As confirmed by Hugo Barra on Google+ and the official HTC blog, a version of the company's One phone with stock Android 4.2.2 software is coming: on June 26th, you'll be able to buy the "Nexus User Experience" HTC One through the (US) Play Store for $599. The phone was actually announced by Sundar Pichai at AllThingsD's D11 conference this morning.


The hardware is essentially the SIM-unlocked 32GB version of the device you can buy on HTC's website, meaning support for LTE on both T-Mobile and AT&T. A 64GB stock version will not be offered. The bootloader, of course, will be fully unlockable, and Google will be handling the device's software updates. Oddly, the device won't be completely stock, as Hugo Barra indicates that it will ship with "Beats Audio" - a proprietary software package that 'enhances' the speaker and headphone audio.

There remain other questions, as well - how will the camera function, for example? HTC's proprietary features and settings will almost certainly be replaced with the stock Android camera app, which is, frankly, a step down in every single way but Photo Spheres. Hopefully all of the necessary bits for the great night shots the One is capable are still there. The included IR blaster functionality may also have some hoops to go through, as stock Android does not have an API to control IR functionality (there are possible workarounds for this - we'll have to wait and see). Hopefully we'll get a chance to play with one of these devices and provide some answers.

Well dreamers, it's here and it's real - are you ponying up for One?


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David Ruddock
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  • evolutionx1

    It's not a Nexus... duh

    • fonix232

      Well, not officially. But still gives the "Nexus Experience", so we can kinda call it a Nexus phone...

      • Daniel DS

        You guys don't get the joke do you? HTC One + Nexus = Nexus One =.='
        (like the first nexus's name)

        • http://profiles.google.com/cory.simpson Cory Simpson

          Yeah...we got it. (not as funny when you explain it)

        • Michael Ta

          No you're the one don't get it. Google Nexus One is the first Google handset. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nexus_One

          • Cody Shiranai

            I'm fairly most of you aren't getting he's being SARCASTIC.

        • Guest

          Just stop.

    • Getreal

      I think he knows that...duh

    • Guest


    • Guest

      This thread is silly!

  • fonix232

    Exactly the same thing crossed my mind. Coincidence much?

  • Lukas Ilg

    Whats with the camera? Without HTC's specific camera software, will the camera be as good?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      That remains to be seen. All of the HTC camera features will almost definitely be stripped out, though. I'm sure HTC will still provide all the necessary drivers and such.

    • George Cordos

      That's what I want to know as well. Will the camera software be able to use the ultrapixels?

      • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

        Seeing as how ultrapixels are just a made up word for more sensitive but lower res sensor I think you are good.

    • Billy Presley

      This is what I'm trying to figure out. I'm all for it if their camera software isn't crippled completely.

    • Daniel DS

      With photosphere and the upcoming android 4.3? Absolutely.

  • Michael Ta
  • james_d

    The Senseless One? The Non-Sense One?

    • fonix232

      Well it has no Sense, so :D

  • nawa

    HTC One GE is awesome, but these two buttons suck. :(

  • fsd

    Is this the same speed as the nexus series updates?

    • Daniel DS


      • Steve Williamson

        well we dont know actually.. good will look after it but even the most recent two nexus devices aren't updated on the same day but I would guess these devices get updated shortly after but in a much shorter time span then manufactures

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii
  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii
    • Tomáš Petrík


    • http://them3blog.wordpress.com/ Abel


  • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

    Get the hell out of my way. This is my next phone and nothing will keep me from it.

    • http://wave-france.blogspot.com Supercopter

      Not even the Moto X ?

      • didibus

        Remember what happened last time Google tried to make a "Made in America" device...

  • http://profiles.google.com/cory.simpson Cory Simpson

    Hopefully they included the camera software...so it's not totally worthless on AOSP...or maybe thats the point...to make sure a Nexus device never has a good camera.

  • cruzin_cruzing

    I'm sure there's going to be way to Sense on it. If not, then someone will figure out how.

  • evolutionx1

    The press image :o

  • Bart De Rycke

    Imagine, this one will be cheaper than the One with Sense one it. Then just flash a custom ROM with Sense 'et voila'.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    And that's what a full circle looks like.

  • br_hermon

    Any chance the HTC logo will be mapped as the Recently Accessed Apps screen? Wonder what they'll do here.

