Last Updated: June 18th, 2013

One of the very few issues with the HTC One is that it still runs Android 4.1, whereas the Galaxy S4 started out on 4.2. A new report on what's to come with HTC's OS update includes some apparent screenshots of Sense 5 on 4.2.2, and there is some good stuff on the way.

1370042163527 1370079877944 2013-06-01 12.07.49

First up, there is finally an option to have the battery percentage in the status bar. This is activated in the power settings. The native Android quick settings have been implemented with some slight tweaks. There are a few more toggles, including power saver mode which is no longer taking up space at the top of the notifications. The button situation on the HTC One is a bit odd, but Android 4.2.2 will reportedly bring some more customization. Users will have the ability to change the function of a long-press on the home button from Google Now to a menu button.

1370042177018 Screenshot_2013-06-01-11-57-41

More minor alterations include Daydreams and the ability to remove all icons from the dock. Apps in the dock are also not hidden in the drawer in 4.2.2. It is still unclear how HTC will handle lock screen widgets and Photospheres. Blinkfeed has reportedly been "improved," but there are not currently any details on how. Keep in mind this is all still unofficial. The final build could look very different.

[Android Revolution HD]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Asanka Amarasinghe

    Now if they can turn on the screen when a notification arrives, It'll be golden...
    pressing the power button every time a notification comes (like every 5 minutes on a busy day) is driving me crazy; combine that with HTC's power button location, I'm gonna drop this phone real soon...

    • Kevin Turabian

      Download light flow, even if you can't see the led really well it has built in options to turn the screen on when notifications come from programs you select.
      Or download gosms which has that option built in for text messages.

      • Asanka Amarasinghe

        What are the options i need to turn on, do i need to disable stock notifications? (I have paid light flow app)
        Does light flow LED notifications actually work on HTC One?

        Oh and does enabling the light flow trigger the lock screen bug on HTC One?

        • Cjohnson1073

          You can set up up to turn on using Tasker or AutomateIt!

          • Asanka Amarasinghe

            I tried AutomateIt free, but seems like it does not support Screen On action...
            Any idea if tasker supports it?
            (No problem with spending couple of bucks for a good tool, but don't want to spend money without any confirmation it works)

      • drksilenc

        light flow doesnt work properly on the one

    • John Gargan

      I hear ya...

    • Donstil

      Buy à Pebble. I have got my pebble with a One and love it, my phone is on silence mode all the time and I see the notifications on my wrist, after reading i can decide to reply or to leave it. Just great!

      • New700

        Does the pebble watch works fine now with the HTC One after the update? I read there was a problem with accessibility enabled and the lock scree

    • Da_James

      Custom kernel = home button to wake, or vol2wake.

    • Michael S

      I actually replaced the lockscreen with WidgetLocker, although I'd rather have HTC's lockscreen with homescreen widgets on it. (I'll switch to that if they ever do implement lockscreen widgets...)

      THEN. I installed something called NiLS Notification Locksreen (Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roymam.android.notificationswidget), which basically turns the screen on when new notifications come in, AND displays them on the screen, kind of like the iPhone did. You can then tweak per-app settings, to ignore certain apps, or only display the latest notification from certain apps, etc.

      Hope this helps.

  • Ryan O’Neill

    Terrible experience with this before. The Razr HD was updated to JB right after it was released, but after the update it never ran as smoothly as it did on ICS. That's a known fact among the Razr HD community. Let's hope the 4.2 update doesn't slow down the H1 too.

    • dtraini30

      I hear ya, RAZR HD owner over here and as much as I want to run stock since it is so close to what it would be like on a nexus phone, I am happier with a buggy CM10.1 build than a laggy stock ROM.

    • Rohin Galhotra

      I updated my One to 4.2.2 just now--still runs nicely.

  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    All I want is that sweet 4.2.something on my S3 :D It might take a while, though =(

    • troph

      custom roms! :)

      • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva
        • Bakaouji

          Have my downvote

        • http://www.neiltantay.com/ Neil T

          There are custom roms with touch wiz , FYI...

          • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

            Do you mean Foxhound? That's the only one I've heard of...

        • Skander

          There is an official 4.2.2 leak for the S3 already with S4 features.. Check XDA.

          • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

            I've heard of it too, but that's a leak, probably ridden with bugs and stuff. I'd likely have to flash the official one when it came out just the same, so why double the work, right? :)

          • Skander

            I am running it as my daily driver, they updated the GPU drivers and improved the performance alot, not buggy IMO.
            But it's still better to wait.

      • Phillip Bee

        Something you know that I dont? .. what roms out now have 4.2 touchwiz ?!?!?

  • http://scribblepeople.net Mike

    excited for this on the htc one, cool to see HTC changing things up

  • Rohin Galhotra

    I'm running the ROM right now and both Photospheres and lockscreen widgets are not implemented, which sucks because I use Dashclock all the time on my Nexus 7. If anyone has any questions I'd be happy to answer them as well.

    • Aymen Fadhel

      Photosphere isn't open source so don't expect to see it on non-google devices.

      • Sajjad Sarwar

        I have it on my Samsung Galaxy S2 unofficially and officially on my ASUS Infinity Pad.

        • Stacey

          ASUS runs a close to stock ROM though. You won't see it in camera apps that aren't stock, like the Sense and TW cameras.

