It's very easy to look at BlackBerry and see a technological Neandertal - the company that almost had it ("it" being smartphones), but then refused to evolve in order to keep up with the competition. Let's not mince words: the iPhone nearly killed BlackBerry, and Android is happily hammering the nails into its coffin.

After the disastrous Storm and Storm 2, few thought BlackBerry had the chops to break into full-touch devices in a big way, at least until Android really started taking off. At that point, it became clear pretty much anyone could make a half-decent smartphone, as long as the software was up to snuff (admittedly, that's about 95% of making a smartphone these days). In fact, I'd argue that making a bad smartphone has actually become pretty hard for most respectable OEMs - any smartphone is, by its very nature, an amazing device.

The problem BlackBerry had is that its smartphones weren't really 'smartphones' in the modern sense. They were sort of ultra-feature-phones. In the pre-iPhone days, they did things most other cell phones could only dream of - like push email, and powerful instant messaging. With their universally-lauded QWERTY keyboard form factor, Blackberries were the choice of professionals, textaholics, and the social elite. Then the iPhone happened, and everything changed, albeit a little slowly at first. Android burst onto the scene a few years later, when the original DROID slider keyboard phones took a sizable chunk out of BlackBerry's previously strong showing amongst Verizon subscribers.

It was downhill from there, and now BlackBerry is hemorrhaging market share on a quarterly basis.


The answer to BlackBerry's woes supposedly comes in the form of BB OS10, and the device it's putting up against its full-touch competitors, the Z10. So, having used Android over three years, and being quite happy with it, how does it feel to drop into BlackBerry's new digs for a couple of weeks?

Surprisingly, it's a lot less painful than I thought it would be. In fact, in some ways, it's been pretty great. This isn't a review, so don't expect every facet of the Z10 and BlackBerry OS to be covered - I just want you give you a peek into what they're like to live with.


Even after a couple weeks with the HTC One, I am honest-to-god enamored with the quality of the Z10 as a physical object. This is kind of what I think Motorola wants its handsets to feel like, except better. Everything about touching the Z10 is wonderful, from the softly-textured rubberized (and removable) rear cover, to the very satisfyingly clicky aluminum buttons. Not only that, but this phone looks great, too. Everything about it says business, it's incredibly understated and tasteful.


wm_IMG_6026 wm_IMG_6037

It just feels like an absolute tank, too - there is no give, no odd noises, and no sense at all that what you're holding is in any way "cheap." It's the sort of phone you pick up and just kind of feel in your hand sometimes. This is because while the exterior frame of the Z10's chassis is a hard, premium matte plastic, the entire device is internally supported by a large, stainless steel plate, greatly increasing overall rigidity. That means the Z10 can maintain the nice 'hand-feel' of a matte plastic device, but also have most of the strength of an aluminum one. (I actually spent about a half hour researching this topic, because it's not immediately apparent, and the amount of misinformation out there about the Z10's construction is incredible - rest assured, the exterior is plastic.)


The one notable compromise of this ultra-premium feel is that the Z10 is a bit on the heavy side, especially given that it has a 4.2" screen - it weighs in at 137.5 grams, 7.5 more than the noticeably larger Galaxy S4. To provide a point of reference, the iPhone 5 tips the scale at a mere 112 grams.

The display is a rather oddball 1280x768 resolution, but the panel itself is definitely a winner in my book. It gets very bright - though there is no automatic brightness mode - colors are good, and viewing angles excellent. Given that it's only 4.2" across, the lack of 1080p is simply not noticeable, as the DPI is still a more-than-visible 335. Everything is incredibly sharp and detailed.


One thing I really love about the Z10 is making phone calls on it, because the earpiece speaker gets incredibly loud. I'm not hard of hearing or anything, but there's nothing worse than getting on a phone call and not being able to understand the other person because either they're too quiet, or where you are is too noisy. I definitely didn't have that problem with the Z10. The external speaker, unfortunately, didn't live up to the expectations the earpiece one set. It's way too quiet, which is probably a significant concern for your average BlackBerry business user.

Battery life has been extremely impressive, in my experience. However, I haven't been using the Z10 non-stop on a day to day basis because, well, I'll get into that in the software section. Either way, the standby life is incredible, and if you're just checking email and making a few phone calls every day, the Z10 lasts and lasts. Verizon's basically near-ubiquitous 4G LTE network probably helps with that, too, and that network is just as fast as ever on the Z10. And like I said, the rear cover is removable, so you can swap the battery and / or insert a microSD card. There's also a microHDMI port.

Oh, and the camera. It's... really average. Macro shots in good lighting are OK, not great, and in larger / more complex scenes, it just constantly overexposes everything. But that's always kind of been par for the course with BlackBerry devices, not that it makes it any more excusable.


