Last Updated: June 10th, 2013

Nothing can break a good app quicker than an ugly interface. Conversely, a subpar app can be thrown into the limelight thanks to a beautiful UI. The point is: we're all slightly vain and love to look at pretty things. If you're a developer, making your app visually appealing is absolutely clutch for success; if you're just not sure where to start, however, we've got a book that should be just what the doctor ordered: Android User Interface: Turning Ideas and Sketches into Beautifully Designed Apps ($25, Amazon).

And now's your chance to get one of ten copies for free.

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  1. Rabadi
  2. Jagannath Patil
  3. Deon
  4. Corey
  5. Sidiq Tri Nuryadi
  6. Ashiq Ja
  7. Eric Garcia
  8. Aakash Lakhotia
  9. Mitch Ware
  10. Bobygk


As if the name alone isn't enough, here's a bit about what this book is, well, about:

In today’s crowded Android marketplace, it’s more important than ever to differentiate your apps. Great design is the best way to do that. Now, leading Android app design expert Ian G. Clifton shows you how to make your apps come alive and how to deliver apps that users will want, love, and buy!
Reflecting the Android 4.2 SDK, this book serves both as a tutorial for the entire design and implementation process and as a handy reference you’ll rely on for every Android development project.
Clifton shows how to create effective designs, organize them into Android components, and move gracefully from idea, to wireframe, to comp, to finished app. You’ll learn how to bring your own voice, personality, and style to your app designs; how to leverage advanced drawing techniques such as PorterDuff compositing; how to test designs on diverse Android devices; and much more.
Android User Interface Design details each step of the design and development process and contains extensive downloadable sample code, including complete finished apps.

  • Learn how Android has evolved to support outstanding app design
  • Integrate app design with development, from idea through deployment
  • Understand views, the building blocks of Android user interfaces
  • Make the most of wireframes and prototypes
  • Build efficient layouts and integrate smooth animations
  • Make apps more useful by automatically updating ListViews
  • Combine views into custom components
  • Use image compositing and other advanced techniques
  • Work with the canvas and advanced drawing
  • Leverage Google Play and Amazon Appstore assets

One step at a time, this guide helps you bridge the gap between Android developers and designers so you can work with colleagues to create world-class app designs...or do it yourself!

Entering the giveaway is simple: just leave a blog post comment (but make sure to complete the entry in the Rafflecopter widget, otherwise your vote won't count!). Users in the US, Canada, or the UK are eligible to win either a print copy or eBook; all other areas are eBook only. Ready? Go!

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The giveaway begins now and will run until Wednesday, June 5th at 12:00AM PT (Midnight). Good luck!

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  • http://twitter.com/Pytt Pieter-Jan Voskamp

    This book will be perfect for me to get a lot of knowledge about App design for Android. I'd love to, at least one day, be able to design and develop my own Android App(s) for personal development and also for possible projects.
    As I am a designer already, the development part is not up to scratch and it'd be great to get to know more about everything Android!

  • Paul Barber

    I need some UI help!

  • http://www.meadiciona.com/vinnydd VinnyDD

    I want that book *-*

  • http://www.facebook.com/fkossyvas Fotios Kossyvas

    I would try making an app finally since what stops me are exactly my lousy skills at UI design :-)

  • MidnightNinja

    I'd like to get back into theming and design and this would be a perfect stepping stone to do such

  • Rtwik Joshi

    I'm just about to get into UI/UX design for an Android app, actually! This is perfect timing. I've been a designer for years, and this is the next new thing for me. Plus, there's very few international giveaways, so that's pretty great as well.

  • Ac3ofSpades

    Count me in!

  • http://www.facebook.com/blasbenoit Blas Benoit

    I Really love to Have it!!!

  • aberigle

    Would make my apps more familiar for the users

  • Joseph

    This could be useful for improving my Android app dev skills.

  • subramanianv

    I hope at least this will motivate me to start my first android project.

  • Jinghuang Lim

    Hope I can win this! UI is important but my creativity is lacking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/italyguy Michael Oberhausen

    With the ever changing UI guidelines, it would be nice to have a solid resource that i could use to improve user experience

  • Dimitris Manargias

    It will help me design a more usefull app.

  • Omega192

    I've doodled out a solid design for an app, but this would help me make that a reality.

  • KeVin SaDria


  • Ashish kumar chaubey

    Bring on the book of love(android love).

  • Corey

    I need more books!

  • Kieron Quinn

    As I'm just starting out with a couple of Holo type UI apps, I'd love to make them look better with some guidance that is all in one place and up to date. This book would be just the thing.

