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The fine folks at GTVHacker dropped us a line to say that their new Asus Cube root solution is now available as a free download in the Google Play Store. The cleverly-titled CubeRoot takes advantage of a Unix NFS mounting exploit to install the SuperSU application and grant Cube owners root privileges, sure to be much appreciated by Google TV power users excited for Asus' new hardware. You can pick up the root application from the Play Store widget below, or download it directly from GTVHacker's website.

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In addition to basic rooting duties, CubeRoot will modify the Cube's Flash Player app, allowing users to get around some arbitrary platform-content restrictions in video websites. It also disables automatic updates by default, to make sure you're not surprised by an OTA that takes away those shiny root powers. If you don't really need root, but you're worried about the above vulnerability, CubeRoot can patch your system to keep other apps from taking advantage without enabling root itself. Keep in mind that patching the vulnerability will make this particular root method unavailable to you.

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If you've been thinking about an Asus Cube purchase, this should help you make up your mind. Still on the fence? The full Android Police Asus Cube review will be coming this week.

GTVHacker - Rooting your Asus Cube with “Cuberoot”

Thanks, Zenofex!

Jeremiah Rice
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  • http://twitter.com/trickedoutdavid David Margolin

    prob the best name they could give a root method....

    cube root ∛

  • Paul_Werner

    Now for GTVHackers to make this for my Logitech Revue. I'd love to tinker with it now that I pretty much replaced it with my freshly delivered OUYA

    • Tom Dwenger

      We do have a root method for the logitech revue, but that device is locked down so tight that it gives you little to no ability to change anything. Everything is signed and system image is a squashfs so you can't just go and modify anything on system. Revue is a lost cause and you should just break down and buy a new box. I currently have 3.

      • Jeffrey Waring

        Is it worth buying a new box now...or waiting to see if Google has something up their sleeve? I have 2 revues that are showing their age

      • Paul_Werner

        No worries man. The only route I was aware of was with jtag or something. Oh and soldering on something to the hardware. I won't be doing all that. I'm fine with my OUYA as the replacement. Never really was crazy about Google TV but that's because of my Revue experience.

        Thanks for the reply though Tom

  • JG

    I'm assuming since its a fairly new device, the Cube will be in line for the 4.2 GTV update.... Any idea if this method (or any other for that matter) will still be able to root the device? Or is root often blocked on TV units like on phones?

    • Tom Dwenger

      That all depends if they patch the exploit we are using which would go with any root for any device. We are excited about 4.2 GTV, and hopefully will have a root method for that as soon as we get our hands on it.

  • Jerry Spallone

    I got my Asus Cube a few days ago. Unboxed, hooked it up and updated it that same night. The next day I found out about Cuberoot. Rooted it today and although it stated that my device was rooted, I was unable to do anything a rooted device would let you do. The newest update probably blocks rooting so beware. Hopefully Cuberoot can be updated to work around the new patch.

  • Andres Quintero


    i installed the apk on the cube, i applied the root but right after i applied the path. so does this mean it unrooted me? is there a way to root it again? a asus cube reset?