IMG_00000016 IMG_00000017 IMG_00000018

Sure, the Z10 isn't exactly sporting what we'd call cutting-edge specifications. It uses a previous-gen Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, a small-ish 4.2" display, and a relatively disappointing camera. But honestly, given the way it runs (mostly), and the efficient use of screen real estate, the first three factors really aren't really factors at all for me, they don't detract from the experience. The last one, though, has a lot of room for improvement - cameras are important, BlackBerry.

All in all, as a piece of hardware, it's hard not to like the Z10. It's extraordinarily well put together. This easily stands among, if not above, the very best Android phones out there in terms of build quality. But obviously, we're not done yet.


This is probably what you actually want to hear about. Because the hardware is, well, hardware. Software is what makes a device useful. And really, hardware doesn't really give you much of the "from an Android perspective" ... perspective. So, is BB OS 10 a ruinous, buggy mess?

IMG_00000001 IMG_00000005 IMG_00000007 (1)

Let me just be blunt: if you're a hardcore (or really, even semi-hardcore) Google services user, you will feel alone, frustrated, and naked on BB OS 10. That's just a fact of life. Like switching to Windows Phone, BB OS 10 has not been given any kind of Google services love, leaving it to BlackBerry to "make it work." Living with this as my only smartphone would be terrifying. Not only are my beloved Google services gone, their replacements are half-baked, and it's plain to see that BB OS 10 really isn't a complete vision yet. It's a work in progress. It's also gestures. Everything is gestures. Pulling down from the top in an app should bring up a settings menu. Left and right swipes navigates panes or sidebars in the app. Pulling up from the bottom of the phone goes home. Yes, it takes getting used to.


However, as a proof of concept, I am extremely impressed with what BlackBerry has managed thus far. BB OS 10 is a very attractive, fun OS to navigate and use in many ways (not all ways, though), and it's obvious there are still some great ideas floating around at BB. Rather than meander through the entire OS, I want to provide you some of my favorite features a la carte:

  • Sleep mode: On the lockscreen, pull down on the black tab at the top and a black shade comes down. This sleeps all notifications, ringtones, and any other noise / blinking your Z10 might do. After it's pulled down, a watch appears, and you can set an alarm. Just swipe up from the bottom to wake it up, and your notifications and sounds are back on. This is amazing and I want it right now on all of my phones.
  • Swipe to wake: This is a feature on some custom Android kernels / ROMs, but BB OS 10 has taken that idea and tweaked it a bit better, I think. While the display is off, swipe up from the bottom, and your lockscreen appears. Keep swiping, and you'll unlock the phone. That means you can do a quick flick just to check the time / your notifications, and a long swipe to unlock the phone, all without having to mess with a power button. Once again, want.
  • Multitasking lives on a homescreen: I realize many people who have reviewed the Z10 hate this. I definitely don't. Because multitasking isn't constantly in my face on Android, I just sort of forget it exists sometimes. The multitasking pane is the default homescreen on BB OS 10, so every time you swipe up from the bottom of the screen (the "home" gesture"), you see what you were doing last, and can go straight back to it if you want. I will admit, a feature to make this optional would probably be in the user's best interest. I'm not sure this is the best way to multitask, but I do like it better than Android's current method.
  • Keyboard: I am not a word prediction nut. SwiftKey feels slow to me because of it, and it constantly seems like the fancier a software keyboard gets, the more it actually gets in the way of typing. BlackBerry's keyboard is insanely accurate and quick for those who like to type out each character, which is definitely me. The weird dynamic word predictions on the keys that BlackBerry has hyped up do absolutely nothing for me, though, and seem incredibly cumbersome to actually use.
  • Email: I receive about 200 emails a day during the week. Going through my inbox searching for a thread in the Gmail app for Android can sometimes be a pain, even if the amount of information it presents is far superior to BlackBerry's stock email app. The way BlackBerry organizes email is simply better for me personally from a productivity standpoint. The default view shows your inboxed messages and every message you've sent (with a checkmark icon) in combined chronological order without threading. This really satisfies my "read what I just sent 20 times to check for errors" OCD, and helps me keep mental track of who I've emailed and when in relation to the contents of my inbox. This is all pretty configurable, too - you can hide those sent messages, for example, or do conversation view (which is sort of broken with Gmail at the moment, I think). You definitely get a little more room to tweak the appearance and behavior of your inbox than you do in Gmail, and I really like that, and I think it's more conducive to organizing email in a way that makes sense to you.

