It's probably not the water-cooled superphone you've been looking for, but Japanese smartphone maker NEC announced the succinctly named Medias X 06E for the NTT DoCoMo network today, the world's first smartphone with a CPU cooled by H2O. Unfortunately, the specs are decidedly middling, and NEC intends to market the device as a "lady's" phone in essentially the same vein as HTC with the Rhyme.


The Medias X 06E packs a quad-core Qualcomm processor clocked at 1.7 Ghz, a 4.7-inch 720p OLED display, and a 13.1 megapixel camera. It comes in two colors, white and pink, and includes an attached light-up faux-jewel pendant. According to NEC, the water cooling system - which works by funneling liquid through a tiny pipe across the motherboard and outwards toward the exterior - makes the smartphone cool to the touch, while also allowing the CPU some computing headroom. Those claims have yet to be tested.


Honestly, the Medias X 06E sounds like some horrible joke. The over-the-top effeminate design and gimmicky cooling system seem more like cries for attention than desirable features. Maybe there's something to feminine superphones, but I'm not seeing it.

NEC via The Verge

Kyle Wiggers
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  • Marshall Zanella

    I wonder if the jewel is used as a notification light.

    • Guest

      Lool "sans" the jewel you couldnt say "without" lool


    • Mike Reid

      Like the HTC Rhyme/Bliss ?

      They were about as successful as the ill fated Facebook phones, new Myst/First or old Status/Chacha. LOL.

      Had to have the wired "charm" hanging out of the purse, and most women rejected them.

  • adi19956

    Where would the water go? It's not like in normal water cooling when the water gets piped out to cool down and returns cooler. If this is in your pocket the water's just going to heat up from your leg surely?
    Or is that why it's marketed to ladies because they keep phones in handbags?

  • TY

    Actually the specs are not bad at all. Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 @ 1.7GHz, 4.7' OLED 720p screen, 2300mAh battery, IPX5/8 waterproof, heat pipe cooling, 67mm wide, ~136g.

    And the cooling system, if effective, would not be gimmicky at all. S4s suffers from extremely hot temperature under heavy use. The thermal throttling on the N4 lowers its performance under continuous high load. An efficient cooling system can help keep performance good and extend the life of the phone.

    If only these Japanese companies invest in international business (which most do not, except Sony, and maybe Sharp). It is an attractive phone to me (well, maybe not for the aesthetics)

    • Dylan Patel

      The One doesn't throttle becuase of the Aluminum acting like a Heatsink. It has 17 ghz but with the better S600, 1080p IPS screen and better batter life because the S600 is more efficent.

  • Noah Lynn

    I actually like the design. I'm a guy, and I would totally carry one sans the jewel.

    • Patrick-Fame Fandal

      Loooll "sans" the Jewel You couldnt Say "Without" lool so funny


  • primalxconvoy

    This is typical Japanese phone design; over priced, gimmicky, lacking in features and created only for what they believe is a Japanese market. It's one of the reasons Japanese tech companies, especially phone companies, are floundering.

  • http://profiles.google.com/marcusleejh Marcus Lee

    I don't see much wrong with this phone. I wouldn't get it myself, but the design doesn't really look that effeminate that I'd go out of my way to avoid it. In fact the colour of the pink one kinda reminds me of the pink Galaxy SIII (or was it one of the Notes?) that was released in Korea, which nobody criticized.

    This reminds me of a strange phenomenon I first noticed about the US media when HTC released the Rhyme... I think they (maybe it's the same in the UK too; not sure though) have a tendency to be overly PC and really rip to shreds any tech product that dares to say it caters to females yet doesn't feature top-of-the-line specs. Somehow they will infer that the manufacturer of said tech is belittling females and make a big deal out of it. I'm not sure why though, because - anecdotally speaking - the vast majority of ladies I know definitely place a higher premium on how their phone looks as opposed to its specs.

    • http://twitter.com/sakura_candy Lumi

      Here in Singapore, we got the pink Galaxies, but you don't see many people using it. Most females use the white one. IMO the problem with the pink is it's a horrible shade of fuchsia that doesn't really look nice.

  • SomeGuy112

    I would wait till some actual testing is done to see how effective the water cooling is before calling it gimmicky but that's just me.

  • GraveUypo

    a watercooler without a radiator makes about as much sense as using a box (wall) air conditioner with both ends in the same room

  • rap

    The look is no different than one of many smartphone cases marketed primarily to women. People don't think that is weird. Initially smartphones were probably more popular among men but that has changed. Many people want something that reflects them. Another black or white slab is not very distinguishing. Have not idea about the water cooling.

  • http://twitter.com/sakura_candy Lumi

    "over-the-top effeminate design"? IT'S SO PRETTY~

    Of course it's "over the top" for you, you are the wrong gender to write about this... But I say there aren't nearly enough phones that come in that shade of pink and glitter. With a phone like this I won't need to get extra cases just to mask the original colors.

    It's a VERY attractive phone to me, both the insides AND the aesthetics. Just hope it comes international, to Asia at least!

    But the chain is simply. What's the point if it scratches the phone?

  • Could be Anyone

    At least it looks better than most of the phone we get in the west. The phones in Japan actually have character unlike the ones we have which is both boring and ordinary.

  • Julie Ankrom

    Seriously--Japan has the best looking phones. As a female smartphone addict I wouldn't buy anything without good specs. I can however appreciate a good looking phone.

  • kostah

    anyone wondered about the name?

    just pronanounce it in fluently :P

    Medias X 06E == Media Se..., oh, se..y...