Last month we let you know about Tetris Blitz, a surprisingly good update to the original falling block puzzle game that sadly hadn't landed on our fair shores just yet. Today Electronic Arts has expanded the game rollout, and it should be available wherever the Play Store is. Tetris Blitz is a free download for devices running 2.1 and up. You can play the whole game for free, but the standard currency-based in-app purchase model is present.

Blitz ain't your daddy's Tetris. The game is limited to two-minute sessions, and Instead of the blocks falling at a sedate pace, they hang out at the top of the play field, waiting for you to choose where to place them. When you clear a line, the blocks above fall through any holes below, setting up the possibility for clearing lines beneath. (Almost like a quarterback blitz, har har.) Clear enough lines and you'll go into "Frenzy mode" for extra points. Players can spend their winnings on a variety of power-ups that will help them clear the board.

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There's no true multiplayer, but Facebook-based leaderboards are available, and reset every week. The in-app purchases are only there to let you buy more power-ups, which I suppose could be considered "cheating" if you really care about beating friends and anonymous strangers. As usual, EA has split the game up into North American and "Rest Of World" releases, which you'll find in the widgets below.