IMG_00000002 IMG_00000003 IMG_00000012

  • The Hub sidebar: I love Android's notifications, don't get me wrong. But sometimes, I swipe them away because they're bugging me and I don't have time / want to check them, or I just don't see one before hitting 'clear all.' The Hub is like a little basement where all of your account-based notifications - email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. - live, and until you actually go in and look at the respective account's lists of notifications (or the actual Hub list), they don't clear. And by basement, I mean slide-out navigation bar. The email and account notification "app" lives on the left-most homescreen, and includes a list of things labeled as follows: Hub (everything), Notifications (app updates, BB service stuff, etc.), BBM, Text Messages, your various email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Calls, and Emergency Alerts. So, BB OS 10 breaks down your notifications into categories, and I sort of love that. For example, I check LinkedIn very rarely, and usually just swipe away notifications I get from the Android app. With BB OS, I can see "oh, hey, there's a LinkedIn notification there, I should check it... at some point" and that's OK, because it won't just up and vanish. This really is a very cool way to manage notifications, and while Android's is far from bad, it's clear there are very good alternatives out there.

Trust me, I know there's a lot more I could go on about in regard to BlackBerry that provides advantages over Android out of the box. BBM. BlackBerry Protect. The crazy-fast web browser. But it's time to get down to brass tacks, what doesn't BB OS 10 do well?

  • Search: It's pretty bad. You hit the search button on the homescreen, the app takes forever to come up, and you start typing, and it does a universal search. So if I search for Android Police, I get a ton of contact, email, and browser history results... which is not what I want. There is no way to only search the web from the search UI (well, you can delve into settings and disable all of them, but that's a huge pain), you have to go down to the bottom where it says "Extend Search" and pick a search engine. This is incredibly cumbersome, inefficient, and generally makes me hate my life. There's no voice input option in the search app, either. BlackBerry does have a Voice Control app (you have to tell it to "Search Google for" if you want it to search Google - you can't set a default engine), but it's incredibly slow and Siri-like. Once you've had Google Now / the Android search widget, it's hard to go back to anything else. This seems medieval.

IMG_00000009 IMG_00000006 IMG_00000010

  • Maps: I don't really know what to say other than it looks up addresses and does turn by turn. This is not the maps app you are looking for. It is a tool for directions to specific addresses and basic turn-by-turn navigation (assuming the info it has is reliable), that's it.
  • Email is push sort of kind of... I guess: Crackberry freaks will tell you BB OS 10 supports push email until they're blue in the face. It does - sort of. If your Gmail / Gapps account got in under the Exchange Active Sync deadline, you're all good, everything will push and pull very quickly. If you're like me, and you're stuck with IMAP, things are a bit different. All of your email is received and sent basically instantly. However, deletions, moving to folders, contact updates, read/unread status, and a few other little things are all on a minimum 15 minute sync cycle. You can refresh manually, but that's annoying and lame. This is the case with most web-based email providers on BB OS 10 right now, and it is my single most-hated feature of the OS, despite its otherwise great email experience.
  • Google Apps accounts w/o Exchange only sync email: So this is a fun little easter egg - if you use a Google Apps account that does not support Exchange ActiveSync (available only to paid Gapps organizations / legacy users), BB OS 10 cannot sync your account's calendar, contacts, or anything that isn't email. This stuff syncs on regular 'ol Gmail just fine, but not Gapps for some reason. Basically, if you're in an enterprise environment, you're probably still OK here.
  • Barren app ecosystem: BlackBerry has actually had to port / develop 3rd party apps for some important services - Facebook, Adobe Reader, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, and Dropbox are all published as Research In Motion Limited applications. That basically says where BB OS 10 is at in terms of having apps. There just isn't enough stuff here, and while business users may not freak out about that so much, it's going to be a massive turn off to normal consumers. Many official 3rd party apps like Twitter and LinkedIn are also just butt-ugly and very limited in functionality compared to their Android / iOS brethren. Some don't even work - eBay's app refuses to let me do anything because it doesn't think I have an internet connection.
  • Buggy / performance issues: BB OS 10 is generally very smooth navigating around the OS, but some parts are inexplicably laggy or uncooperative with touch input. The settings menu, for example, is weirdly slow and often has difficulty registering touch actions. Same goes for the quick action bar at the bottom of the homescreens, where your Phone, Search, and Camera shortcuts live. Oh, and all of those apps take forever to launch if they weren't already open recently. Many 3rd party apps experience major performance lag as well, and I'm guessing it's particularly problematic among those that are directly ported Android apps.



Without getting too in-depth (this isn't a full review, after all), I have to say that I came away from the Z10 with a much better impression than I thought I would. BB OS 10, as a platform, has a lot of potential here, and I think it's pretty incredible that BlackBerry went from BB OS 7 to this in what was a relatively short amount of time. It's just not done yet.

