Update 5/31/13: RC4 is here, just a day after RC3. It's very likely the next release will be the final stable version.


Original post from 5/30/13 follows:

Looks like the CM team is edging closer and closer to releasing the elusive stable build, as release candidate 3 (RC3) just started rolling out to the get.cm download servers. This build comes less than three weeks after the previous release candidate hit the scene, so it seems like the team is making good time on getting the final kinks worked out.


This may very well end up being the final RC that we see before the stable release becomes available, though it's possible at least one more could be necessary in order to ensure the smoothest possible experience before CM slaps the "stable" label on it.

RC3 is already available for several devices, but if yours hasn't made the cut yet, just give it a bit longer. Builds seem to be landing on the download server at pretty regular intervals, and all RC3 devices will likely be up by day's end.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Edward Germanotta

    I'd like that my s3 get it but I know that is samsung fault not cyanogenmod

    • ElectroGadget

      Same here with my Galaxy Note (and every Samsung model out there). Burn in hell, Samsung. Burn.

      • Dart

        I think you meant every Exynos model. The other chips get good support.

        Too bad Samsung is not being great about the documentation on the Exynos chipset. It's a shame.

        • ElectroGadget

          Yes, you're right. My mistake!

        • Abhi Kurve

          Can anyone say why the International GS3 isn't getting it?
          for Samsung not releasing EXYNOS documentation or something?

          • Jadephyre

            Yup. Way I understand it is, that Samsung wants to keep as much info about the Exynos platform secret, so its competitors can't reverse-engineer or hack the platform. I get why they do that, but for the developer community that means that there is not enough incentive to develop for it, as it could take months or even years before you work out how to do stuff on it.

  • Scott

    Off topic but I'm sure somebody here might know this. I'm trying to get the CM 10.1 MMS apk on my razr maxx hd. In theory I can just download CM 10.1 rom, extract the APK, push to system/app, give it read/write permissions and install correct?

    • Scott

      Well that worked but MMS functionality of the app is broke. Everything else seems to work.

      • Goldenpins

        so are some other features. At least a week and a half ago hangouts on CM10.1 before this one wouldnt work.Im waiting for a more stable build. Happy with Stock but interested in seeing how it performs on the GNexus.

        • Scott

          How is this possible. You must not have read anything I posted to reply with something like that.

          • Goldenpins

            ??? To quote you:

            "Well that worked but MMS functionality of the app is broke. Everything else seems to work."

            My MMS was also broken.. and hangouts was also not even available and went threw Gtalk but none of the hangout options.I replied to your 2nd post regarding MMS. Chill out

        • blunden

          In what way was Hangouts broken? It worked just fine for me and most people I think. We did have an issue on the S4 and HTC One where the audio config didn't include the modes needed for audio in hangouts but that was fixed pretty quickly.

          • Goldenpins

            It wouldn't allow me to download the hangout app. It said it was "already installed". Which it never was, it was complete wipe on the GNexus. Even had the ROM settle for a few minutes before re downloading everything. This was on 10.1, 2 days after Hangout was available so maybe there was a bug. If someone messaged me from Hangout, it went to Gtalk using the same Gtalk layout.

          • JoHnNy08PL

            It was an GPlay bug. Some pps could download hangouts, some had "already installed" bug. Now it's working for everyone.

          • Goldenpins

            Thank you, ill check it out on the next build.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RDJCook Rob Cook

    AT&T SGS3 ran CM10.1 RC1/2 and several nightlies to try and fix it but I couldn't make it a full day much less 12hrs on a charge. Back to TW and I'm getting almost 2 days from a single charge. It's not release/final quality until that is fixed.

  • Simon Belmont

    Sweet. RC3 for the B&N Nook Color is a go.

    I'll have to grab that later. Can't wait.

    • Simon Belmont

      Aaaand, I flashed it yesterday. Worked fine.

      Now I have to flash RC4. I guess stable is just around the corner.

  • Rob

    Just installed CM 10.1 RC3 for Samsung Galaxy Nexus Sprint (toroplus). Immediately screen % on battery monitor is down considerably from 40%+ to 10%, but now Bluetooth is reportedly eating 82% of the battery AND IT'S NOT EVEN ON.

    I give up.

    • pepcok

      interesting.. this happened for me with the rc1 (or 2?), but not with the subsequent nightlies or the rc3. Although I'm not using the same device (umts_spyder here), the problem seems to be the same (~49hrs of bluetooth time while I have not used bluetooth for a few months now ;))

      • Rob

        It seems that a battery pull, reboot or both have resolved the BT issue, or perhaps it took care of itself over time. I'm also seeing what can only be described as a phenomenal improvement in battery life. Of course it's almost too much of an improvement to be true. Where the phones (CDMA and GSM models) would die out overnight if left unplugged, they survived last night with charges of 78% CDMA and 92% GSM.