  • David Davtyan

    Most important is not Android 4. 2 .2. We have already 4.1 and that's Jelly Bean - nothing much changed. More important is that HTC One is fast, not laggy at all. Believe me it does not worth to die for 4.2.2 if the phone is running OK

  • Ezzy

    It's so ironic, that HTC's latest isn't running the latest version of Android. It's one of the things they've had an issue with from day one, and it STILL is...amazing how nothing changes. Not to mention they removed the quick settings fron the launch ROM. Still a nice device though.

    • Justin Winker

      "Removed the settings from the launch ROM"
      The ROM that launched with the One is 4.1.2, which doesn't have the quick settings. 4.2.x has quick settings.

      Also, how many consumers really care about phone updates? There aren't many outside of the nerd-circle (yes, I'm included in the nerd-circle, that's why I have a couple of non-daily nexus devices to toy with).

      • tintin.92

        Quick Setting were a standard part of HTC phones prior to the ONE series (i.e. Sense 3.x). This was removed in Sense 4 and NOT brought back for Sense 5.

        It's a pity, as the HTC's old quick settings implementation was one of the best...

  • Berj Boodanian

    Here's a video I did running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Sense 5 on a T-Mobile US HTC One - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1_qdB-yYqo

    • yoyog

      How did you get the semi transparent notification bar on the homescreen? Is it part of 4.2.2?


      • Chin Opai

        That's always been a part of sense 5


    Beautiful device and I like the slimmed down version of sense (even blink feed which many hate I know but I've been a flip board lover for a long time also) but the battery dies too quick and takes way too long to charge so with no removable battery it's not a great device for me personally. As well while the build is great the metal causes an issue, the metal uni body design keeps heat locked into the device and if you play many graphic intensive games like myself (Real Racing 3, Wildblood, Modern Combat series, ect) for long it heats up and causes the performance to drop drastically and lag and stutter. This is why I'm digging my Galaxy S4 more because while it to heats up it isn't so bad and performance doesn't drop or cause any lag what so ever. Ppl might not like plastic builds but since your going to put a case to protect screen damage from happening in an accidental drop I'll take the plastic build with no performance issues any day. The S4 does have drawn out animations that some are calling lag but that can be fixed in a software update or by shutting off the animations, but the lag right in games after the HTC ONE heats up due to the metal uni body design can't be fixed because it's due to the build.

    • bugi

      Uh, it is actually the plastics that "locks heat into the device" (bad), and metal body/cover spread it (good). You could study physics and/or electronics engineering a bit (internet has plenty enough info), these things are basics...

      Whatever the reason for S4 to run smooth while the one stutters after heating, it is not the material. For example, S4 chip could be made to withstand higher temperatures than one's chip; S4 could have proper heatspreader for the IC, while one could have a small design/manufacturing defect that leaves a tiny airspace between IC and the nearest metal surface; etc. etc.


        I know that metal conducts heat and that's what heat sinks are made of I'm not saying that. It causes the heat to make the entire device heat up which would include all of the components inside where the S4 keeps that heat in on area of the device and dissipates the heat through the glass on the front of the device.
        The chips shouldn't be made different either as they are both the exact same chips unless you mean the way they placed it into the construct of the device.

  • Steve Freeman

    "First up, there is finally an option to have the battery percentage in the status bar." I don't understand why this isn't a a stock Android feature anyway.

    • Steve

      It is

      • Da_James

        It isn't. AOSP and CyanogenMod have implemented this ages ago = #

  • Christian Wagner Jr

    Apparently this is rolling out now for International varients

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    I have it on my HTC One right now, and i can tell you right now that i didn't miss 4.2 and i can live without it... so don't know where the fuss is coming from.

  • George Cordos

    The fact that 4.2.2 is not yet finished even for the One, makes me really sad when I think about the update for the One X+One X. Maybe we'll see it in 2014...

  • calorie

    I wonder if the One X will ever get this one...

  • Brian

    I feel bad for complaining but I wish the battery percentage could go inside of the battery icon instead of taking up more space on the notification bar. Other than that though, looking forward to the update.

    • Steve Freeman

      It can...it's called "flash a custom ROM that supports it". :P

  • Guillermo Herrera

    Does anyone know if they fixed the issue where the lock screen would open with just one tap instead of a slide if an app like Pebble or Tasker is given service under the accessibility menu?

  • Yelonek

    I think that HTC One on 4.1.2 is advantage not disadv...
    Remember when upgraded my ex- GNex to 4.2.x and saw difference in speed - it was lower :(

    I'm really impressed with HTC One (previously got HD2 with windows and later with android, and later GNex). I miss only 2 things. Ability to disable blinkfeed and "stay awake" checkbox.
    And more stable data connection (with full GSM range it keep dropping :( )

  • seezaro

    i have htc sensation xe how i can change my OS to 4.2.2 ? :/

  • SCBbestof

    Just get "Notification Toggles" or "Power Toggles" or any other Toggle software from the market and you got yourself a touchwiz-like quick-settings panel in the notification area :P

    The update is not worthy!

  • pickerfordham

    So.....did this update come out yet? What's the update on this update?

  • Chin Opai

    Ok guys question in the pictures the annoying GPS icon next to the WiFi icon is gone in those pictures. Is there a way that you can do this?