When Google announced the death of Google Reader, a great cry of pain and sorrow rose up from the bowels of the internet. Before anyone had much of a chance to panic, Feedly stepped in and promised to turn its service into a Reader replacement. After a few months of listening to suggestions and feedback, Feedly is laying out its roadmap, and there are big things coming.


Feedly has seen massive growth since the Google Reader announcement. About 68% of new users continue using Feedly at least weekly, and sharing of articles is up 10-fold. All those new users are asking for features, and here's what Feedly has come up with for its 2013 roadmap:

1) Speed. This is the most important aspect of the feedly experience. We recently hired some great people on both the dev and ops sides and we look forward to sharing with you the result of their work.

2) Search within my feedly (link to uservoice).

3) Pure web access (see uservoice).

4) Windows Phone and Windows 8 (link to uservoice)

5) Improved group sharing (see survey result)

6) Bug fixes (login, utm_source, loading…, missing feedly mini, adding feeds)

That's all well and good, but Feedly isn't done yet. Users have been pretty vocal about needing more than just RSS feed importing to wean them off Google Reader. One thing everyone will miss from Reader is the app ecosystem, so Feedly is taking the initiative. Developers of popular reader apps like Reeder, Press, Nextgen Reader, Newsify and gReader are all working with Feedly to guide the evolution of the service. We are assured users will be able to access their feeds via Feedly from all these apps by the time Google Reader kicks the bucket. And as a reminder, the Feedly API will be free.

[Feedly Blog]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • Dinofan01

    Amazing. Well done by Feedly. Google really should have communicated with Feedly before announcing the death. People likely would not have been as pissed off if they said "we're handing off Reader to Feedly. Everything you love will be there over the coming months."

  • Zargh

    Can Feedly sort by date properly yet? I found the way it randomly put articles out of order absolutely maddening when I tried it.

    • makapav

      You are correct. Unfortunately, the fucking CEO thinks it's more important to satisfy 5% of the mobile market share (Windows mobile app and Windws 8 app - say waat?!!) then fix these debilitating bugs affecting probably 90% of his user base.

    • WhyWai

      really? I never have this problem using feedly for few years...
      It does put a few Hot titles on top ala newspaper headline style. other than that, always chronological..

  • Squiddles

    They have my respect for gaining ground, but their mobile app is just not pleasant at all imo. Neither is their web browser addon. Am I wrong in hoping something more clone-like, on the front end of things, will appear?

    • Ray

      Really? I love the Feedly app. Fast, easy to use, nice UI. Quite good IMO.

      • Squiddles

        The UI is what bugs me. It's too magazine-like, I'm not sure how to describe it. I just really like how the current Reader app works in comparison. I'm incredibly glad the "Discover" features are hidden away in the "right-swipe" menu.

      • tokuiten

        Wake me when Feedly adds the ability to scroll one item at a time and keep the side panel pinned permanently to their app. Until then, I'll stick with GReader.

    • makapav

      I agree, their Android mobile app is buggy as hell. It constantly craps out, logs out, does not connect, incorrectly loads feeds in time.

      • Squiddles

        I haven't experienced any of that, though I do have a really short use time with it. I'm not a fan of the UX.

    • cabbiebot

      I completely agree. A UI clone is what I want. I need to be able to chew through hundreds of articles a day and Reader is simply the best at that. Spare me the pretty magazine gimmicks, I need an efficient RSS machine. I wouldn't bat an eye at paying 10 bucks for that.

      • Joachim Geeraert

        Try Inoreader. http://www.inoreader.com
        I've tried many RSS readers (including Feedly), and Inoreader is by far the closests to Google Reader functionalitry. It's clean, fast, has fast tagging and has a working search. The developer is véry responsive.

        • cabbiebot

          web interface looks great. just wish it had an android app now :(

    • Sqube

      I got the UI of the mobile app to be good enough for me, but I'm still really wanting offline caching of feeds.

      I ride public transportation every day and there's a period of no signal and it would be great to actually be able to read my feed the whole time, instead of just in the middle of the trip.

    • Liz

      I agree. I never use the web app, I only ever read my RSS on my phone, and I have over 100 feeds and it's not uncommon for me to have over 800 undraed articles if I don't check every few hours and feedly's phone app is horrendous. It's why I love greader, I can get an overview of every article by feed.

