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Love using Skype and Hangouts but have friends or family that are rarely available to video chat? Glide is an attempt to solve that problem by taking an asynchronous approach to instant messaging. Here's the concept: conversationalists can login with their Facebook credentials, join a chat room, and respond to one another with videos up to 42 seconds in length. Videos are stored in the cloud, available for playback either immediately or some time after their initial posting. There isn't any message limit and data retention is currently unlimited – you won't see your videos disappear in the foreseeable future.

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Glide, which launched on iOS early this year, is the brainchild of Israeli company Glide Talk. The development team has had some success recently, winning this year's Tech Crunch Startup Battlefield Audience Choice award at the publication's Disrupt NY technology conference. Glide Talk has also raised $2 million in funding from Orey Gilliam, former ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger CEO, and Philippe Schwartz, founder and CEO of ooVoo.

Though Glide is in beta, it's missing some of the iOS app's functionality. For example, you can't play all videos in a chat consecutively, or switch between front-facing and rear cameras while recording. It's an impressive first effort, though. Now comes the tough part: convincing your friends to use it.

Kyle Wiggers
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  • Ray

    Facebook only signups at the moment. I'll give it miss for now.

  • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com/ Silver Fang

    So it's Snapchat with video.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Not exactly.

    • yousa

      lol not even close

    • http://androidpolice.com/ Kyle Wiggers

      Only, these videos never go away.

      • Paul Peruccio

        You can't delete your incoming videos??

    • thedoctor

      no, because you can see the video live and it doesn't go away

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Trying this out with the wife later today.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Tried it out and we're going to stick to Hangouts. Glide crashed on trying to start the first video on the Note II, and then afterwards when it did work, there were just too many limitations. Video time limit, inability to switch cameras live, couldn't figure out how to do two-way video chat, the broadcast notifications never showed, etc.

      Hangouts is just so much better, though not exactly the same.

  • http://j.mp/briancalderon Brian A. Calderon

    Hello? Google+ Sign In?!?

  • http://www.tylerwatt12.com/ Tyler Watthanaphand

    Too bad imo has this already

  • TechGuy22

    i dont video chat. oh well

  • flosserelli

    Requires a facebook account? Thanks but I'll pass.

  • Me

    the face that they can use your private information scares me a bit..

  • ForeverUhBro

    This app spams your friends' phones. WTF.

  • josh

    Could you please make this app compatible with the samsung galaxy s fascinate. Thank you

  • Amber

    It doesnt work with my motorola electrify which makes me sad cause i was using it on my galaxy s. And all my friends have it and my wife. Please fix it to where i can have it too. Its so fun. Its not compatible with my phone :(

  • Tiffany

    Please make this compatible with the Note 3. Thank you.

    • veejinxx

      It is!

  • Paul Peruccio

    How do i delete my incoming videos??

    • veejinxx

      Just press and hold the video

  • laura

    how do you delete glide video account ?

  • poohbear

    How do you delete the glide account?

  • Jerry

    What does the green circle mean around a user's icon?

    • The Rev

      I think It means they are actively using Glide Jerry... I just saw it and I am chatting with one my friends... Peace out

  • Sunshine Brown

    How can I find my number if my app was removed?

  • Tiff

    If I delete a video that I sent to a friend on my account/page, can that friend still see it on their end?

    • Brandy

      Yes they can which i think they shouldnt do that

      • veejinxx

        Really? So I posted a video by mistake and instantly hit delete before it was viewed, can the still see it?

        • Brandy

          Yes they can because its still sent even though you erase it after you made the mistake they can keep it and look at it as long as they want to

  • Tiff

    Can a friend see on their android device that I have watched a video again that they had sent to me?

    • veejinxx

      No. If u just happen to be a stalker and watch their video 9,876 times a day, that can only see that you watched it. But not how many times.

  • maylove

    i'm having problems with mine, its saying no thumbnail available. i need some help

  • h

    how do you delete friends?

  • andrea

    How can u find someone that doesnt use their real name

    • Ms. Wells

      from what I understand, if you save the persons phone number in your contacts list on your device, glide will pull the contact to its application and you will find that person. be warned, if the person has changed their number, there is NO way you will know because glide don't delete old accounts. see my story above.


    Glide violates your privacy by monitoring all videos that are sent to and from contacts. They delete your videos if they disapprove of what they see being transmitted from one contact to another. They operate as if they have the right to censor your messages. GLIDE SUCKS !!!

  • sam

    I installed glide to my note 2 but won't send me the 4 digit verification code to activate my account! And yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 times.

  • Ms. Wells

    OK, Glide has gotten me into a lot of trouble. to begin, I didn't know that if you change a number that ALL of your old glide messages are stuck in the cloud for the next person assigned to the number to use. that's what happened to me.

    I changed my MetroPCS number and about a month later, the number was reassigned to another user. that user got ALL of my glides-EVERYTHING! my entire contact list is/was in his possession. I have reached out to glide on several occasions and NO RESPONSE! meanwhile, the person has legal rights to the information because its THEIR PHONE NUMBER.
    whats worse, the person installed glide on another phone using my old number, so now TWO devices have the app with my contacts. they contacted my contacts and shared my messages to EVERYONE. glide has done NOTHING ABOUT IT. so they use the device information to locate where you are when you are gliding?!?!

    I am afraid to associate ANY OTHER account with glide because we are NEVER protected. from what I understand, I cant share a video that was shared with me. but glide follows the number NOT the DEVICE, so why are they locating users via their devices again?

  • Miiatta

    My phone is broke I'm trying to glide on another phone I can't access my phone so I can't receive text or call what do I do

  • Rebecca

    How can you tell if a text has been read?

  • Brittney

    Can this app glitch and show that your online (green circle) when your not?

  • Aspen

    so, i uninstalled the app on my phone, then installed it back.. now it wont let me go back to my original profile. I have to start all over again. How do i get my old one back?!

  • tina

    What does last seen mean. Does it mean they are watching your video.