  • Federico Díaz Real

    Would be great to have it, I am starting coding Android apps

  • Aldris Sadria


  • Robertof

    It would be really nice to have this book, since I'm a pretty new Android coder :)

  • CasperTFG

    That's my current wish, to become an app developer. Where to begin?

  • LookedPath

    I'm developing an application that is already in Play Store for my High School and the most difficult part is the UI... If I had this book I could improve it and learn something new...
    I already won an Informit giveaway and their guides are amazing so I hope to win this too...

  • Patrick

    I maintain the Android app for my college and I would love to do some UI improvements using the stuff in this book.

  • Tadej Prašnikar

    Fragments ftw!

  • zero

    Following standars is the best way to have an awesome app.

  • Mark Zuhein


  • Ela Uka


  • Klaudia Koka

    meet you

  • Armando Kreka


  • Mirela Bombali

    pasha zoten

  • Klaudio Cemi


  • Hepi Dumi


  • Asllan Mesiu


  • Bukurie Deda


  • Mira Diu


  • hajdarmullini


  • Kev Sad


  • KeVin SaDria


  • http://about.me/ryanmmoore ryanmmoore

    I've been trying to push our IT guy to develop for Android (he made our office an iOS app...)

  • Andrew Lumi

    To make apps with more beautiful & consistent UI

  • Greg

    It'd be great to apply these to a new app I have as a concept. Not started coding yet so could do with this up front.

  • Jonathan Koren

    I want to use animations to enhance my UI and make more engaging user interactions...

  • Ryan M

    I'd use it to design apps that look as good as they work.

  • ih8legal

    i want this book because of #HOLOYOLO

  • Yuval Rozin

    I'm a beginner in Android development so I really need as much learning material as I can get!

  • ac75

    'International Giveaway' that's a winner right there. Great prize too.

  • bobygk

    Hmm..perfect timing. I have been struggling to come up with the right UI for my financial calculator app. I can surely use the ideas in this book to build a "user friendly" app.

  • BooLeiU

    Something to help with building an app.

  • Roman Ševčík

    Design of app

  • Paulius Raškevičius

    I sure would like to win this book

  • Melvin

    I've just started following ADiA, didn't even know this book was out. Will be a big help in design interfaces!

  • Rachelle Buenaventura

    I am just starting to learn programming languages as well as Android development and this will surely HELP me on my way there... Thank you for this opportunity...

  • Dávid Józsa

    efficiency... thats what I'm looking for...

  • Tarik Dixon

    This will definitly be a past time of mine

  • DennisHeffernan

    UI is one of the things we didn't spend a lot of time on at university so this would be a big help.

  • Papito Fathoni

    UI representated the OS..
    if just only one UI, it so boring for users..
    Customized UI will let users choose the best as their favourite and their own UI

  • Maxwell Kozlov

    I will use it to make sure readers are attracted to the app, as I know I would skip over an app for its atrocious UI often.

  • JSTARS03

    I want to create a new app and the UI and make or break a good app

  • RevolcFael4

    I love the HOLO, but how does HOLO look exactly? Well with this book, I can find out how to design my future apps!

  • Anwar Khan

    This book can help me with future devolpment!

  • Adam Goldberg

    I will devote my knowledge to creating a userbased allergy, gluten, special diet-friendly restraunt registry. Enter food restriction, enter area, accept liability waiver and ToS, and eat without death looming over you. Its not easy to find places that you can safely eat. this will help especially in unfamiliar towns and areas.

  • Rushil Perera

    I need this book plus I've never won any of these awesome contests. At least let me win this one. :D

  • jatin singh

    I need this book badly!

  • Marios Stylianou

    Pick me pick me! just started development and this book is perfect!

  • Mak Zi Weng

    make the app perfectly!

  • Albert Huang

    It will allow me to improve interface design to improve productivity while using my app, and overall have a "good look".

  • Adrian Orta

    This would be a big help to my bland looking projects!

  • François Reich

    Would definitively be useful !

  • Muhammed Kashif-Reynald Panos

    Mobile applications are growing faster but we don't know the importance of each applications... We better know it first before downloading it in your mobiles or tablets..

  • Manish Soni

    i will try to design my own ui and make changes according to use.

  • Harsha Koraddi

    Been working on some apps this will be mush helpfull

  • Shaunak Guharay

    I am working on an app for controlling my kernel , hopefully I will be able to give it a better design too.

  • Bruno Bruck

    That's a nice book

  • Ankhwatcher

    Sounds good to me, count me in.

