AT&T's upgraded LTE network has finally expanded enough that it can generally be counted on in most major metropolitan areas, but the lion's share of the coverage area is still rocking ye olde HSPA (AKA "just 4G"). For residents of Dover, Salem, Asheville, Roanoke, and a few other midsized cities and towns, AT&T has flipped the Long Term Evolution switch. Here's the full list of 11 new markets:


  • Dover

North Carolina

  • Asheville
  • Goldsboro


  • Leonardtown
  • Ocean City


  • Salem


  • Culpeper
  • Roanoke


  • Longview
  • Shelton
  • Port Townsend/North Whidbey Island/Camano Island

AT&T is also expanding LTE coverage areas in Casa Grande, Arizona, Albany, New York, Calvert county, Maryland, Linglestown, Pennsylvania, and both Stafford and Spotsylvania counties, Virginia.

Residents of these cities should be able to pull down LTE speeds as of right now, assuming your hardware supports it. Go forth, citizens, and blow through your data limits like never before.

Source: Pr Newswire

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Chronus719

    Still looks like the only place that AT&T acknowledges as existing in Colorado is Denver.

    • kse219

      Colorado springs got lte last night

      • Chronus719

        I heard that this morning... Interesting how Colorado Springs wasn't on their list of markets to have expanded to by the end of the summer, yet it magically pops up out of nowhere. Very nice surprise from ATT to see they haven't forgotten a rather large market.

        • R4PTUR3

          Yeah that surprised me too. I work off of Cimmaron and came to work yesterday to suddenly see I was on LTE!

  • Matthew Bartky

    Came to work this AM and found LTE in Holmdel NJ as well. :-)

  • RH

    We had LTE turned on in our market in March. My (international) Note doesn't have LTE, but quite frankly, H+ is fast enough for my needs. I use less than 2gig a month, and mostly it's on wi-fi if I'm doing videos or streaming music, which is rare.

  • Erich Dalton

    Crap. Roanoke has LTE, but we still don't right down the road in Christiansburg.
    Welp, I can hope this comes as an expansion soon. I was spoiled by the LTE on a recent trip to Orlando.