  • Mastermind26

    no vzw or sprint love. :(

    • Michael Ta

      yea because vzw and sprint doesn't love customer. duh.

      • Scott

        And ATT does....right.

        • Michael Ta

          well at least they use something called a SIM-card, which makes much more sense.

      • Mastermind26

        Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

  • Jonathan Saad

    Any reason why the stock roms wouldn't work on the dev edition? Seems like it would make more sense to get the 64gb dev edition and flash an aosp rom when its released.

  • Scott


  • Sugih Cah

    Does that mean all htc one can use the stock android? Cos I just ordered mine! Aaargghhhh!

    • nawa

      I believe it will be ported quite fast. I know that it is possible to flash rom to optimus g so it can update directly from google. This is the same case

      • Sugih Cah

        Awesome! Thank you for the info! Hope it's 100% compatible though.

    • Rauel Crespo

      I got an HTC One on launch and, being a proponent of stock android since the Nexus One, I'm actually really loving Sense 5. I'm coming from a Galaxy Nexus, and Sense 5 is so tastefully executed on this device that I don't miss stock android at all....The Galaxy S4 on the other hand, NEEDED to have a non-touchWiz version, as the TouchWiz Molested ones only have 8GB of space for apps, and the Galaxy nexuS 4 will likely have 13GB.

  • Abhi Kurve

    Wonder if this is what they meant when there was a report saying Google would team up with "Upto 5" Android manufacturees for Nexus devices..

    • New_Guy

      Nice catch, sir.

      • TylerChappell

        First it was Asus (Nexus 7), then LG(Nexus 4) and Samsung(Nexus 10 & Galaxy S4 Nexus), now HTC.....next in line Motorola X Phone?

  • Kedden

    Grab your Nexus 4-5 while you can: Google subsidized and cheap phones are going to be a thing of the past. This is the end of the Nexus devices: they were created exactly for this reason. Google has no motivation to make a Nexus 6, their work is done now that all the manufacturers are going to sell their handsets directly through them.

    • nawa
      • Kedden

        I'm happy to hear it. I hope it's true. But we'll see. I rest my case ;)

    • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

      Google intend to have as many people in the world using an Android device - and they know the only way to do that is make them affordable. It is in their interest to keep the subsidised phones coming....

    • brkshr

      The One & S4 aren't 'Nexus' devices. They are 'Nexus Experience' devices. The purpose of a Nexus device is to help developers, develop apps & cheaply. That's why real 'Nexus' devices have all of their sources published publicly. These devices, being 'Nexus Experience' devices, most likely won't get their sources published. Would make it a lot more expensive for a developer & most likely has proprietary drivers for some of the hardware that cannot be released, so that would hinder developers.

      There is still a lot of incentive for Google to continue trying to keep cost down for developers & to help make their job as easy as possible by publishing sources. The Nexus program isn't going anywhere.

      Furthermore, these phones are closer to an 'AOSP Experience' device, but no one in the public really knows what that is. To keep confusion to a minimum, I'm sure they went with 'Nexus Experience', as most of the public knows what that is about.

  • Sergiu

    but.. stock android doesn't have support for InfraRed.. how will they handle that ?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      My guess is Android 4.3 or proprietary binaries that you'll need to interact via shell or something. The GS4 has the same problem.

  • FrillArtist

    Omg. So f**king sexy.

  • chandradithya

    Wouldn't getting the developer edition be a bit more better?
    You get 32gb more space, Comes with sense and if you want pure google you can always flash the factory image from the stock HTC One all for just $50 extra.

  • jak3072


  • http://twitter.com/Defenestratus Defenestratus

    Oh man - Seriously hate being on verizon right now.

    • Ryan Fino

      You're telling me. i''ve been kicking myself since i read this.

  • ScottColbert

    How about the Nexus 1AB?

  • Wyatt Neal

    At times like this all I can think is, "But will it come to VZW?" ... and then I snap back to reality and have a moment of sad.

  • troph

    This is great! Was hoping they would do this after the S4 got its "nexus" release.

  • http://thedangerbrain.com/ Alfonso Surroca

    How about the Nexus One(ish)?

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Only in USA, because F**k the rest of the world....

