Curiosity, which we deemed "the most absurd, ambiguous, and tedious game of all time" at its launch, was a game with a simple premise: tap on your screen forever, until a huge, huge cube finally dissolves into nothing. Players were aided in this quest by other players and various powerups.

Today, it was announced that the game has ended, and the winner, who was promised a "life changing" revelation at the end of it all, has received just that. Or Peter Molyneux's definition of it, anyway. In two tweets, Molyneux announced the winner, and what ended up being "inside the cube," which was the following video.

For those who don't have five minutes to spend on watching the video, Molyneux essentially explains that the winner of Curiosity will be gifted with the status of ruler in his next game, titled Godus. The game, as you may remember, started as a Kickstarter campaign, exceeding its funding goal and promising an "innovative reinvention" of Populous, Molyneux's "original god game."

Molyneux asks "how could anything be worth all that effort," before explaining that the prize needed to be more meaningful than a wad of cash, and that the winner will "be a digital god," deciding "the rules that the game is played by," adding "here's the life changing bit – you will share in the success of the product. Every time people spend time on Godus, you will get a small piece of that pie. We will follow up with details on what that means."

The developer then goes on to say that the winner will decide how people play Godus, and accrue riches "from the start to the finish of your reign," noting "that, by any definition of the word, is life-changing."

He suggests that the idea of allowing one person to be the god "of an entire game genre" was conceived many years ago, but only recently became possible, now that "we're all connected."

Molyneux hopes "the world agrees that it is a worthy prize," but only as he – and 22 Cans – reveals more information will that be determined.

Source: Peter Molyneux (1, 2)

Liam Spradlin
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  • The Jeffrey

    Weirdos. :)

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Now that I think about it, I couldn't have imagined a prize that made more sense in this situation. The whole thing's a farce, but at least the conclusion is not totally pointless and ridiculous.

    • Herpnope

      i was hoping for cockcopter...

  • http://profiles.google.com/marcusleejh Marcus Lee

    Is it wrong that I can't wait to see what happens when people inevitably try to hack Godus, and usurp the ruler's position..?

    • RitishOemraw

      OMG!!! I hope it happens sooner rather than later :D

    • Lee Marcus

      that would be an awesome , something however tells me this whole, Molyneux experiment will be a little bit of a failure.

      it did say 'till the end of your reign' i'm wondering if there is a system to over throw whoever sits in that position and this 'winner' is just going to be the first in the line.

      fail or succed its an interesting concept.

      • Qliphah

        That's the way I took it.

  • Santiago Emanuel

    url "curiosity-ends-revealing-peter-molyneux-goddess" good job The Verge

  • Tatsuya

    So the amazing thing inside the cube was himself talking.

    It fits quite well what I thought about this guy.

  • GraveUypo

    i liked it. it was a way better prize than i expected.

  • Guest
  • primalxconvoy

    '...the winner will "be a digital god," deciding "the rules that the game is played by,"...'

    Does that mean the winner can choose to remove Dena and/or iap's from the game forever?

    If so, where can we pray to this god of which you speak?

    • Himmat Singh

      Amen. I had a shocker when they announced the game was gonna be published by Mobage. That almost certainly means a shitty gaming experience.

  • ChainsawCharlie

    Sure, that is not too bad. Had it only been the Godus it would have been a bummer, but getting some money as well. Not too bad