Field Trip is an oddity in Google's app lineup. It comes from Niantic Labs (the people who went on to create Ingress), looks fantastic, and it's made for a very specific kind of user. The app highlights attractions of historical, cultural, and entertainment value in your immediate area, using GPS and services like Thrillist, Zagat, and Cool Hunting to create a "hyperlocal" experience. Of course, any travel app is only good if it works where you are, which was a sticking point for international users. Version 1.09 expands to more than 80 countries with support for over 30 languages.

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It would be nice if the boys and girls at Niantic told us which countries and languages the app supports, but alas, no dice. (International readers, feel free to sound off in the comments.) But if you should come across a featured attraction written in something other than your native tongue, Field Trip will now use Google Translate to automatically generate a more comprehensible version. Your mileage may vary when it comes to local entries, especially in more rural areas.

At launch, Field Trip was recommended only for smartphones. The interface is still just one panel (as opposed to the multi-paned UI that most tablet-enhanced apps have) but the "recommended for smartphones" warning has disappeared. Take that as you will, I suppose.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • http://twitter.com/IamPeePay Tomáš Petrík

    Working in Slovakia.
    Don't know about Slovak language though, I use all my tech stuff in English.

  • HomerSp

    You can add Sweden to that list.

  • David Hartman

    I've tried to get excited about this. But I live in a fairly affluent suburb of 100,000 people, and the only attractions this can find are the local private college, with black and white pictures that are 40 years old and one of the local elementary schools that the description says was recently named after a former superintendent. That renaming was like 20 years ago.

  • Stephen Riolo

    Available to Malta! :)

  • Erik Näsström

    Works in Sweden to

  • nekz0r

    Available in France too!

  • Amer Khaznadar

    Works in France.

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Works on bigger cities in Brazil (I tried in São Paulo. Mine doesn't have nothing.

  • selonmoi

    It's working in Canada.

  • Merri Mogridge

    Working in Ireland. :)

  • Amer Khaznadar

    It's force closing whenever I try opening a location (from the "Nearby" tab or from the map), anyone else seeing that?

  • lexiconmagic


  • Petr Tajovsky

    I can confirm Germany is covered too. It was not possible to install this application here, now it is. And it shows some attractions in Near tab.

  • Zsolt Lusztig

    Works in Hungary and speaks hungarian. Nice job!

  • Abhigyan Banerjee

    Installable in India, but virtually zero discovery in and around my place of residence.

    • NikhilW

      It found a building nearby me.

  • CodeMonkey

    Works well in the UK, well it does in London with plenty to notify about.
    Desperately needs some way of collating multiple notifications for a single area though.

  • Rolf Karner

    Austria is online.

    • GigiAUT

      It's good to see Google didn't leave us out this time :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/leonardob0880 Leonardo Baez

    works in mexico

  • Stefan

    Dutch language + country (Netherlands) supported.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steinar.orri Steinar Orri Hafþórsson

    Works in Iceland :)

  • Leonid Podolny

    Works in Israel

  • dbareis

    Australia is working, not sure how much info is available, not much around my place in any case :-)

    • Sootie

      Fair few places around newie and it alerted me to a gig coming up at the caimbo so thats something...

      • Guest

        Mine just alerts me to train stations lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/mick.sheehan1 Mick Sheehan

    Works in Sheffield, UK. It found loads of buildings and landmarks. Time will tell if its a useful app if you don't travel or live in the USA.

  • Dipish

    Yes to Russia!

  • Koen Muylaert

    Belgium ahoy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000615408850 Xenios Kofteros

    Not available in Cyprus, so I guess we are not included as well.

  • Vlad Staicu

    Works in Belgium and there are a number of points of interest in Brussels.

  • http://komorkomania.pl/author/michal-brzezinski Michal Brzezinski

    Works in Poland, finally!

  • Victor Loureiro

    No go for Brazil, it seems.

    • Carlos Jungstedt

      Funny, it's working for me (Rio de Janeiro), with LOTS of points of interest.

      • Victor Loureiro

        Really? I'll try it out again tomorrow, maybe the problem is there's just nothing interesting nearby - which would be kinda weird, but... Thanks!

  • epitomia

    Works for Singapore too

  • Brian Duncan

    Ingress players have been submitting new "portals" for use in game. I bet these portals of Ingress and points of interest in Field Trip overlap a great deal.

    When I first started playing, I noticed most portals and field trip points overlapped.

  • Al McDowall

    Sort of works in Shenzhen, Southern China. Shows places of interest which, it seems, are actually here (as opposed to Hong Kong, just over the water) but I'm not seeing an obvious map display of the POI. I'll look more a little later.

  • NikhilW

    Working in India, though there isn't much data I think.. It was able to find some building, shown under "openbuilding" heading, but that's it. No forts around highlighted.

  • SetiroN

    I can confirm Czech Rep., Italy and Poland.

  • ppero196

    Working in Croatia

  • http://www.facebook.com/lazrbear Lazer Bear

    Works in Shanghai, China

  • Zeddi

    Can confirm Germany, too. Nice :)

  • banterbobs

    Available in South Africa, although it says nothing of interest in Pretoria, but I knew that already. ;)

    • Geo Pretorius

      There are a couple of places where I work in Johannesburg CBD, but nothing in Roodepoort where I stay.

  • PhilNelwyn

    the "recommended for smartphones" warning has disappeared.

    The "optimized for smartphones, not for tablets" is still in the description though.

  • Yi Yang Fong

    available in Malaysia

  • phanmo

    Works in Nantes, France!

  • Stefan A

    Doesn't work in Denmark :(

  • didibus

    At some point in time, Field Trip should and probably will just become a Google Now card