It's a good time for fans of powerful file browsers. Just a few days after Root Explorer got a substantial update, popular alternative Solid Explorer is getting the same treatment. The changelog for 1.4.5 includes a laundry list of new features and tweaked settings, all of which combine to make Solid Explorer an increasingly powerful option. The app is offered in a 14-day free trial, with an unlock application costing $1.99.

2013-06-02 16.15.45

The most user-facing change is probably the swipe-out side menu, which includes both the primary storage divisions (root, internal, external) and quick links to your bookmarked folders, if you have any. It can get a bit busy for Solid Explorer's dual-pane horizontal view, but for portrait mode, it's might handy. The interface now resizes to be larger or smaller with a pinch gesture, in a list-only twist on the pinch-to-zoom UI standard - something I don't think I've ever seen before in quite the same way. New animations for lists, new list filters, and a queue for active operations round out the visual updates.

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Users can also share files via NFC (on compatible devices, of course) and in access point mode. Solid Explorer now includes a WebDav client with support for cloud storage from Yandex and Owncloud, plus automatic uploads for remotely-accessed files that are edited on your Android device. You can also change file associations within the app. For those of you who are wondering, yes, the app does work with root file permissions. Solid Explorer requires Android 2.2 or later.

What's in this version:

-WebDav client with Yandex and Owncloud support
-file sharing in access point mode
-Vietnamese language
-new sliding panel for quick bookmark access (swipe from the left edge of the screen)
-dynamic list resizing with pinch gesture
-file operation queue
-NFC file transfer (files have to be checked)
-file association editor
-list animations
-remote files edited locally are now uploaded back automatically
-improved list filtering with permanent stay, query history
-full changelog in settings

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Guillaume

    best file manager ever, glad i paid for it as soon as it came out of beta. this update makes it even better, there's so many features :)

    • hyperbolic

      So you are saying it is better than ES file explorer ? - I doubt that.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Really, it is quite amazing. I would say it's better.

        • mechapathy

          Solid Explorer is pretty...solid.

      • bob

        100 times better. I used es explorer before I switched. rd explorer is so much slower and sluggish. in absolutely any manner es explorer loses against it.

      • http://bytemypanda.mp/ SleepingPanda

        ES may have the same features, but solid looks great while pulling off the same magic. Also: the devs actively take part in the community and take feature requests.

      • Rami

        Till yesterday I had both on my device, I use this one for everything except when I needed to browse my NAT storage device, which was 1 swipe to the left, now with the new bookmarks I will use SolidExporer exclusively.

      • JoeyKhache

        You haven't used solid explorer, super innovative and gets the job done like no other. The most clever feature is the horizontal dual pane view. Who woulda thought? Wow.

        • cowgar

          let me check...Norton Commander (DOS/Windows) or Midnight Commander (Linux) like...20 years ago?

          who would have thought...Wow

          best file manager indeed...

          • JoeyKhache

            You mad bro? We're obviously not on the same page. I never referred to any of those old programs written 20 years ago. I'm talking about any other program in android, today.

        • Vorador

          Total Commander... If just the UI wouldn't be that ugly...

  • Matt B

    Holy Christ that pinch to zoom is laggy and unresponsive on my Galaxy Nexus...

    • http://bytemypanda.mp/ SleepingPanda

      Really? Works perfectly on my S3.

    • ElectroGadget

      It's very smooth on my Galaxy Note (CM10.1).

  • IncCo

    sweet update

  • Could be Anyone

    How the hell do you disable the bookmark bar, it's the most inconvenient thing I seen.

    • mechapathy

      Don't pull it out, Mr. Anyone.

      • Could be Anyone

        Easier said than done back in v1.4.1b it was easier to operate without the stupid bookmark bar.

        • mechapathy

          It only pulls out if you swipe from the edge of the screen. I had no problems changing between panels when I wanted to, and accessing the bookmarks bar when I wanted that.

          • Could be Anyone

            I keep triggering it when I switch between panels which annoys me to no end.

          • Lukas

            Write that suggestion on support.solidexplorer.pl

  • John

    $1.99? That's a great price. Didn't this used to be $4.99 when it came out of beta?

  • mechapathy

    NFC file transfer FTW!

  • andy_o

    Is the file transfer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi direct?

    • mechapathy

      Bluetooth. It automatically turns on, pairs, and sends.

      • andy_o

        Thanks. That sounds like exactly the same as what Android already does, at least on Nexus devices, and I think most others.

        • mechapathy

          Yeah. Standard Android Beam functionality with any file within the filesystem. Everything was automatic between my Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Galaxy Nexus.

          • andy_o

            Ah I edited above before I saw your answer.

    • Spittie

      Just get SuperBeam for transferring files, It support NFC and QR Codes to automagically pair, and uses WIFI to transfer data (either on the same network, WIFI direct or by creating an hotspot)

      • andy_o

        Yeah, I have it and it's awesome (though I could do without it asking every time if the devices are on the same LAN), but I was thinking I could replace 2 apps with Solid Explorer, been eyeing it for a while.