Having lived with Android for three years now, using the Z10 showed me how much Google has done to make a smartphone experience more pleasant, and more useful - through services. Android's web search and voice functionality is simply miles ahead of everyone, and with things like Google Now cards and industry-leading voice recognition technology, I think BB's best hope is to get a version of Google Now for its own platform. It's also become obvious just how invested I am in Google services. Be it Gmail, Maps, Search, Google+, Chrome, Voice, or Talk Hangouts, basically none of that stuff is fully functional on BB OS 10. The generally lacking 3rd party app selection doesn't help either. Living with the Z10 as my personal smartphone would be a major step back.

Could I live with the Z10 as a secondary work device, though? I think that's a much more plausible scenario. It's very good at what it can do for the most part, and as a professional's email and phone call work horse, I think the Z10 still offers a lot, especially if you're already invested in the BlackBerry ecosystem. And hey, BB OS 10 is actually just kind of fun to mess around with, because it's so different. Hopefully BlackBerry will stick around long enough to make something out of it.


David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • http://kawangeek.com/ EddyGeek

    If you guys still wondering with long details review and explanation, here the short version.
    not - worth - it.

    • yogi

      fuck you EDDYGEEK and your dump comment
      BB will dominate world again..
      you watch, son!

      • Nevi_me

        Oh my gosh, a Crackie defending the Berry?
        Yea they'll dominate the world again, we might not be alive to witness that. As David mentions, it's the software that makes the device useful. Blackberry could build the best hardware on earth and people would still not choose it if its software lacks a lot of features. Doesn't it sound like what some people say is their choice for not buying the iPhone and rather opting for the plastic S4, or even waiting indefinitely for HTC to decide whether they wanna solve their HTC One availability problems (rest of the world anyways)

        • ottie

          Really, how much software you have on your so called android phone ? do you really use them all ? don't get me wrong i have use IOS and Android before ... they are simply just entertainment device, how many games do you have in your phones ? how many social media apps do you have on your phone ? now the last question is how productive you are on your phone ... blackberry ecosystem keep me focusing to what i need and what i really don't need ... i have everything i need out of the box with my z10 , PIM, messaging, communication ... hell i event do some remote management to my server on my z10 ... really apps ? who need tons of apps that just giving you crappy adds ... 35 - 40 % apps i found on play store are either apps starting with "sexy" or apps full of adds. Blackberry are meant for business people and communications ... i don't say that blackberry will dominate the world ... but , every one have they need for a phone that support their daily live , for me ... blackberry is sufficient... im ditching my iphone and s3.

          • Chabenson Chadavoine

            I hope u were right as a Smartphone repairing/unlocking guy, answer me that only question?
            ***Why in hell that so loved BlackBerry of yours is the most coming smartphones out-there to come to me for repair either software or hardware? error code this error code that....

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        Dumb, not dump; a word I thought you'd know better than most given your comment.

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        yah, I'm shaking right now..
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      • rhymiZ

        Blackberry just said they are going to release BBM for Android and iOS, that was a hint that even Blackberry's CEO is giving up. Thank you, bye bye.

        • Tony P

          BlackBerry is going to monetize bbm using advertising channels - taking a page from Google's book I guess... bbm is a very fast secure method of communicating which will serve BlackBerry best on all platform and to the benefit of all users. 250,000 people are trialing bbm money in Indonesia currently. BBM is no longer required by BlackBerry to try to sell phones now that they have a modernised smartphone with lots of potential. 6 models to be released in 2013! That's not giving up that's rejoining the fight... Competition is good for all consumers anyways!!!

          • rhymiZ

            Remember what I said 5 months ago? It happened :)

      • PhoenixPath

        Upvoted for the pure humor aspect. Thanks, yogi!

  • http://www.facebook.com/GabrielHellsing Gabriel Hellsing

    Sounds like the BB10 OS is a lot like the one they stuffed onto their PlayBooks.

    • Stocklone

      BB10 is an evolution of the Playbook OS. So great observation there.

      • http://www.facebook.com/GabrielHellsing Gabriel Hellsing

        Considering that i haven't kept up to date on an OS that means absolutely diddly to me, yeah, it is. :3

  • sdny8

    I have a gnex and a bb bold for work. The build quality of the BB is much better. I've dropped the phone from 20 feet to the grass and it powered right back on after reinstalling the battery. I don't know if there are many android phones that could do that. Certainly not my gnex. I wish manufacturers made industrial versions of phones aluminium bodies bigger batteries and water resistant.

    • Matthew Gardner

      I've dropped my gnex to concrete multiple times. Apart from a few minor scratches on the body it's pretty much flawless.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        I loaned my gnex to someone for a business trip, and a single drop on concrete resulted in a smashed screen. All drop tests are circumstantial and subjective. They cannot be trusted.

        • seanfalloy

          Except Sonim

          • Chabenson Chadavoine

            lol...not comparable!

