New ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity_1

Watch out, Transformer fans, ASUS is about to give you something pretty great to drool over. As part of its Computex 2013 announcement, the OEM gave away details of the shiny new replacement to the once reigning king of Android tablets, the Transformer Pad Infinity.

Virtually every spec will see a significant improvement as part of the refresh, owing quite a bit to the equipped Tegra 4 system-on-a-chip. Most notably, the display resolution will rival Samsung's current leader, the Nexus 10, at 2560 x 1600. Also, the much-loved keyboard dock will see some inspired upgrades, including a multi-touch trackpad, a USB 3.0 port, and an SDXC card reader.

New ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity_3

New ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity_1New ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity_2


  • 10.1-inch display, 2560 x 1600 LED-backlit IPS display
  • 1.9 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 4
  • 2 GB RAM
  • HDMI-out port capable of 4k resolution
  • 5 MP main camera, 1.2 MP front-facing camera
  • 32 GB storage (hopefully, a 64GB version would be available as well)
  • Dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi with Miracast support
  • Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR

Keyboard Dock:

  • Multi-touch trackpad
  • USB 3.0 port
  • SDXC card reader

The Verge reports that a launch date will be sometime in Q3 and prices should fall into the territory of $399 for the tablet, and $499 to add a bundled dock.

So far, we can't be sure if ASUS will give its flagship a different name prior to release or follow in Apple's footsteps by labeling it the "New Transformer Pad Infinity." Along with the company's many other announcements, including the Transformer Book Trio and the anticipated Nexus 7 refresh, ASUS is clearly continuing to bet big on the Android tablet market.

Source: ASUS

Cody Toombs
Cody is a Software Engineer and Writer with a mildly overwhelming obsession with smartphones and the mobile world. If he’s been pulled away from the computer for any length of time, you might find him talking about cocktails and movies, sometimes resulting in the consumption of both.

  • Petr Minařík

    almost as good as tab 3! :D

    • Nathan Borup

      the Galaxy tab 3 is a low end tablet with a measly dual core processor... this thing will outperform it 10 to 1 at LEAST

  • W!ZARD

    I was waiting for this :D

    • Ryan O’Neill

      So was I! Holding out a small hope that they'd release a new transformer, and here it is. Beautiful.

  • David Margolin

    asus has been doing some crazy things... def #holo approved

  • http://www.contextoseo.com Alex Rodrigues

    Launching today and for a year and a half abandon it without updating, for no apparent reason, as it did with my tablet, an Asus FT101. #AsusFail

    • Goldenpins

      101 is not a Nexus. I had that the original just like you did and they got a lot of updates and enhancements eventually, it will hit a dead wall..You want updates ? buy a Nexus Tablet. Asus has been the only company to release updates before the major ones like Sony and Samsung.

      • http://www.contextoseo.com Alex Rodrigues

        I have a Nexus and this is not the point. Asus took my money and I should give more support for longer time, the tablet supports this in terms of hardware, the new versions. Asus released since Android 4.0 a version worse than the other: unstable, full of bugs. Being fast does not mean be good, even remotely be the best.

  • Kokusho

    need to know the speed of the NAND inside this time.
    At least it have to match the speed of modern smartphone 80mb/s read 20mb/s write or the Nexus 10 (100mb/s / 20 mbs).
    Asus previous hardware had painfully slow NAND that crippled the performances of the device.

    • Loren Cogar

      I will be waiting until I find this out for sure. I bought the Infinity day one and the I/O problems eventually made me sell it.

      • Kokusho

        I did the same with the Transformer Prime (TF201)

      • Gabe Stover

        I'm still holding on to my TF201 (data2sd has made it livable), but I'm leaning more towards the HP SlateBook x2 at this point. Was hoping from the teaser video that this would have an integrated stylus, but since it doesn't (and knowing how bad the TF201 was in a lot of ways), I'm hoping the HP won't disappoint.

    • darkseider

      Agreed. The slow NAND in the Prime drives me insane.

    • James Power

      Even the Nexus 10 NAND is painfully slow

    • perfectlyreasonabletoo

      Isn't RAM speed the biggest issue?

  • Marcus Lee

    Argh, just needed front facing dual speakers and it would have been virtually perfect!

    • MasterMuffin

      Imagine: quad speakers (speaker on every bezel) :O

      • Marcus Lee


        I'll give you a +1 for the pic.