    • eilegz

      and you wonder why americans still buy 199 iphones and sign 2 year contracts when they can have a decent unlocked phone at a very good price, and save money.

      When places where we dont have any choice like emergent markets where we have only expensive flagships (more expensive than the US) or market flooded with lowend gingerbread crap destroying and fragmenting android ecosystem.

      Google want android to move on and push foward start shipping nexus devices where its needed.

      • r3drox

        I dunno about you but I would rather my country doesn't take after the Americans when it comes to carriers! I will save up and buy flagships unsubsidised in exchange for extremely well priced service. I have seen my American relatives phone bills. Lawd.

        • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

          Its the status quo. We do that the same options on MNVOs for GSM carriers but our pension for buying on credit (which is really all you are doing with a "subsidized" phone) has made the "Cheap phone, expensive plan" concept the norm.

          Im glad to be out of it and i hope/pray that Google goes discounted for the next Nexus as well because Id like another cheap, awesome phone to run on my discount ($42 a month) plan.

  • http://www.xboxmp.com/ Dustin DeFoe

    My only question is whether T-Mobile will sell this (or the S4GE) via one of their plans or if the only option is to buy it from Google in one lump sum. Any of you with more knowledge than me know how likely this could be.

  • Varu Era

    I know this is out of topic But I didn't see any post in Androidpolice about this tablet. It seems very nice tablet with lot of good reviwes. Might be better than Nexus 7 compared to price, Micro sd, GPS, NFC, HDMI

    • jonathan3579

      You're WAY off topic, buddy.

  • Steve Freeman

    Your concerns are what I was wondering about also. With this and the S4, a lot of the core functionality that Samsung and HTC developed, some of which is pretty cool, won't be available. I don't understand why they don't give you the option of stock manufacturer vs stock Android. Or SOMETHING, so if you want the functionality included by the manufacturer, you have that option.

    • Paul

      Every manufacturer should ship their phones with stock android.
      Just give the user the option to put the manufacturers UI and enhancements ON TOP of that.
      Then, if an update from Google is available but manufacturers stuff isn't yet, give the user the option to update to pure stock anyway, or wait till the manufacturer catches up with their software.

  • odaniel

    I really hope they make the stock Android ROM available to existing owners of the Developer Edition.

  • Noreen Dyer

    Wow! I'd love to have this! Unfortunately, I'm "S.O.L." in the wallet/money department for now.

    This, is going to be an amazing smartphone to own!!! I'm glad it's official and will be available among the smartphone options. YES!!!

    (As an Android user, THIS, is another good reason to celebrate Android!)

  • Abhigyan

    Unrelated, but DAE realize that the HTC Blog uses are very Android Developer's Website kind of theme? Kinda love it.

  • New_Guy


  • Kree Terry

    Dangit, as soon as i leave android and go to iOS google drops the n4, stock s4, and now this. Its like they were waiting for me to leave then drop these beautiful pieces of awesome sauce to make me come back.

    • itlnstln

      I hear you. I'm waiting for a warranty replacement for my N4, so I'm using an iPhone 5. It's a great device, but it's no N4.

      • Kree Terry

        yea i went from a gnex to a ip5 and while i like the iphone i just miss android so much. Had a jailbreak not been released i would have probably switched back just to be able to do what i wanted with my phone.

  • itlnstln

    Be careful if you're on T-Mobile. This device doesn't support HSPA 1700 MHz. :(


  • irtechneo

    So the 16gb S4 google edition is 649.99 and this one is 32gb for 599? Seems like Samsung missed the mark there.

    • itlnstln

      IIRC, the S4 as an SD card slot.

      • http://mwinter.in/ Yan Gabriel Minário

        What an expensive SD card slot, huh?

      • irtechneo

        Yes but that cant be used for app storage. I am a huge fan of having an SD card but if I had a 32GB device I would not need one. 8GB and 16Gb devices should die out.

        • George Av

          Dumbshit. ONE simple mod and i have 64GB of app storage on my phone.

          • irtechneo

            Way to represent yourself. You sure are intelligent...

          • George Av

            More intelligent than you.. since i know what the fuck i'm talking about.

    • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

      It does seem odd seeing as how the HTC feels like it was built by a watch maker while the Samsung feels like it was built by me in my garage.

      • nicotinic


  • Rehan Ahmed

    If these are stock Androids, does that mean they'll get updates as fast as Nexus devices?
    Cause that's the best thing about stock Android...