  • John Mayson

    "This really satisfies my "read what I just sent 20 times to check for errors" OCD"

    Dude! Can we be best friends? And you know I'm going to reread this comment 20 times after I submit it. ;-)

    On a serious note. I long wanted a Blackberry (pre-iPhone days) but just couldn't justify one or get my company to supply me with one. I had an iPod Touch and was relatively late to the smartphone game (I got my Samsung Captivate on 9/11/2010). I'm using a GNex now. I am HEAVILY imbedded in the Google universe and I love Android.

    I played with the new BB and was actually sort of impressed. It seemed snappy. I liked The Hub (I hope Hangouts becomes that). But I would really need one for a couple of weeks so I could pop my SIM card in and see.

    I think it's a cool phone. But the lack of Google love would be deal breaker for me.

    Granted you used the phone while I just played with one for 10 minutes. But your review is more or less the impressions I had with the phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/charleslclarke3 Charles Clarke

    Ok, icons are pre-2010. The world's evolved. Get over it. Windows Phone.

    • Matthew Gardner

      Thank you for your amazing and insightful input, you have contributed precisely nothing. Bravo.

      • Brandon Fletcher

        Hey, some of us WP8 people prefer their phones to look like a child's learning toy, with all those big, colorful buttons. Icons that are of uniform size and placement are so out of style, not to mention just plain confusing.

        • Matthew Gardner

          I'm sorry, please explain how windows phone is relevant to this article at all?

          • will

            lol, I laugh at your question at first but now I'm cool down :D

            it's not limited to wp, launcher8 in android also mimic metro/ modern UI.
            I love using big tiles / large colorful button. no more love for grid of icons.
            if you look at google playstore (from your phone) editor's pick screen, they use similar layout to modern UI tiles.

            most importantly, I love android for custom launcher.
            if only blackberry can use custom launcher.. *sigh*

          • Stocklone

            I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees the design similarities between cards and tiles.

  • http://twitter.com/simp1istic simp1istic

    I hate how 1280x768 is an "oddball" resolution :( I prefer it IMMENSELY to anything 16:9

    • HopelesslyFaithful

      give me 1280x800 but i'll take that "odd ball" at least over 16:9

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1043072982 Jim Barry

    Z10 has 2 GB or Ram not 1 as you have in your story.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      That's my mistake. Fixed.

  • HopelesslyFaithful

    did you guy's ever review HP OS or do a little write up on it? I am interested in reading it if you guy's ever did. I at least don't remember ever seeing one at least.

  • Brandon

    Micro kernel vs monolithic kernel...micro is the future...and QNX (which is what bb10 is built on) is insanely stable and pretty much crash proof (it has to be being as it runs nuclear reactors and any other sensitive system). Lastly, security is only becoming more and more valuable with cyber crimes on the rise...would you trust an android with NFC to handle your mobile wallet? I sure as hell wouldn't

  • rere

    HOw about you update the software on the Z10!!! You are running an ancient build!!! Oh, i forgot that you are with the absolute "leader" in telecommunications - Verizon!

  • Joe Montgomery

    My only problem with it is that it looks exactly like my old Droid X2 from the front... and I never ever want to see another one of those again. *shudders*

    • New_Guy

      There's a crap ton of bezel on that thing

      • logan

        agree, I hate that thick bezel

  • MarkG

    How much you getting paid by RIM to review a Z10 on a Android site?


    • http://www.facebook.com/astralsmusic Dan Havelin

      RIM doesn't exist anymore... It's called BB now Lmao.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      They're actually paying me in BlackBerry World gift cards. They aren't very good at bribes.

      (For those of you without a sense of humor, the above is a joke.)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Tickets to Rick Astley in concert (did you hear he's on tour again?).

  • Bilal Mahmood

    Now someone just port Android to this great hardware!

  • eldric

    AP, you forget one important thing to review: Security, and Device Encryption.

    yeah I understand you're not doing full review,
    but device security is one of reason I had hard time leaving blackberry platform.

    fips certified phone so far only blackberry, motorola, and some samsung.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      I looked into BlackBerry Protect, which is cool and seems to work pretty decently, though it's not exactly a huge difference from similar 3rd party Android services.

      As far as device encryption / overall security are concerned, this is definitely a consumer-facing look at the Z10, and we aren't a security blog. Sorry I couldn't give more detail in that regard.

  • Scott Kenerson

    Back in 2004 I had one of the original BlackBerrys as a work phone. It was huge and purple. The only benefit it had back then was to send and receive emails and play Blockbuster. Sending and receiving emails was a big deal back then and something no other phone could do nearly as well. I actually went to a BlackBerry presentation put on by RIM so our company could get a discount on them where they said they would never put a camera in a BlackBerry because it's not what people want. They were wrong.

