Ready for some top-notch game titles for a buck each? Great, because we've shortened the deal list to just two extremely worthy titles today: AVP: Evolution and Fieldrunners 2. Both have been knocked down to a mere dollar for Memorial Day weekend, and both are excellent games.

AVP: Evolution

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For the uninitiated who may not be familiar with AVP: Evolution, it's the next stage in the murderous battle for supremacy between the two other-worldly titans of our time: Alien and Predator. The basic gist is that the Super Predators have taken the Aliens captive to harness them as weapons against the Jungle Predator clan. It's all quite dramatic, and everyone hates everyone. Kind of like high school.

Fieldrunners 2

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Fieldrunners 2, on the other hand, is a different beast altogether, in that it's actually not a beast at all, nor does it have anything to do with beasts. Unless you consider people who try to destroy your very existence "beasts", in which case there are tons of them. Whereas AVP is basically an action game, Fieldrunners 2 holds the tower defense genre down with some of the best visuals in the entire TD scene.

For only a buck each, both of these games are steals – hit the widgets and buy them both. You're welcome.

Update: Looks like Need For Speed Most Wanted is going for $0.99, too! Yet another good game for a good price. North American users can get the game from here, everyone else head here.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Picked up both of these this morning as well as Combo Crew. The weekend should be fun.

  • wolfkabal

    Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of all the TD games? I never was into them at the beginning though. I few with altered gameplay caught my eye. But seriously.. can we be done yet?

    • UniBroW

      Tower Defense games just work really well on Touch screens. Probably the only games I can really get into on mobile, unless it's a game where I can use my ps3 controller.

      • wolfkabal

        I agree the tech allows for a smooth gaming experience. My issue is the fact that 99% of them are all the same, just re-skinned. The few 1% that do add to the concept and are innovative are legitimately great.

    • umataro42

      The fun did wear off eventually. When I first got the OG Droid, I was hooked on Robo Defense but eventually it just got repetitive. Tried Cartoon Wars later on and spent much less time on that.

      I did enjoy Army of Darkness Defense though, mostly because I'm a fan of the movie. But yeah, I mostly just play RPGs on my phone, with the occasional runner if it's done well.

    • DK

      Complaining about having options now?

      • wolfkabal

        Options?!? Another TD game is another option? Follows the same dull mechanics as every other TD game. This, as far as I'm concerned, is not another option.

        • the_banned_one_returns

          Yes. Options. Another TD game in the play store doesn't mean that there are somehow less games of other types

    • enomele

      I'm not tired of them. To each they're own but I've been playing TD games since Warcraft 3 and love the shit out of them.

  • OmniWrench

    "it's all quite dramatic, and everyone hates everyone. Kind of like high school."

    I have tea on my keyboard now. I hope that makes you happy!!


  • Marcell Lévai

    Right now only the North American version of MFS Most Wanted is on sale. :((((

  • http://twitter.com/ing_chamu Ubaldo Flores

    Pick up Most Wanted even though I'm in Mexico, I bought it. Nice 0.99$ Nice.

  • Garry DeWitt

    >not compatible with my HTC one
    Well **** you too, EA.

  • ltredbeard

    How do you guys come across these deals? Do I not know about them bc I always uncheck the play store deals box when I register my account?