    • itlnstln

      That's a good question. According to the interview, it sounds like the HTC One will be supported in AOSP. I'm not sure about the S4, though.

  • Rehan Ahmed

    If the opposite of Sense is nonsense, than is this the HTC Nonsense One???

  • RaptorOO7

    They had me interested until I saw only 32GB with no microSD slot 32GB is just not going to cut it. They really needed to offer a 64GB version, even it you had to order and wait a couple of weeks.

  • Rauel Crespo

    So we get to see the Nexus One take on the Galaxy nexuS 4 in the PlayStore.....only One will win!!!

  • Paul

    How can I trust a company that flat out lies? http://www.droid-life.com/2013/05/16/sad-day-htc-not-planning-on-nexus-edition-one/ They officially denied a Nexus Experience, a stock version, of Android was coming to the Nexus one. An executive flat out said they had NO plans to release such a product and now a week or so later, they do. To not say anything is one thing, it's understood even, but to completely mislead and intentionally lie to people? That's a whole different thing in my book. Sorry HTC, how can I ever trust anything you ever say again? What if 1 week later you decide to go back on it?

    • nicotinic

      This ain't your girlfriend bro... I'm pretty sure HTC will get over you.

      • Paul

        I think it's not me they need to worry about. I've used HTC for a very long time, since Windows Mobile 5, then 5.5, 6, 6.5 I was using them long before smartphones were cool. I know HTC very well, trust me. It's just I never expected them to flat out lie about something. They have executives leaving left and right and telling others to leave HTC as well, they've removed features I've known and loved (MicroSD, Keyboard), etc. and now they're flat out lying to the public, saying "no we have no plans to release a nexus experience device" and one week later releasing it. They've lost me as a customer yes, and they'll get over it, but I'm not the only customer they've lost. I hope they do a 180 and change things and start making better for themselves but as it is, if I leave Samsung it'll be to Sony or LG or maybe even Motorola, but HTC's last lie is the "straw the broke the camel's back" I no longer have any respect for them. And I was a long time loyal customer.

    • Mark

      Wow, that is so commonplace for big corporations to flat out lie to us That we even defend them when they do it.

  • Roy Riddex

    Smart move by Google. I wondered how their Android partners would react if Motorola gets picked for future Nexus releases. IMO that problem has just disappeared

  • Imran Al-Imran

    next is sony z stock android

  • arturodelac

    Im lovin that red phase beam lwp

  • Juan De La Rosa

    I think partnering with other companies brings these really steep prices compared to the original nexus line. The regular HTC one on t mobile is $585 with tax (Full price), yet the nexus version will be $600 + tax and shipping... meh.

  • milksop held

    What a sexy beast

  • blast0id

    or just "NO" for "NOt really, but sorta, kinda...err"

  • Offender

    Since this phone will come with stock with Google Android it will hopefully never have to suffer through a CM hatchet job.

    • jaduncan

      Nothing wrong with CM, it's made by a great group of devs.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kellic-Youdontneedmylastame/100002201100154 Kellic Youdontneedmylastame

        Other then the fact is buggier then an anthill. Sure nothing is wrong with it at all. I've used CM since my G1 way back when. I've been on at least a half dozen phones and have loaded CM on all of them. Not once on each, but multiple times to see if finally the issues resolve themselves. Time and again CM fails and I go somewhere else. Be it GPS issues, problems with spontaneous reboots, issues with apps not working on it, or problems with changing over from WIFI to cellular or the reverse or dozens of other issues over the years. CM has NEVER been stable on any phone I've used.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kellic-Youdontneedmylastame/100002201100154 Kellic Youdontneedmylastame

    Great no Verizon LTE love. wonderful. :|

  • Elias

    Am I the only one to notice the 4:20 time on the clock?

  • George Av

    i FUCKING LOVE how HTC do what they do best and Copy Samsung's "Nexus s4" release.. LOL Damn HTC... wtf happened to you.. oh wait,.. SAMSUNG happened

  • http://twitter.com/gag21friendz gag

    Can anyone give me link of this new orange phase beam live wallpaper

  • Morgan

    Potentially stupid question alert: Can I purchase this with an AT&T 2-year contract to get a discounted phone price?