  • http://twitter.com/JayCreations JayCreations

    That's something that I like about BlackBerrys, their awesome build quality. Same goes for voice quality. I may be alone here, but the first time I held my Nexus 4 I got the same feeling as holding a BlackBerry. Premium solid device.

    • simpleas

      Build quality and build materials are two different things.

  • Pierre Gardin

    "That means you can do a quick flick just to check the time / your notifications, and a long swipe to unlock the phone, all without having to mess with a power button."

    Then the touchscreen has to stay awake all the time, and it probably isn't good for the battery usage.

    • Kevin

      He actually said in the article that battery life was very good. Presumably that's while using this feature.

  • Stocklone

    I have a Z10 and a Note II. I very much enjoy using the Z10. There is a ton of potential here. I gave Android the "just wait until next release" pass from late 2009 until JellyBean where we didn't need to wait for the next release. We finally got a good ecosystem and OS.

    I'm giving Blackberry the same pass. I don't expect to be mature as Android out the door. Just like I didn't expect Android to be as mature as iOS for several years. To do anything else would make me a gigantic hypocrite or worse yet a worthless Android fanboy.

    • mggOptimusG

      I tottally agree.
      And people forget that all apps are moving to web browser near you. Eco systems are bound to dissapear and merge. Keep an open mind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dominick-White/642535026 Dominick White

    couldnt read much after you said the z10 design looks great

  • Tyler

    If Blackberry wants to succeed they will make a phone running a skinned version of android. They can include all sorts of enterprise features and people might actually want it.

  • Jesse Eaves

    I have been a huge Google user since the OG Droid and have literally owned nearly every Android device Verizon has released. I' am a nerd as I would say as I also root/flash ROM's/Kernals and about anything that is possible. I study nearly every phone from different OS's (I even had Windows Mobile 6 and WebOS) so I'm pretty knowledgeable about a lot of devices(Works well in my favor as a Verizon sales manager). I purchased the Z10 at retail when it released and haven't regretted it. I will admit as the review states above that it is a bit hard to get use to when your life has revolved around Google for years but its not like I cant adjust. I love the look of Microsoft's new Outlook email and have switched my contacts and email over to them which works great on my Z10. I have my Google Calendar setup on my Z10 under the Caldav account settings and everything is great. The only real thing I miss about my Galaxy S3 is Google Now and Google Maps. Blackberry Maps isn't terrible and works fine for basic navigation but doesn't have all the other bells and whistles like Google Maps or Nokia Drive(Windows). Mind you it only took me 40 sec to port Google Maps over and works great. OS10.1 is amazing and works really well and the gestures are just awesome. I put my SIM in my S3 yesterday because I wanted to check out Hangouts (formerly Talk) and update rest of my apps and see how much I really missed my S3 (with customer 4.1.2 ROM) and no joke I switched back to my Blackberry within 4 hrs. I even tried flashing another ROM and setting it up to my liking. I couldn't believe how much I missed the gestures, HUB, battery life, call quality, Keyboard and the crazy fast web browser. If people just give Z10 a try for at least a week, I promise you will be impressed. I'm not exactly an APP guy anymore and just want my smartphone to work consistently which Android still has a problem with regardless of what device, OS or ROM you have. Thanks for reading my book. lol :)

    • Ajit

      4 months on.. how do you feel about he Z10 with all the new phones announced recently..? Would be interested in getting your opinion.

      • Daniel Costa

        I have the same opinion of Jesse Fave.

        I came from HTC p3400 windows mobile 6.1 and the last phone before z10 was Galaxy Note 2, and true is pretty nice the way blackberry make BB10.

        But I'm thinking in change my z10, for a Z30, because I can't live more without Blackberry Hub hehehe.

        Maybe if HTC Back with HTC HUB Messenger like Sense 2.1, MAYBE I buy a HTC next, but I think they won't.

  • Ethan Smith

    Just decided to buy a Z10. I've owned two Androids, and don't get me wrong, it's a decent ecosystem, but I want a professional and efficient phone that doesn't distract me from tasks and that has a fantastic Web browser. People really do seem to forget that this is a brand new OS, and that as the subscriber base grows, more premium apps will be brought to BB. Further, personally I don't enjoy the way Google collects and uses personal information, and I truly believe it is less secure overall. And the iPhone? It is a force to be reckoned with, and a workhorse right now, but I see Apple at the moment very much how BB was back before the iPhone, or how Microsoft was before Vista...feeling secure and sure they had the perfect recipe for making scads of cash, and they did, for a time. Expect great things from BB...they have so much to lose, and somehow I don't think they will. Think of Apple back in the 90's; it took a long time for them to get where they are today.

  • http://twitter.com/armus75 Armus

    WinMo was out way before icrap. You make it seem as if icrap was this huge cataclysmic event. Maybe it was for the sheep but real phone geeks knew better.

