Sprint's version of the HTC One is about to receive a much-needed OTA update, albeit a relatively minor one, that promises to fix the rather annoying home and back button sensitivity issues that have been afflicting the handset. I commented on this issue in my review of the One, and while I called it minor then, the more I used the phone, the more annoying it become in certain situations - particularly when holding the phone while lying down.

The issue seemed to be that the touch targets for the capacitive buttons were set far too close to the display, and the pad of your finger would often need to hit the area between what you would expect to be the strike zone and the edge of the visible display on the phone in order to register a tap. Sprint's changelog for the update (version 1.29.651.10) simply mentions "Improved Back and Home key sensitivity," though I can't imagine what else that would mean aside from increasing the size of the touch targets.

The update also includes ambiguous "BlinkFeed improvements" and an updated version of the Sprint Zone client. Unlike recent updates to the international version of the HTC One, there is no mention of any improvements to the camera software that have allegedly resolved overexposure issues. The update to Sprint's One should roll out in stages starting today.

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David Ruddock
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  • jonathan3579

    Now how about the T-Mobile version? We've got a whole thread on XDA about it. (With infuriating HTC response to boot too!)

  • Andrew

    Whatever happened to the 1.29 update that supposedly fixed the camera issues? It was fairly widely reported, but I haven't received it, nor have I heard of anyone else getting it. I'm still on 1.28.

    Also, Disqus hates me at the moment. It logs me in, but doesn't refresh the page with my login details, so the account becomes useless.

    • fafaflunky

      The US version already has the update, HTC baked it into the US version. The European version is the only version to receive it. Check out android central for specifics.

  • joeljfischer

    FYI, this is the update text I'm seeing:
    "Fixes a BlinkFeed Crash Scenario"
    "New Sprint Zone Client"
    "Improves Back and Home Key Sensitivity"

    I'll update when it's installed.

  • joeljfischer

    Whoops, I'm root with custom recovery, can't install the update :(

  • http://twitter.com/Marcantony44 Remote44

    USELESS! ....

  • http://twitter.com/TEFennell4 Tom Fennell

    30 seconds with the update and it already feels more responsive, but it could be update-excitement-placebo. Time will tell.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.lizama Ryan Lizama

    Was hoping it might include a fix for the muffled voice or no sound when calling others. I'm tired of my wife asking me to talk louder into the phone.

    • chris125

      thought that was only a samsung thing with that happening at times. Hopefully they can get that fixed.

  • erigion

    This is a joke right? HTC had this problem with the Nexus One and they're still having this issue after all this time?

  • brutalpanther

    Downloaded the update and home and back button work beautifully now.Responsive and fast.Kudos to HTC for listening and taking quick action.

    • mb

      How do I find the update

      • brutalpanther

        If you still havent found it go to settings.tap on system updates.then tap on htc software update.If it is available to you it will come up onscreen to download.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.noel.5055 Michael Noel

    Why can't all the carriers release this ? I have AT&T and have complained to them about this same issue and they are clueless about it....So AT&T needs to get this done as well.

  • John77

    The update definitely worked for my home and back buttons. much much more responsive now!!!