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Asus really went big with announcements at Computex this year, naming 11 new products in about 30 minutes. One of the really interesting devices to make the cut was the Fonepad Note FHD 6, a smaller cousin to the 7-inch model announced earlier this year at MWC. In many ways, the super-sized phone blends qualities from other popular devices like the HTC One's front-facing speakers and a smart stylus from the Galaxy Note. While this obviously isn't the first phone to include a stylus, it's certainly new to this OEM's portfolio. The new handset will also remain faithful to Intel, but jumps to the brand new Z2560 processor.

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  • 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z2560 dual-core processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 6-inch display, 1920 x 1080 Super IPS+ (~367 ppi)
  • 8 MP rear camera, 1.2 MP front-facing
  • Front-facing stereo speakers with SonicMaster technology
  • HSPA+ 42

Given that the Fonepad Note will be limited to HSPA+, and virtually all major US carriers will be demanding LTE capabilities in upcoming handsets, we probably won't see this one turning up anywhere near our shores. Still, this device could prove to be very important to ASUS as it stands to be the launching pad for both a stylus-enabled digitizer and Intel's most competitive smartphone processor to date. Keep your eye on this phone, if for no other reason that it will likely shine a light on many future products. Having seen the rousing success of the Galaxy Note line, we can probably expect it to do fairly well in the markets it does reach.

ASUS Fonepad Note™ FHD 6
Part 3G smartphone, part tablet, ASUS Fonepad™ Note FHD 6 comes with a 1.6GHz Intel® Atom™ Z2560 dual-core processor and 1920 x 1080 Full HD Super IPS+ display. With a display brightness of 450 nits, ASUS Fonepad™ Note FHD 6 can be used outdoors in bright sunshine, while front-facing stereo speakers with ASUS SonicMaster technology ensure high-quality high-definition audio. ASUS Fonepad™ Note FHD 6 also includes a stylus for quick and accurate handwritten input.

ASUS Press Release

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  • gamechanger

    Interesting resolution: 1920 x 1080. Will they use a wacom digitizer? It was claimed that Samsung didn't increase resolution cuz the digitizer would have been too expensive then. Did things change? Curious.
    Still, I have doubts about Asus build quality. I also didn't hear good things about customer support. They had to give good reason for me to try one of their products

  • Ivan Myring

    All depends on price and rooting/roms

  • Oilersfan74

    6" 1080 screen, dual front facing speakers and a stylus...Please release this in N.America

    • Justin Swanson

      If the new Nexus phone is a dud, I might be looking at this... but I'm in South Korea... :P

  • Imran Al-Imran


  • tt

    1280 x 768 is already good enough for such small screen. dual sim is much useful.