Welcome to the Android Police Podcast, Episode 61.

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The Cast

  • Matthew Smith, Host
  • Bob Severns, Editor, A/V
  • David Ruddock, Co-host
  • Cameron Summerson, Co-host
  • Eric Ravenscraft, Co-host
  • Ron Amadeo, Co-host


Code Google

  • There are nearly a billion Android devices activated. Next, the world!
  • Samsung is gonna sell a Galaxy S4 with stock Android for $650 on the Play Store. In case plastic, LTE, and a micro SD card slot are worth $350 extra to you.
  • Google Play Games brings achievements, game sync, and leaderboards to your device without an OS upgrade. The not-so-subtle implication is that Play Services is more important than Android and Google will thank you to stop talking about slow updates.
  • Hangouts doesn't really unify anything yet, but it is pretty neat if you like sharing pictures more than you like making phone calls from your desktop.
  • Hangouts had quite a few problems at launch, though. Several of them are resolved now, but historians will refer back to this chronicle for future snarky remarks about botched Google launches.
  • Meanwhile, Play Music finally brings a subscription service, and it's two bucks cheaper than Spotify if you get in now.
  • You kinda want to get in now. The app isn't immediately easy, but it's well worth taking the time to get used to it.
  • Voice Search gets reminders, which ought to be enough to keep your attention, but there's other cool stuff too.
  • Oh and Maps is fucking beautiful.
  • The Play Store can now sort apps by which ones are designed for tablets. Though the definition of "designed for tablets" is tenuous at best.
  • As if Play Music wasn't enough, you can also upload your own books to Play Books and sync them across all your device. Neat!
  • The physical Google Wallet card is dead. There's a new Wallet API, though. That's kinda cool. Oh, and you can send money to people with Gmail!
  • Developers also got a bunch of new toys for rolling out apps on the Play Store.
  • To no one's surprise, leaked internal videos at Microsoft show Microsoft taking extensive liberties with things like "truth" or "accuracy".

Rumor Roundup

  • There may be a white Nexus 4 running around with Android 4.3. Maybe.

The Hotsheet

  • The NVIDIA Shield gets a price and pre-order date. The price: expensive. The date: one of two possible days depending maybe kinda.

App Updates

  • Blackberry is finally bringing BBM to Android and iOS now that you've finally given up and switched to another messaging app.
Eric Ravenscraft
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