Google is going a little nuts with the card UI updates today – first Drive, and now Play Magazines. Today's update brings Google's magazine-reader to version 2.0, and makes it overall easier to use and nicer to look at – both welcome additions to an already-good app. Besides the new Card UI that replaced the terrible rolodex style called StackView, Magazines followed suit and adopted the new slide-out navigation drawer that we first saw in Google Earth and Shopper.

1 2

Other than the pretty factor, this version contains some "bug fixes"... and not much else. Of course, considering the app is designed purely for reading/looking at, aesthetics are key, so that makes sense.

For comparison, here is a look at the old UI:

1[6] 2[5]

The update appears to be rolling out slowly, as none of us on the AP team have been able to pull it yet, but we're hearing reports from several users who have. Hopefully everyone will see it soon.

Update: Everyone should be seeing the update at this time.

Cameron Summerson
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  • El Goog!

    Thank you

    • ddpacino


  • RedPandaAlex

    Just curious, does anyone use Play Magazines?

    • ddpacino

      Yes. I have many subscriptions in use. I just wish Men's Health would stop BSin and allow me to use my current print subscription!

    • aNYthing6

      I use it for the magazines that allow me to use my print subscription. Pretty pissed off ESPN doesn't.

    • steve

      I use it for my kids Sports Illustrated for Kids and it's pretty cool. Interactivity all over the place. I like reading it for sure.

    • hoochiecoochie

      If only there was in my country I'd use it

    • bobbutts

      Yeah, I have a few magazines that I have a paper subscription to that I can access free there.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    This staged/beta rollouts that don't indicate in any way whether they're staged or beta are starting to become quite a pain for us.



  • selonmoi

    Interesting. Books dumped the pins, but Magazines kept them.
    (Cross-team collaboration fail.)

    • Sam Nalty

      Pretty sure books still has pins.

    • Dinofan01

      bottom right corner of every book. What are you talking about?

  • http://Twitter.com/eggoespada Eric Gonzalez

    Very nice. Love their design direction. Now all they need to update to match their new design language is: Play Movies, YouTube, Gmail, Currents, Google Plus and maybe Google Calender.

  • Nate Muench (Mink)

    How can I contact Google to tell them I want the option to open to "My Library" by default instead of " Now"

  • Nathan Boldt

    For example, I received a Google Earth update today that I haven't seen reported ANYWHERE.

    EDIT: This was in response to Artem, Whoops

    • Dinofan01

      Likely just bug fixes since no changelog came with the update. What's to comment on?

      • Nathan Boldt

        yes, it was fairly minor, but it incorporates the new side menu design aesthetic found in Google Play Music and now Drive.

        • Dinofan01

          The UI refresh for Earth happened even before IO. It's kind of old news.

          • Nathan Boldt

            Hmmm, guess I missed the boat. Update just showed today for me.


          • Razormike

            No you are right, I got the update before I/O that added the new side menu. But today I also got a new update for Earth. It didn't seem to change anything though, so probably bug fixes.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            That's right. We even made a big deal about the new slider UI ahead of I/O, and Earth was one of the two apps.

  • Guest

    As a Brazilian: look at all that content I can't access!

  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    As a Brazilian: look at all the content I can't access!

  • MeCampbell30

    The old interface wasn't bad but it's nice to see a common theme among google apps. Even if it is windows 8 inspired.

  • phreakzoid

    It's a shame that after all this time, Google play magazine is still only available at 4 countries. And other that its "app" store, other stores (book, music, movies) availability is also moving very, very slowly. Apple's AppStore is beating by a huge margin. That's the reason I'm still keeping my iPad and not switching to android tablet. Google's just not making the contents available to a broader segment.