  • David

    I have started to learn how to make apps. Making a working one is great, but making a working one which looks and feels good is. I hope this book would help me to achieve that goal.

  • dextersgenius

    I'm developing a universal kernel updater app, and would really like it to have a great UI!

  • JG

    My coding is usually more back-end... Figuring out the logic of how to make the app do what I want it to do... Haven't really put much work into the front end/UI portion... It'll be helpful to have some reference guides to help develop an app that is easy to use and not just crudely thrown together...

  • Karann Sehgal

    I don't like books,but this one.

  • Kiran Parmar

    This could prove useful in creating custom viewgroups / adapterviews since I have always faced problems whenever I've tried to create such components.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aleksandr-Ivanov/734916624 Aleksandr Ivanov

    I'll improve design of my current apps using new UI/UX techniques.

  • http://www.facebook.com/freek.lamboo Freek Lamboo

    I am working hard on my programming skills, but design has always been though for me. This book might help.

  • http://twitter.com/KaarlisK Kārlis Kārkliņš


  • Rushil Perera

    I want to use this book to help me with my graphical interface, the one thing I lack experience in.

  • Sam Monty

    would be creating my first android app. "Task Killer"

  • Vidur Paliwal

    Could help me in improving graphical interfaces of apps, the one thing I find the most difficult.

  • Albert F

    I cannot cope gingerbread UI, Holo FTW

  • http://www.orrs.de Oliver Rennies

    I'd love to get some inspiration for improving the UI of my Android app ("Deliveries")! =)

  • Gadila Sainath

    This book will help me in understanding how to make the UI more pleasing and catchy.
    I have developed a few applications with not so great UI :(. I really need to learn how to make a great UI

  • http://www.facebook.com/Gracjanek Gracjan Kaszyński

    UI creation doesn't come easy for me, so I think that this book could help me create the interface for my game companion app.

  • TorVic

    But more efficient app by implementing easy to access customer support within the app.

  • Anshul Sood

    Want to win this time

  • Tibor Kovács

    I am studying computer program design at a university, also tried myself in wp7 apps for a contest(I hated programming for that, i prefer android's freedom). My entries were good, but the design was lacking. I am buying a new phone when I have enough money for a decent one, and then starting to develop for android finally.

  • Aaron Esham

    I'm new to this so I'd use it as a learning tool and figure stuff out.

  • Sagar Kumar

    Finger's crossed! :)

  • jalen venable

    Would really love to get this to better understand androids interface and apps!

  • Disko Chuk

    pick me

  • Yassine

    I want to make better UI...

  • Usher Kz

    Will help me to learn What inside the android plz pick me

  • Naushad Shukoor

    Will be useful in understanding the building blocks of the android user interface :)

  • Arian S.

    I am going to try and make my own app!

  • Raul Miclea

    would be a good read!

  • gambaon

    very interesting :)

  • Victor Manuel Cruz Reyes

    I would use it to design my own app!

  • skhekare

    Hope to get this

  • Tiffany Sears

    I am completely new at it, so it will get me started

  • Fatchoco

    I will use the book to help me started creating android apps, so far I tried to search for online tutorial, but I usually only found pieces of the knowledge.

  • Marcos Amano

    I'm still learning and the one part that I really have difficulty is design. Having this book would be much helpful.

  • Perwez Alam

    i love making apps

  • zab

    Yeah, why not improve UI design when I get the chance. Tell me more

    • zab

      How can I tell you how I am going to use the skills if I haven't read the book yet?

  • Alen Nik

    I want to learn something new.

  • Restituta Ejoc

    This a chance for me to explore and try to make my own app.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000134867810 Brent Oates

    This book will allow me to finally make my app work with an awesome UI, and its also a great way for me to learn and teach others how to use the UI properly and create the most advanced things they can with as much ease as possible, as i do enjoy teaching others about technology

  • Naruto Elouafi

    I guess to improve some ideas, that might be looking awesome once i get the book!

  • HerX

    I hope more ppl get to read this book, as there's a lot of useful apps hwose GUI just sucks.

  • jayray73

    Never developed an app, but would love to find out how and get started.

  • Eric

    I'm interested in user experience in general, and specifically for Android since I'm programming more for it these days.

  • Thor Sigurdsson

    When using the latest elements like the tabs or the slide-in content bar (the name escapes my mind.. - like in the G+ and Gmail clients) what is the best way to provide backwards support for older phones? (Or.. *should* I strive for backwards compatibility at all?)