    • LokizFenrir

      some regards it's true but then again WinMo died a horrible death only to be resurrected with RT after many other failed attempts, in that regard iOS still remains a bigger factor than any windows mobile device regarding the initial market takeover and later Android floodgate from BB.

      Similarly funny when it took Apple 10 years to produce the iPad a product spearheaded off Bill Gate's own little venture called Tablet-PC (aka coined Microsoft trademark), even funnier is that all our touch based devices share their root with formerly Xerox's Palo Alto Research Centre . GB Xerox. lollers

  • enoch861

    So at the end of the day, its a business phone like it was intended to be. Perfect. Case closed.

    • Sean Royce

      Not just a business phone.

  • Rosendo

    I have had
    more androids than blackberries, and the reason for this is because my Android
    devices were constantly failing I had the Samsung Galaxy Young Pro, Samsung
    Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S3, and I am so tired of so many problems I had with
    them do not get me wrong they are fantastic for viewing youtube, downloading
    apps, using google maps, and some many other things, but for instance, Samsung
    Galaxy Young, and Samsung Galaxy S have no led, blackberry devices do, the
    battery does not last long, my Samsung Galaxy S3 gets over heated, and now it
    does not even vibrate unless I go to every app and ask the app to vibrate and
    even so is not doing the default system vibration I set for my phone, changing
    ringtones or actually having an expecific ringtone for every app, is not so
    easy here either in blackberry is not only doable but is actually easy to do, I
    can set my blackberry to turn itself at an hour I want and then to
    automatically turn itself on and ring an alarm for me and it will, android cannot,
    the blackberry screen is easier to read on outside on a sunny day than in a Samsung
    galaxy, my list can go on and on and on. This is why I would like to change my Samsung
    Galaxy S3 for a blackberry Z10.

    Besides if
    the blackberry company dies my phone will still go on, there is no reason for
    my phone to die with blackberry, take in consideration also the fact that bb10
    does not really on the blackberry network, it uses android like data plans so I
    do not know what is the problem of choosing blackberry over android, I am so
    tired of these lame and also expensive devices that I want to fully go back to
    blackberry and see what they have to offer this time.

    • Kyle

      Don't blame it on Android. All the devices you listed were Samsung phones, two of which were low-end.

      • Rosendo

        Both Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S3 are high end devices, and the issues I posted some of them are general, for instance having no led is an issue most current android devices have, but can you tell me how many current blackberry devices have no led. Not only that bbm works much better than any other instant messaging app, wheter people admited or not, my emails, reach faster to my blackberry, I can continue to list differences that to my taste make me choose go back to blackberry

        • zim

          I was really impressed with all the pro bb comments on here that I actually started considering bb for my next phone... Until I read your comment and now think someone is making all these pro bb comments as part of a promotion campaign, because yours is misinformed. The s3 has an led and you also just called it a tablet.

          I've been using Samsung phones for nearly 4 years and they're great, even if I don't really like Samsung and am not thinking on getting another.

          I'm long due for an upgrade since my s2 is nearing its retirement from all the beatings and hundreds of concrete drops... It's either a Motorola or a bb, and this is coming from an android fanatic whos running a custom 4.2 android ROM on an old s2. Also, don't bash Samsung super amoled screens, yes they aren't as good in direct sunlight, but they are much much more saturated and beautiful that I can no longer tolerate LCD screens... Besides, who actually uses their phone that often outdoors.

          • LokizFenrir

            is the samsung galaxy's really phones at all? are they tablets?
            conundrum time, they aren't phones any less than they are tablets,
            Phablet is most likely the best description...although anything above having a screen larger than 4.2" - 4.7" IMHO is just too bulky, not saying any of these devices are bad devices, they're just not that ergonomic for people on the move, better than lugging a huge iCrapple around though. Currently own Z10 previously owned the Original HTC built iPhone, LG G2 , Samsung S3 mini played with Nokia's. And so far i've had the most fluid UI experience to date and with far less issues than any of the other devices i had,
            ps iOS7 is two steps back,one step forward can't decide if its about the same as android 2.3 / Nokia S60 considering all the bugs.

