Oh, hi there, Samsung Galaxy Reverb. Haven't seen you around the water cooler in a while. Yeah, I'm doing good too. So what's up? You've got an Android 4.1 update? Shut the front door.

The Galaxy Reverb is a budget phone on a budget network, the kind that we generally expect to be released, promptly forgotten, and never, ever updated to a later version of Android. But lo and behold, several Virgin Mobile customers on both Reddit and Android Forums are reporting that their phones are receiving over-the-air updates to Jelly Bean 4.1.2. One poster stated that he'd spoken with a Virgin representative who said the the OTA was scheduled for May 22nd, but at least a few seem to have been updated early.

2013-05-16 08.45.29

via Android Forums member 13jpgbass

There's no changelog to be had, but by now you should know what goodies to expect in 4.1: Google Now, expandable notifications, native notification hiding, better animations via Project Butter, et cetera. Some users have reported an initial loss of 3G connection after the update, which returns after one or more reboots. But let's face it, they're just ecstatic to be using a newer operating system.

Update: Not ten minutes after I published this story, the official word came down from Samsung. There's still no changelog, but the build number is M950VPMD6. If you're not seeing the update, remember you can do a manual check in Settings>About phone.

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Jeremiah Rice
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  • 13jpgbass

    I was the one who spoke to the representative about the update. I feel accomplished somehow for getting indirectly mentioned.
    Also, that's the screenshot I posted.

  • Scott

    First paragraph is epic!!!

  • chris125

    Samsung seems to be updating pretty much all of their devices. Good to see and this is why they are raking in all the profits.

  • Benjamin Medina

    hahahahaa that first paragraph was awesome, reminded me of PC Accelerator magazine for some reason

  • http://twitter.com/trickedoutdavid David Margolin

    Have the phone... Still don't have the update... But ultra excited

  • dannyR

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Discover, which was also not to be upgradeable. Is there any particular reason why it might not get Jellybean?

  • 1bmwdrvr1

    But with the S3 coming out in June why would anyone by the "knock off" even if it has 4.1.2? I really feel that I should have bought a spare EVO V 4G to keep a device with Flash Player... I enjoy video on my phone and like it or not Flash Player, which is still upgradable at the Adobe website and easily accessible with "Naked Browser" (the lightest and quickest Android browser available [20x lighter than Chrome and 4x faster] free on Google Play...) that includes a download manager that allows you to keep 'anything' free, forever. Running 4.0.3 it was only $179 until it ran out of stock. I gladly will give up project "butter" and the creepy Google

  • prettdread

    Will that new update fuckk my phone up i want my phone back the way it was i have a redd ring around my phone

  • BJaq

    Horrible update messed up my phone. Contacted Samsung and no help. On a replacement and I dare not update. Horrible. Samsung needs to get on this and fix it.

  • aseries

    I just started working with a new VM Samsung Reverb. It has run Android Update/Upgrade three times in the last 2 hours. Version 4.1.2 Build JZO54KM950VPBMD6. Don't know if it is upgrading or not. My old Optimus V tried to update a lot but it never actually did.