        Quad speakers: no. I have just two ears so I can only hear in stereo...

        • MasterMuffin

          But it's surround, gives you a movie feeling :D

        • Surround Lover

          Not true. Humans hear in surround. That's why they have two ears and not two holes in the head...

          • Matthias

            Surround... yes. Thats why surround sound systems require two speakers behind you. If the new Transformer tablet could do that, that would be pretty interesting.

          • Justin Swanson

            Omg, the new Transformer tablet puts speakers behind me?

        • andy_o

          I assumed he meant to automatically switch speakers when you use it in portrait mode.

        • mechapathy

          But your two ears are very sensitive to timing and direction.

      • mechapathy

        "She said her stereo was four-way, and I'd just love it in her room..."

  • Peter

    Here's hoping they upgrade that cracking 3kb/s memory controller from the infinity. It's almost a signature part now

  • Limetime

    Why is the speaker only visible in one of the pics? A bit early in the development?

    • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

      because they are renders.

  • bimsebasse

    Please someone start making transformers with 14" screens and up. For me, awesome as this is, at 10" it's just stranded between a laptop and a >4.5" screen sized smartphone, can't do anything one of the others can't do better.

  • UniBroW

    The Infinity is the farthest thing from the reigning king of android tablets. If Asus's other Transformer products are anything to go by, and they are, one would be best to steer far away from this potential turd.

    • QwietStorm

      Have no clue what your experience was, but I disagree completely.

    • Nathan Borup

      Transformer tablets are still performing quite well considering the tegra 3 inside... they beat just about any other tablet outside the nexus 10 of course

      • UniBroW

        Have you ever used one? They're completely miserable at web browsing. My OG Evo would run circles around my Infinity while web browsing. Forget about even trying to use Google now with the Infinity, that was an exercise in frustration to say the least.

        • Nathan Borup

          I would blame that on your internet connection...

          • UniBroW

            lol, you've obviously never used an Asus Transformer then. Sorry, there's no way you could use one and be happy with it's performance. It's been well documented that the i/o controller is straight up from Hell.

            There's several mods that attempt to get around it's poor performance, such as browser2ram and various rom/kernel hacks but they are all bandaids for a poorly thought out product.

            *edit* and with 50 down/5 up, you're probably right.....it's my internet connection...

          • Nathan Borup

            obviously plenty of people would disagree... besides it is asus's skin and kernel that is slowing it down, not the actual hardware. Just flash a new kernel on there

          • UniBroW

            Blows me away how blind fanbois can be

          • Nathan Borup

            I'm not a fanboy. I have a nexus 10. I look at facts and experience. Most people don't have the issues that you are talking about if you flash a new kernel to the hardware

          • UniBroW

            I could tell from your comments that you DON'T have an Infinity or even an Asus transformer. A quick google search disproves your statement. I tried to live with the Infinity for a LONG LONG TIME. I still have two TF300's in my household and previously had a Prime as well. None of those tablets hold a candle to the Nexus 10, either in terms of performance or build quality.

            And no, the "fix" isn't to flash other software or void your warranty, it's to return or sell the steaming pos and get something that actually works correctly.

          • Nathan Borup

            If you're too scared to flash a new kernel on your device you shouldn't complain... as a matter of fact you shouldn't own an android. The threads you are talking about give a quick solution of FLASHING A NEW KERNEL. I have read them, and i have played with the transformer several times, never had an issue. If you are that picky about speed, you will have to get used to flashing new things

          • UniBroW

            dude, I never said I didn't flash anything to it. I simply said a fix for the poor i/o controller IS NOT A FIX. Take some reading comprehension classes.

            I've tried various builds of Scott's roms, when he was building them, cyanogenmod, paranoid android, various kernels and tweaks..etc etc. They all have the same limiting issue, poor i/o. Some of these put a bandaid on the infinity and make it seem faster but it still performs like the steaming turd that it is.

          • Nathan Borup

            try the motley kernel

          • UniBroW

            I got rid of mine a few months ago and it's not going to do anything to fix (other than a bandaid) for the poor i/o controller, it's well documented that Asus has cheaped out in that department.

            Also, worth mentioning, unlike when you unlock the bootloader on a Nexus 10 not only do you void your Asus warranty (which is apparent to anyone that unlocks it) but you also strip out the drm of the device. So no Hulu+ or google play movies (in HD anyway) if you care for those things.

