Since their announcement last month, we haven't heard too much about the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 (barring rumors of a delayed release). That doesn't mean Samsung plans on breaking its pattern of timely (or early, depending on your perspective) kernel source code releases. Keeping with form, Samsung has released kernel source for the 6.3" Mega's I9205 (LTE) variant.


There's no sign of the Mega's I9200 version (or the Mega 5.8) just yet, but given Samsung's track record, we can expect it any time now. In the meantime, those of you wishing to scoop up a handful of brand new kernel source need only hit the link below.

Source: Samsung Open Source

Liam Spradlin
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  • Dylan Patel

    Why do we care about this phone? It is a low end phone but huge. Who cares?

  • mike

    It doesn't make sense making a huge screen low end phone when they have the gs4,galaxy note2 , and note 3 coming out later this year a gs4 mini should only be dropping

  • Vasilios Karaklioumis

    China cares, Old people care, not Power users.I suspect that it will sell like hot cakes...