  • makapav

    Bug fixes needs to sit at #4 not fucking Windows phone with it's <5% market share. The bugs and login annoyances are affecting 90% of your users. And oh, why are you wasting your time on Windows 8 app when you have so much shit to do?

  • duse

    Very simple way to look at this. Requiring browser extension with access to data on all websites for something that could easily just be a website = crap. No reason provided for this, probably mining user data and browsing habits. No thanks.

    • https://steamcommunity.com/id/m-p-3 m-p{3}

      I don't have the extensions installed and I use Feedly..

      • duse

        On mobile, sure. Desktop use requires the extensions though.

        • DeusInvictus

          If you notice above number 3 on the list is pure web access meaning (as far as I can tell) no extension, just a web page, and they have mentioned before that they were working on that. The reason they have stated for it being an extension (take their word for it or not) is that when feedly started it was more then just an RSS reader, it did some sort of integration with twitter, facebook, etc that was supposedly a lot easier for them to do as an extension. I don't remember the details.

          • DeusInvictus

            I followed the link next to option 3 in the list above and this is what it states.

            Make feedly available as full web service (no plugin or extension)
            Making feedly as a full web service is one of our top priorities!

          • duse

            The only excuse I've heard is that the extension allows for easy adding of pages you're browsing to your feeds. Which makes little sense, as that feature could easily just be its own extension. The rest of the service is simply a website already, I don't see how the extension is necessary.

    • flippity flippity flop

      ROFL...and what do you think google has been doing this whole time with your feeds and reading habits?

      • duse

        I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about "access to data on all websites." That permission in an extension lets it grab basically whatever it wants, data from a bank website, anything. That's far beyond just feed and reading habits.

        Anyway, it's a moot point now as they finally introduced a pure web version.

  • http://omgdroid.com/ Tony Simons

    I will admit, I was a little thrown off when Google announced it was killing Reader. It was a service I had grown to use almost more frequently than Gmail itself, so to hear it was ketting 86'd was a bit of a shock. Luckily, Feedly stepped up to the plate and delivers an already amazing product. Cheers to the devs for putting so much effort into Feedly.

  • Rami

    I like what Feedly is doing, but after a few days trial with the self hosed TinyTiny RSS, I am stuck with it.

    With Google Reader I had some issues that I wanted to solve, but was unable to, now with the TinyTinyRSS I can customize the UI with CSS, install plugins on the server side, write my own extensions to do things I want, and is the same on all devices I use (web, mobile). And I will no longer have the problem of the service closing down :)

    When I read this article about Feedly I wished I had seen it before knowing TinyTinyRSS, but I can't switch now, I just love TT-RSS.

    • ludalex

      Too bad that the developer is an ass.

  • disqus_BQDyNtQUHs

    thats good and fine, i already started using feedly as an igoogle/google reader replacement, however I dont see an option to export all subscribed RSS feeds. thats a major feature that needs to be available imo

  • Jak

    Does it have offline access yet?

  • Gautam Sampathkumar

    Hi Guys,

    what you want is the ability to skim large #s of headlines, organize
    lots of feeds, label them, tag articles for later reading in one fast
    unobtrusive "no magazine layout" reader, SwarmIQ is your choice.

    Sign up at http://www.swarmiq.com/register/GOOGLEREADERISDEAD , click on the Google reader icon to get all your feeds, and get up and running straight away.

    Disclosure: I'm on the team that built this site :-) Also, we don't have "Google Alerts" type functionality yet.

  • Leif Sikorski

    Biggest wish of users since months = a way to export your feeds

    And this is still not on their roadmap? This is horrible. They want you, but they won't let you go easily. Luckily there are more options with a new api.

  • http://www.hopy1.com/ hopy

    The details are well-explained and very concise.

  • Sven L.

    I will wait it out until the end. GReader is my most used app and without Google Reader I will feel hopelessly depressed.

  • tokuiten

    As a GReader user, I'm glad that it's listed among the launch apps.

    Now if only Feedly could develop a web UI that clones Google Reader's--Feedly's current web UI is ass.

    • Jeffrey Smith

      Or maybe someone else can build a better web UI on the Feedly API.

      • tokuiten

        Depends on whether the API is open to web developers or if it's only for Android/iOS apps.

  • deepmenace

    i just want someone to replicate the current mobile google reader interface. i can sweep thru my headlines on my old ZTE blade faster and more effectively using that than i can with any full app on my tablet.

  • LS

    Will there be two way synch?