Let it be not be said that Google neglected the Google TV platform today at I/O. Though it wasn't mentioned during this morning's 3 hour-plus keynote, the company rolled out a new version of the YouTube app for TV during the presentation.

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Specifically, the updated application brings a simplified UI, enhanced video playback controls, and support for paid channels. The video discovery and subscription tabs now show playlists with blown-up video thumbnails and bolded titles for easier browsing. When playing a video, it's easier to subscribe to the content creator's respective channel, +1 the video on Google Plus, and see related videos. And YouTube's recently unveiled paid channels are now supported natively.

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The new YouTube for Google TV app should work with all existing Google TV devices, including set-top boxes by Logitech and Sony, and LG's television sets. It's available now, so if you own a Revue or NSZ-GS7, grab it on Google Play.

Kyle Wiggers
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  • Niall Till

    they have also updated google tv to the latest version of android so its no longer left behind

  • Jagadiswar Jaggari

    Can someone extract the apk and upload it to be used on my Android TV Stick?

  • Microsoftjunkie

    Wish the youtube app on my 360 performed better. Reminds me slightly of it. Glad they're improving.

  • Mike Reid

    Ads too ?

    I've suddenly been seeing signs of ads on Youtube again today, at least running Firefox with AdBlock Plus on Ubuntu. Don't see the ad, but have to click to bypass a wait.