        • Dart

          I fixed it on my tablet. I just fully charged it.

          Battery stats went back to normal. Yay.

    • squiddy20

      I've had something like this happen with GPS. A few times, I've turned on Endomondo to record a bike ride, and after I've completed the ride, exited completely out of the app and turned off GPS, only to look at Battery Stats a few hours later and find that both the app and GPS are listed as having been on for all of that time. The only thing that seems to finally fix it is a reboot.
      Of course, I'm on a nightly from about a week back, but I do have a toroplus.

      Depending on your method of update from an old CM version to this one, the batterystats.bin file may not have been wiped and that could be what is giving you that amazingly long (but obviously erroneous) "battery life". The file is found in /data/system. Just delete it and reboot (or just delete it while on the charger at 100%). The system rebuilds it automatically.

      • Rob

        Thanks! I would not have thought of doing this. ;-)

    • Davide

      Same issue with CM 10.1 on my Nexus S. The bluetooth battery stats are corrupted.

    • Dart

      Same issue on my B&N Nook Color. Bluetooth shows as using tons of battery.

      My guess is it's a reporting issue. RC4 probably came out so fast because of it.

  • Jeff

    Did CM stop supporting the HTC Evo 4G LTE (Jewel)? I haven't seen a new build since March 12, 2013. The change log implies that a new nightly is pending, but has been this way since March.

  • RB

    Do anyone else have issues with the DSP manager? The 6-band equalizer is only showing 2 adjustable slider on mine, for the 64 and the 16k band. The rest of them doesn't show up.

    Using a Gnex (maguro) btw.

  • Tim Bedard

    Upgraded to RC3 on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus Verizon and immediately almost nothing worked. I have no data access besides wireless and all anything that attempts to access the internet seems to immediately crash. I'm restoring and trying again.

    • Tim Bedard

      Finally got it working by wiping and installing RC3 and GApps from zips.

      • Ald

        Same here....

  • Nicholas Gerard

    What justifies a "stable build"? I've been using 10.1 with my S3, and S4 for ever since it was released and haven't had an issue. Their nightlies are stable enough to be daily drivers. Just curious.

    • Unni

      For me, the nightlies were stable. RC2 wasn't. :)

      • joser116

        For me too, the latest RCs have knocked out my networking capability.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Just because it's stable for you doesn't mean it's stable for:
      a) others on the same device but doing things you don't, or having situations you don't for whatever reason
      b) other devices are stable

      When CM releases stable, it's supposed to be stable on all supported devices.

  • itistolaff

    you're kidding...such rapid RC++ likely means there are *new* bugs popping up or being regressed in, not that they are squashing the remaining on the way to stable...the feedback on RC3 ookies was pretty loud over the past day.

    • Simon Belmont

      I wonder if it's related to that weird Bluetooth battery stats issue I was seeing. Of course, just charging my tablet up to 100% eliminated that.

      I also noticed the default notification sound wasn't set correctly. Weird stuff, but not a deal breaker.

  • Lirodon

    Woah that was fast...

    I only just installed RC3 like, 4 HOURS ago!

  • joser116

    Hercules still on RC2 >:(

  • Ralph L

    How do I update from the cm10.1 to this new rc3?

  • Kevin Richards

    Just installed RC4 on Galaxy S and transitions when using flipbook are screwed up. Images get skewed and distorted. Same on RC3 so rolling back to RC 2.

  • 2Kings

    Why are all the American Samsung Galaxy S3 getting RCs, but the international ones not?!?

    • Jadephyre

      Because there is virtually no documentation for the Exynos processor, that makes development very hard, if not impossible.
      Qualcomm's Snapdragon is much better documented.
      At least that is what I heard.

      • Simon Belmont

        You heard correctly. The Exynos chipset gets hardly any documentation, so it's hard to work with.

        Other chipsets are well documented. It's a shame because Exynos is good too.

        • Jadephyre

          Yeah, I read up on it yesterday and it looks like Samsung is fronting "trade secrets" as the reason for not releasing documentation.

  • vital

    Just installed RC4 on my nexus 4. works great

  • Gabriel 1onita ♍

    Thank you. Could I dream about HDMI and camera HD1084p and wide pictures taken with UMTS SPYDER aka RAZR GSM?

  • Heon Jun Park

    CM with FrancoKernel is giving me huge battery improvement but no one can beat the awesome dpi control that PA had nor the awesome Halo feature(which I used for a week and moved on the CM)... Hmmmm

  • Farhan Yan

    Anyone else having their IMEI missing after updating to RC3 / RC4?