          • Nathan Borup

            Just so you know, nexus 10 is not made by asus. Oh, and even though my bootloader is unlocked i can still watch my google play movies in HD, don't care about Hulu+

          • perfectlyreasonabletoo

            A kernel doesn't fix extremely poor RAM bandwidth.

          • perfectlyreasonabletoo

            You're what's wrong with Android. You and idiots like you. "Just flash the kernel brah it's totally easy!"

            I personally know how to flash ROMs and kernels, but you need to realize that very few people are comfortable with the process and it isn't a simple solution or the right solution.

          • perfectlyreasonabletoo

            Nexus 10 has much better longevity, for sure. Every time it randomly crashes it gives the battery a nice break.

          • Adrian Meredith

            trust me, its the hardware. even custom roms do little to make it better. You have to either hack the kernel to run the os on an sd card (I had too many issues doing that) or use browser2ram to stop the browers feezing the device everytime it writes to disk

          • Nathan Borup

            if you read later, i suggested the motley kernel. most people have had a lot of performance improvements from that kernel... therefore it isn't hardware

          • Adrian Meredith

            I'm using it, as others have said theres only so much software tweaks can do to help poor hardware the tf700 and 300s are poor but okay but the tf201 (which was discontinued shortly after release for it long long list of hardware issues) isn't really fixable. My weaker galaxy nexus runs circles around it.

        • perfectlyreasonabletoo

          Are you using Chrome? It's pretty slow compared to the standard AOSP browser your old phone probably used.

        • Railwayman

          My TF700 FLIES when it comes to web browsing in the AOSP browser. It is faster than my iPad 2. On the other hand, I am using Browser2RAM and CleanROM Xenogenesis.

  • AlcatrazKing

    $399 or $499? Hell yeah, this will be my next tablet.

  • Zombie

    Tegra 4, no thanks.

    • perfectlyreasonabletoo

      Why? It supposedly has the best GPU performance of any upcoming chip.

      • Zombie

        I'm sick and tired of Nvidia's shit. They always say they made "the most powerful chip in the world", while in reality, it's the worst. You know, Tegra 3 has been beaten by every other SoC when it came out, and sincerely, THD titles were not so good. Furthermore, I'd like less choice of SoCs, it would be better if everyone just used Qualcomm chips. They are efficient, and powerful too. Adreno 320 (and the future 330) has nothing less than Tegra 4. Also I hate Tegrawhatever exclusives, games should be for everyone.

        • MasterMuffin

          It wouldn't be better if everyone just used Qualcomm chips...

          • Zombie


          • MasterMuffin

            You can think about that. Think it like this for example: wouldn't it be better if everyone just used Samsung?

          • Zombie

            Your argument is invalid: different brands offer different things, such as different software features, and that's why the choice is good. On the other hand, the consumer doesn't need many different processors, as they are invisible to him, they just need their products are fast and play well under intensive work. So, Qualcomm processors are good enough to let EVERY product on the market run very fast, while remaining power efficient. Also, from a developer point of view (such as me), different processors (and most importantly, GPUs) lead always to different problems regarding programming choices, they make it more difficult, time consuming and limited. We could have much less bugs in games and apps, and more developers would produce apps and games too, if only there were a standard processor brand such as Qualcomm processors. Since Nvidia is not good enough at making mobile processors (they always have problems of some kind, and I wouldn't be surprised if Tegra 4 will be a disappointment), well, Qualcomm is. Qualcomm does the facts, Nvidia does the speech.

          • MasterMuffin

            It was an example to make you think, NOT LITERALLY. I can give you one reason: competition makes innovation. Your utopia will never happen, because there will always be competition (aren't monopolies against the law?) which is good.

          • Zombie

            I said choice is good only when it comes to different brands, since they offer different softwares and customizations. Different processors would be acceptable only if they didn't make compromises, and well, they make: apps that work on one device, but not in another, and so on. Apple has choosen to use just PowerVR GPUs, and that's good, because they are powerful, and makes it easier for developers to make apps that work everywhere.

