I really want to live and eat more healthily, but lets be frank - it's rough. When it comes to exercising, staying disciplined is hard. When it comes to eating nutritious foods, ignorance is easy. For better or worse, that last excuse is going away now that Google is dragging nutrition information into search results. Ask your phone how many calories are in that bucket of popcorn, and let the guilt sink in.

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Google can pull out the juicy details for over 1,000 fruits, vegetables, and meats. This information will appear in a text box above general search results, just as President Barack Obama's birthdate already does for anyone who has ever found themselves wondering. More complex meals such as burritos are also included, though I wonder how Google determines what goes into one. A Chipotle burrito and a Moes burrito are not the same thing. And don't get me started on Taco Bell.

The feature is debuting in English today and rolling out in the United States over the next ten days. That leaves some of us with a week and a half of guilt-free eating to enjoy. Better make the most of it.

Source: Google

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • spacekobra

    Doesn't appear to work in Canada. Which makes sense by the rollout.

    Hope we get it too.

    • Daniel Pogue

      It would not make any sense for this to not work in canada. after the rollout is complete. I can't think of a single reason that it wouldn't.

      • Zeonhho

        Dat metric system!

        • dyeyourcarpet

          lol show him a chart i lost mine.

  • Tiago Pestana

    Only for murica? Yeah some people need to lose some weight

    • Shoshanna

      Funny how people always pick on America's obesity problem, yet they are completely oblivious to the UK's 48% obesity rate.

      • Tiago Pestana

        Come on man...I was kidding! lol

  • JaysonF

    No new Gmail update yet, no Google calendar update, and I can't find out how many calories my popcorn has unless I manually web search!! *pulls hair*

    Probably because I'm in Canada...

    • Bertel King, Jr.

      I hear ya. I'm still waiting on the Chrome OS update Google announced last Thursday.

  • Daniel DS

    One of the most useless additions to Google Search this year... I can't find myself or anyone I know using this feature anytime soon, can wait for the July announcements...

    • rh535

      I completely disagree. This makes complete sense. Think of how many people(me include) use Google search to find out food nutrition.

    • Joseph Cascio

      Can you try to not be ignorant. Just because you won't find use for it doesn't mean other will not. Try to think objectively. The world does not revolve around you. Google is not gonna only release features that only you are gonna use. Gez!

    • WhappySap

      What about Nose?

      • Walkop


  • Paul_Werner

    Now if only they'd add back the search by image feature and combine this. That'd be pretty cool and also bring more of a use for all those people that like to take pictures of their food when they're out to eat

    • Chris


      • Paul_Werner

        Exactly my point. Instagram is pointless. This has a purpose

    • Walkop

      Why are people down-voting this? This is an incredible idea!

      • Paul_Werner

        Just because I told them that Instagram has no purpose. They're just butt hurt

        • Walkop

          Can't agree. I use it along with many friends to share pictures, moments, things we did — it's great. Maybe it doesn't have a purpose for YOU; but it does for me! :D

          • Paul_Werner

            Yeah I do all that and then some on G+. No need for a picture only social network

          • Walkop

            I'd actually prefer all my friends to use G+. Sadly most don't. So, I use Instagram. Trying to convince them.

          • Paul_Werner

            Yeah I gotcha. I had that mindset at first. Once I found that you can send a G+ post to someone via email I quit the other social networks for the best. I only wanted to keep up with one anyway. If my friends really want to keep up with me online then they'll eventually switch so they don't have to only see my posts in their email inbox (I don't spam them though)

  • dyeyourcarpet

    still cool

  • Chris

    health freaks and those who complain about "GMOS" will be happy....

    Sorry but when I'm hungry. I want to eat. I dont have time to worry or cry over what food has what in it. Yes, eating healthy is important, but we went for YEARS with out worrying over what's in food or worrying over what others eat/drink (Yes, I'm looking at you bloomberg) and no one has died.

    Don't get me wrong. I do eat healthy at times, but I really dont have the time to be crying over whats in my food. I just want to get it, eat it and go on with my life.

    Unless you actually want to loose weight, working out and need to cut back on some stuff or a health freak, don't worry about this....

    • xriderx66

      Enjoy your diabeetus

      • Chris

        Clearly you missed this

        "Don't get me wrong. I do eat healthy at times, but I really dont have the time to be crying over whats in my food. I just want to get it, eat it and go on with my life."

        pays to read peoples posts....

        • xriderx66

          Oh trust me, I read your post and had a long rant typed out, but decided to erase it because there's no point in arguing with someone over something they already have their mind made up on.
          You can go be another average joe in your life, but I along with many others prefer to have a good looking physique.

          • Chris

            I guess look fat in my picture....

            Sorry but I dont have time to be doing this:


            Well lets see, I plan on having that sandwhich for lunch and a pasta dish for dinner so I guess I only have egg whites this morning... but I really want french toast. oh well. I'll make changes....


            Well since I had french toast for breakfast, I have to cut back on this sandwhich since I'm already planning on having that pasta dish for dinner.... I might still have this sandwich just don't have any sauce and cut back on the one of the three meats. I'm still a man after all. It will be dry and bland, but at least I'll keep my calorie count in check!


            Well since I added sauce to that sandwhich later on and some chips, I can't have this pasta dish. now what do I have in this kitchen that will fill me and still keep me close to the 150 calories I have left for the day! and thats not counting what I want to eat while watching that movie tonight! I need an advil. All this worrying is making my head hurt.....

          • xriderx66

            I didn't call you fat, I called you average.

            Usually this is how MY day goes:

            Morning: Oh hey, i'm not illiterate and can read the back of my cereal box for servings and calories.

            Lunch: Oh hey, this sandwich also has a nutrition label

            Evening: Oh hey, all these ingredients have labels as well!

            I should've made it clear. To count calories you need to be literate and know how to add up numbers.

          • selonmoi

            It's not that complicated: don't buy unhealthy foods, and then when you want to eat, you'll only be able to make healthy choices. Have a good idea of reasonable serving sizes for all the sorts of things you normally eat. There's no need to count calories every time you go into the kitchen.

    • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

      I bet you're fat. You're fat aren't you? How fat are you? Fatty.

  • brommas

    If only they could tell what is gmo and what is carconogenic also. Now that would be something. Step in the right direction though.

  • jsb

    I recently released a simple Diet / Nutrition Tracking app on Google Play.

    It uses the USDA database, so it track about 50 nutrients and shows them as daily or week average. Tap on the graph or any list item to see additional information.


    I think having the option to see the nutritional information cumulatively for multiple food items/meals is more useful.