off-contract.


For those who may not be familiar with the Net10, it's essentially an MVNO and StraightTalk sibling owned by TracFone. The similarities between Net10 and ST are nearly indistinguishable (as is each company's respective variant of the GSIII LTE), with the one key difference being that ST is slightly subsidized through Wal-Mart, which allows for a whopping $5 in monthly savings.

That difference aside, both companies offer "unlimted" talk, text and a varying amount of data for $50 a month ($45 for StraightTalk). If having last year's flagship is OK with you, however, Net10 and ST are both good choices for anyone looking to save a dime on their cell service.

For more info on Net10 and its GSIII LTE, head here.

Cameron Summerson
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  • LjHe80

    I believe that this phone runs on Sprint network. Net10 has data limited to 1.5gb, which ST says unlimited(although its really not)

    • Justin Winker

      ST is throttled, but it's still unlimited. I'm not sure about Sprint devices, but for AT&T SIMs, devices with HSPA+ get about 3-6 mbps down, and if you go over whatever limit ST has in place, you get throttled to about 250kbps.

      • cy_n_ic

        Hspa+ i get 7-12 through net10. Never throttle. You go over, you get shut down

        • Justin Winker

          I think it depends on the area. I'm tempted to switch to AT&T. I'd be paying "only" $25 more but I'd get LTE access and solid data limits. I can't to T-Mo since I don't have any coverage around here (other than AT&T's 2G coverage that they rent out), but I wouldn't need texting or any of that crap (I have GVoice). I'm just tired of these 250kbps speeds, especially when they don't say what the limit is.

  • cy_n_ic

    Net10 will NOT throttle you. If you go over 1.5gb durring your 30 day period your data gets SHUT OFF. period

  • duse

    You don't have to "be OK with having last year's flagship" for Net10 and ST to be good choices to save money. They will save you money, period, even when bringing your own $650 phone (unless you're buying 4 of them for a whole family or something). Plus, you can get a current gen phone, the Nexus 4, for LESS money than the GSIII here. You will be giving up LTE, but I've never heard anyone complain about HSPA+ speeds if the coverage is good. LTE is more of a solution to the problem the CDMA carriers had that the GSM carriers didn't.

  • Rob

    Testing a NET10 plan now. I've got a CDMA Galaxy Nexus with Sprint, but I'm about to break the contract and jump ship. Even with an ETF charge I'll save money versus riding out the contract through May 2014.

    NET10 is $50 (or $45 on a monthly renewing plan). Call quality is decent and data speeds easily eclipse that of what Sprint's 3G has to offer (by at least a 5-to-1 ratio based on SpeedTest results). My small town does not yet have 4G - and quite possibly never will. It is, however available in the two neighboring cities on either side of me.

    Only drawback is the 1.5GB data cap, but truthfully I estimated my data usage (admittedly I'm not a big data user) and I think I'll be fine. If I need more, then I'll have to consider other options, but at least then I wouldn't be lock into anything at NET10. With a BYOP option I can hop over to T-Mobile contract free.

    The way I look at it is, YES, Sprint may offer Unlimited Data, but there's no point or value in that offering if it's moving at the speed of a 56K modem.

    • ProductFRED

      Read my other comment. I was with Straight Talk for a year (same CS as Net10). I'm on T-Mobile right now. $30 for 100 minutes, 10 cents a minute afterwards, unlimited text, and 5GB of 4G (including LTE) that is unlimited EDGE afterwards. $30 on the dot, no tax.

      • Rob

        Thanks ProductFRED. I had no idea this plan existed. If it's applicable to Smartphones then I could lower my wireless plan from the current $84 paid to Sprint down to $30. Heck, at that rate I wouldn't care about paying taxes. That would be awesome. I'll check it out.

        • DarrenR

          That plan is exclusive to walmart. So you need a phone or sim from them in order to use that plan. In my experience most tmobile employees dont know of that plan.

          • Rob

            Are you certain of this? A quick visit to T-Mobile's website** last night shows a $30 plan under the BYOP link that has all the features mentioned by ProductFRED. There was no indication of a Walmart exclusivity. While I agree that most T-Mobile employees might not know of the plan, that's really not surprising as I've encountered plenty of field personnel in many different retailers who are not particularly well-informed or well-trained in the products they're tasked with selling or supporting.

            At any rate, I ordered a SIM Activation Kit and will see whether I have access to this plan and/or whether there are unmentioned strings attached.

            **Also a Google search for "T-Mobile $30 Unlimited Data Plan" or something along those lines, produced multiple active links to additional information at various blogs.

          • DarrenR

            I definitely could be wrong. I know they did have on their instore display that the $30 unlimited web and text and 100 minute plan was a walmart exclusive. My main concern is activating that plan, last I knew you had to have the proper activation code to use it.

          • Rob

            No problem. Well once the SIM Activation Kit arrives I'll post an update as to whether I was able to active that plan.

          • ave enriquez

            no its not exclusive for walmart. just bought a t-mobile sim card online if you have unlocked phone and choose the $30 plan unlimited data and txt and 100 mins of call, I have this but t-mobile data signal sucks sometimes in some area

    • Gamen Luster

      You can also buy Net10 minutes refill cards cheaper on Ebay then signing up for auto renew plan.

  • S. Ali

    This is stupid, T-mobile already has the same rates, but you get better data (tower priority) and roaming and no cut-off if you go over data usage (just 2G downgrade), PLUS you get included tethering (which is against net10 policy who also forbids youtube and streaming).

    • Steve

      I have net 10 and I stream YouTube in hd

    • Justin Winker

      T-Mo doesn't have coverage in every area. I have no coverage in my region (save for calling which roams onto AT&T's network).

  • ProductFRED

    Actually, with Net10, if you set up autopay, you pay $45 a month instead of $50, making it the same cost as Straight Talk. But I wouldn't recommend Straight Talk at all to anyone. They permanently throttle you whether or not you go against their terms of service, and they accuse you of several things that aren't true (such as calling them dozens of times in a month, or using large amounts of data). Trust me, stay away from them. Look at their Facebook page if you want more evidence.

  • jim

    I have used st's att service since this fall. Never a problem, T-Mobile's service here is horrible.

  • Bad Net10

    Do Not use Net10 or ST they are both a Tracfone Company after one month they will say you went over on data and it will never work again 16 calls and many emails and no customer service use another pay as you go

  • stephenie bickel

    i do not understand why st launch the s3 using sprint -- sprint is the worst company you could have picked. now take st and sprint --what do you have--a bunch of dummies