          • MasterMuffin

            So you still think that everything would be better if we used only Qualcomm. No. Just NO. If you can't get it, bye

          • Zombie


          • Max Buschkopf

            Qualcomm makes sacrifices to, and in complete honesty after reading through everything you posted: you know a lot less than you think you do about SOC architecture. Also, for the record, anyone can call themselves a developer; it doesn't make you good at it, and a good developer can work with all of these chips and their gpu. From a strictly observational standpoint though using the new tegra 4 chip, it is incredibly fast, i have yet to find an app that has compatibility issues with it, and because Nvidia does have the Dev support that they do, their exclusive titles are sort of just a bonus on top of that. Oh and tell me exactly how they manage to get that Dev support if their chips are soo limited and impossible to work with; i'll tell you why, becuase in actuality their chip isn't limited, not in any significant way, and because their gpu is built off of an earlier GeForce architecture it is already familiarized, if not directly with developers, with how the developers make games; even if it wasn't, it would be easy to get accustomed to because it has been worked with before, and Nvidia is willing to work with them to make development easier, and more profitable.

  • Daniel DS

    That's a freaking great price for such a device :D

  • Himmat Singh

    $399 for a 32GB version of that would be absolutely fantastic! Got my Acer A510 (which was considered somewhat "budget" a year ago) for roughly $450.

  • Keith Myers

    Any news if the tablet itself will have a MicroSD card reader?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      I could find nothing specific about the tablet (as opposed to the keyboard dock) having a card slot. I'm leaning towards thinking there won't be, just because it seems like something that would be mentioned.

    • Hi

      considering the old transformers did, my guess is yes, also the dock has a full USB port and also the tab has built in Dualshock 3 Drivers

  • QwietStorm


  • lensgrabber

    After the piss poor performance and support given to TF201 owners, I will never by a non-Nexus ASUS branded tablet again. That being said, this looks like a really nice system.

    • MasterMuffin

      Asus has the worst support ever!

  • remister

    Anyone know when Google is going to refresh the Nexus 10, if not, this will be my next tablet purchase!

    • Ivan Myring

      I'd guess at:
      Tegra 4 (2.3ghz)
      Same screenresolution and size
      32-64GB RAM

      • remister

        Decisions, decisions!

      • Tyler James Edward Hills

        Think they're gonna switch from Samsung? Because if not I can almost guarantee they throw an Exynos Octa in there

      • perfectlyreasonabletoo

        I'm not so sure it'll be Tegra 4.

        - Nexus 7 refresh rumored to use a Qualcomm chip of some kind
        - Nexus 4 uses APQ8064 (predecessor to Snapdragon 600)
        - HTC One uses Snapdragon 600
        - Galaxy S4 uses Snapdragon 600 in US
        - Motorola X-Phone leaked information indicates a Qualcomm chip

        If the N7 rumor is correct then this would mean Google has 5 AOSP devices they're maintaining which all use the same basic architecture. This would be very helpful for smooth, prompt updates. Adding Tegra 4 would make things a little more complicated than they need to be.

        3 GB RAM is unlikely; even 2 GB is really overkill for what's needed but it's become the standard.

        Same screen resolution and size I agree with.

        32-64 GB of storage is reasonable but I suspect they'll probably stick with the current 16/32 GB since storage has historically been the thing Google skimps on for whatever reason.

        • Zombie

          Galaxy S4 uses S600 in the international version too.

          • Loren Cogar

            No, the international version uses the 1.6GHz octa-core Exynos processor

          • Zombie

            Nope, again, the international version uses both, but in Europe you can only find the S600 version, not the octa-core version.

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    $399 for the tablet's a pretty great deal, I might want to pick one up. $100 for the dock is pretty reasonable too.

  • Ivan Lisenkov

    If it is comapible with an old dock, I am in!

  • DP

    Ok nice specs on the new model but, they actually went backwards on the front & rear facing cameras. The TF700T has a front facing 2M & rear 8M. In addition what about the speaker? The TF700T has 1 speaker which is useless can't really hear anything w/out a head set or a silent room. Dual speakers capable of real volume would be great. Just returned my TF700T due to volume issue since the volume limitation seems to be standard on all.

  • Nowhere Man

    Does any notice they keep mentioning the SD card slot on the dock and not on the unit itself ?

  • nihar

    Any feedback about Go slatebook x2?

  • Tom Pengilly

    No external SD card without the keyboard? And will the flash memory be fast (the problem with the tf700t)

  • KU Chick

    Will it ever be on the market??? I'm getting impatient.