I have many fond memories of sitting around the kitchen table with my family and playing Uno as a child. The thrill of getting down to one or two cards, hoping that no one throws down a Reverse, Draw Four, or changes the color is still one that I readily recall (and miss). Alas, life goes on, people get older and move away, and before you know it, those simple games of Uno are nothing but a memory of something that you had no idea you'd miss so much.

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Today, however, Gameloft has taken Uno digital and social with Uno & Friends, allowing players to connect for a friendly game regardless of where they are. It's not quite the same as seeing the look on your mom's face when you throw the Draw Four down to crush her endgame, but it appears to be fun nonetheless. And you know what they say: "Digital Uno is better than no Uno." Or something like that.

Like most other Gameloft games of the sort, Uno & Friends is free to play, but has in-app-purchases to "open up bonus content for even more fun." Right.

Cameron Summerson
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  • ThaSik1

    How do you pull off in-app purchases for a game like Uno???? O_o

    • http://twitter.com/GiuntaRob Roberto Giunta

      "Need a color switch? Pay $5 now!" *lol* No, I don't know. I guess new card designs or something like that?

      • ThaSik1

        Haha whats sad is that comment was funny because in today's age it could totally be the truth lol

    • http://twitter.com/Glich Glich

      Already downloaded it. has a limiter on how many games you can play for free in a period of time unless you pay. also Themed cards are available. Looks like you can earn extra plays and themes by winning (i won the one game i played and won a free play and 1/5 credits needed for a new deck type.

  • kalon33

    Does it uses Google Play games API?

    • David Viohl

      No, it uses Facebook sign-in.

  • Spittie

    I'm going to skip commenting on the game, as it's just Uno. If you haven't played it by now... well, stop reading and go playing.
    The game itself work good enough, it has some problems like getting stuck at the beginning of a game sometime (but it might just be my connection), otherwise no complain here.
    My biggest complain here is iAP . To play, you have to spend some gold token (2 gold token for a play), and you can get free gold token (2, 3 or 4, depending on your luck) every hour. This basically mean that you can, at most, play two times every hour. Or obviously you can pay, and get some token (and they're overpriced too - about 2€ for 20 tokens, so you pay 2€ for 10 games).
    There are also silver tokens, which you can use to buy some "power ups" (so, in a card game, cheating). You get those by winning games, and obviously using real money. Those power up are extremely overpriced (the most expansive is about 3000 tokens, and you get about 50 tokens when you win a game).

    Really, the game itself is fine, i'd say even well done. But the iAP ruin it really badly.

  • Merri Mogridge

    As much as I love Uno i think I'm going to give this a miss. Facebook logins and the limited amount of games you can play in a period of time are very off-putting!