Kingdom Rush has amassed quite the following since it first appeared as a flash game in 2011 and an iPad port half a year later. Critics called it one of the best and most engaging games of its genre. Today, Ironhide Game Studio launched an Android version into the Play Store that has already been met with praise from users.

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Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game based in a fantasy setting soaked in bright colors and vivid sprites. The usual fantasy environments all make an appearance here, including green forests, snow-covered mountains, and barren wastelands. Players command troops, wield magic, and - wait for it - build towers in their quest to save the kingdom from orcs, trolls, evil wizards, and other standard forces for darkness. There are over 50 enemy types to confront with one of nine heroes.

Kingdom Rush is available for $1.99 on phones and tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich and above. Established fans and curious newcomers alike can rush to save the kingdom by grabbing the game below.

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • jdomann

    Aw HELLS yes! I loved this game before my iPad broke and was disappointed when I couldn't get it on my Nexus 10. Seriously addicting.

  • anerikk

    best tower defense ever... Only game i will install from now on.

  • Antonio Díaz

    Sadly its a bad port. It's not compatible with some devices, specially Asus tablets. Also, despite it is not free to download, it is also plagued with in-app purchases.

  • http://twitter.com/EightRooks Matthew Lee

    That's funny, it's pretty much a perfect port on my Nexus 10. And if you'd played the original for more than five minutes you'd know the IAPs are completely, and I mean completely, unneccessary, plus you can earn nearly all of them by grinding anyway. To anyone who doesn't react with a kneejerk "Ewww" at the mere mention of IAPs like a dog hearing the dinner bell - ignore the simplistic graphics and buy. This. *Now*. Like anerikk says, this is pretty much the best traditional tower defense game ever made, tuned to perfection and an absolute blast. Already beat and played the hell out of it on my iPod, but I am more than happy to double-dip to get it on a big screen.

    • Antonio Díaz

      It's true that, in hindsight, my comment may reflect that I don't like the game. Far from the truth, the title is the perfection of the Tower Defense genre and the game I spent most hours in its flash version since the Gemcraft series.

      I am not horrified about IAPs, but I certainly don't like them. I prefer to pay for the whole app rather than for chunks of it. However, if the IAPs are merely a mean to complete the game faster or more successfully or give benefits attainable by a reasonable amount of grinding I also have no problem. In those cases I understand that the developers give the more-willing-to-pay players that extra edge they may want or need.

      But those are not the case of the Kingdom Rush Android version. 6 of the 9 heroes are IAPs, with prices ranging from 0.99 USD the cheapest to 4.99 USD the last three. You cannot obtain them without paying them and in my opinion are pretty expensive.

      I would have preferred that the Uruguay-based company had put all the heroes inside the game as part of its original price or at least inside an expansion, with only one payment for all. This is not unheard of, as they did it that way with the PC flash version (which I gladly paid for via Kongregate). One payment: all the heroes.

      I am more than willing, as you are, to pay twice for a game (in fact, I already had). But I would have preferred to see an upgraded or definite port of the game and not an adaptation that, sadly, is plagued with more IAPs that the original version while offering the same or less content.

      Anyway, is a really great game and I hope that Kingdom Rush Frontiers, which is due anytime, will also make its way to Android.

      About the inability to install the app in Asus Transformer series, I am sure that the developers are working on it, I understand that the great deal of variety of Android machines makes difficult to make an universal version of one app. Nevertheless, keeping in mind that this app would be better played in a tablet, one could think that maybe the company should have worked on the implementation of the game in the top 10 Android tablets (being the Asus Transformer series one of them). In fact, the day before yesterday the app was available to download for my Asus Transformer TF201 and I purchased it for it, discovering that it froze on the loading screen. But I am willing to wait, as I have faith they are working on it. They already corrected the first mistake, and you cannot download it to the Asus Transformer series anymore.

      That's all :)

  • PhineasJW

    PHENOMENAL flash game. Puts all other tower defense games to shame. Hope the Android port does it justice.

  • AppsGoer

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