            From a programmers Perspective:
            Owning any smartphone is a personal thing and up to interpretation, at the end of it all use the device you're most comfortable with, overall the UI plays the cardinal role with the USABILITY in mind and what ties an effortless and seamless integration together id put HTC Sense as a benchmark and would easily level S-touch with OS10 as both are heavily integrated although each lacking some feature that the other has. LEARN-ABILITY should never ever be ignored, yes there still are many people who has never used a smartphone and or any touch / voice command device, I found the BB10 100% touch gesture interface and the actual actions more natural / appealing than androids / iOS one of the key factors that Android primarily Samsung and iOS still require home buttons which aren't just distracting but needless and irritating but seems overlooked and left behind whilst the rest of the UI progressed. Another piece of beef i have with mobile OS's in general is that they over-encumber users when it comes to settings, BB10 tried at simplifying it and it's not too bad an approach similar to all the others though, iOS categorizing is more of a control panel than settings tab, and Android just floods the end-user with industry lingo. In my Opinion they should drill down on that aspect and remove all the clutter leaving minimalist yet focused control avoiding multi-level breakdowns as much as posssible, and for those of us that tinker use the enable DEVELOPERS mode for all the more advanced things that everyday users just dont even need to know about.... could someone also please explain why the S4's usb mass storage is feature is gone / root and void warranty WTH?

            All and all over the past decade we have made exponential leaps forward regarding mobile systems, and only now really coming to grips with the HCI aspect of things.


          • Chabenson Chadavoine


          • Chabenson Chadavoine

            All agreed! He also said Android devices cannot alarm wake up too!
            i am sure it's a new comer he could just ask us for help here too!

          • Chabenson Chadavoine

            Oh i forgot that@disqus_P26rLi3rdl:disqus must have poorly brought a china galaxy s3! hehe!

          • Rosendo

            Look first I never said The Samsung Galaxy S3 has no led. Second I have no option but to buy Samsung because is really hard to find anything else than Samsung or Iphone, you are a Samsung fanboy you have had many of them that is why you do not like my comment, I even have the Samsung Galaxy S4 and still think korean company Samsung is no match in quality to american, japonese companies and even the dying Canadian company builds more quality equipments, just tell every Samsung has a led you can't right, now tell what new blackberry has no led, buy whatever you want but there is no doubt in my mind since I've own the Z10 and the best Samsungs out there that Blackberry Z10 is a great phone you piece of ?$@#

        • Chabenson Chadavoine

          List whatever u feel like, since you can't even list an android alarm app that can wake up your phone whenever u want! i don't think your comment are worthy here! Nooby
          i am sure you're that type of guy always crying for help on all the help forum dashboard out-there. instead of using their brain first!

          • Rosendo

            And I think you can not use your brain to see that there are flaws in everything is things were perfect they would last forever Samsung is not perfect so why do you have to bash Blackberry for not being Android you are the one without brain here

    • Tony P

      BlackBerry the company is becoming stronger not weaker... They survived this long with outdated products and their cash position, with some down-sizing, improved last year. They are now back in the fight.... BES10 for corporate use will be huge too managing all BYOD devices (yes with a user fee)

    • HollyBolly

      BlackBerry is not going anywhere. I've owned a Z10 since it was released in February and I can tell you it is the best mobile computing device out there. It is way more than just a phone. I haven't picked up my Samsung Galaxy S3 tablet since I bought my Z10.

      The hub and peek, multi-tasking is amazing. I can pick it up, do 5 things in 2 minutes and put it right back down.

      BBM Voice & Video is awesome, hopefully they get it for Android soon so you can all experience it. Hooked onto Wifi ...no more need for Skype.

      I encourage anyone to try one...you won't regret it.

  • gee

    If your coming from having android then the search on bb10 seems strange, but it's actually a different function from what you get on androids, it's a search of all the phones data which is so handy, can scan contents of texts and everyone in one go. To browse the bet you open the browser. The 10.1 bb10 update has really made my z10 much better to use and bug free, I will admit it was a much needed update. I hear 10.2 will allow any android app to be installed.

  • Ric Ellens

    The hedge FUND SLUTS are LOSEING EPS .67 -.75 may they fuc k them sel fessssssss

  • Tony P

    OS upgrade BB 10.2 Addresses many of the negatives in this article (camera/ Google accessibility) this upgrade has been fully released in Canada and should be in the USA very soon. The BlackBerry Q10 model is shipped with the latest OS installed (10.2) Please see link below...


  • chire

    Hi Admin my interest is to get guidance from you regarding unlocking Blackberry-Z10. Can you direct me toward worthy code provider. What's about safeunlockcode.com/ , whether they are much competent to unlock my phone?

  • Gambit

    Can I start z10 without Sim

  • Michael McGregor

    The Z10 is a great phone if you stay on top if the os updates. Now that the technology to side load android apps to bb10 it really isn't lacking in the app area as it did before. Especially with the amazon App Store it makes getting the latest apps with ease. The Hub is by far the best part of bb10 and still proves blackberry is the king of messaging and can fight back. It might not be android quality but it's ahead of the iPhone 5.

  • VP

    Hi guys, I have read all the comments..I just need ur help... now m confused between z10 n lumia 930..plz help..as m waiting for the release of lumia 930..bt I also want to have bb z10..m really confused...