Ready for some top-notch game titles for a buck each? Great, because we've shortened the deal list to just two extremely worthy titles today: AVP: Evolution and Fieldrunners 2. Both have been knocked down to a mere dollar for Memorial Day weekend, and both are excellent games.

AVP: Evolution

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For the uninitiated who may not be familiar with AVP: Evolution, it's the next stage in the murderous battle for supremacy between the two other-worldly titans of our time: Alien and Predator. The basic gist is that the Super Predators have taken the Aliens captive to harness them as weapons against the Jungle Predator clan. It's all quite dramatic, and everyone hates everyone. Kind of like high school.

Fieldrunners 2

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Fieldrunners 2, on the other hand, is a different beast altogether, in that it's actually not a beast at all, nor does it have anything to do with beasts. Unless you consider people who try to destroy your very existence "beasts", in which case there are tons of them. Whereas AVP is basically an action game, Fieldrunners 2 holds the tower defense genre down with some of the best visuals in the entire TD scene.

For only a buck each, both of these games are steals – hit the widgets and buy them both. You're welcome.

Update: Looks like Need For Speed Most Wanted is going for $0.99, too! Yet another good game for a good price. North American users can get the game from here, everyone else head here.