Cydia by developer Saurik has been around the block a few times, beginning in 2008 as a means of installing and modifying software on jailbroken iDevices. A diverse ecosystem has sprung up around the platform, expanding what iOS fans can do on their usually restricted devices. Saurik's Cydia Substrate, a platform for modifying devices without flashing new ROMs, has now made its way over to Android.

Cydia1 Cydia2

Cydia Substrate does not do anything interesting on its own, but developers can use the platform to distribute extensions that modify software without requiring access to source code. Rooted users are free to load these extensions to pimp out their phones without having to go through all the hassle of installing custom ROMs. Naturally, the practice isn't without its risks. But if you're the kind of person interested in tinkering with this, you probably became accustomed to taking risks a long time ago.

While it's nice to see another app ported over from iOS, this is 2013, and we Android lovers no longer need to wait for sloppy seconds before getting access to certain features. The Xposed Framework already allows users to modify ROMs without flashing or cracking open APKs.

All things considered, Cydia Substrate is a welcome addition to the Play Store and well worth following. Extensions must first be developed or ported to Android, so WinterBoard is the only one there is to see for the time being. Those of you running Gingerbread or higher can grab the app for free below. Keep in mind that this port is fresh, so proceed with caution.

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Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Stalemate


  • Royal2000H

    Everyone who jailbreaks on iOS always tells me how buggy their phone is after. Hopefully this doesn't carry over to Android.

    • Shahin Fadakar

      That's because they probably have no clue what they're doing. Give a console gamer Skyrim on a PC and tell them to mod it and they WILL fuck it up. I've been using iOS longer than I've been using Android, I was there when Cydia came around, and I've been using tweaks for as long as people have been publishing them. Only once had I ever had my phone/iPod freak out and become buggy. It takes care and patience, anyone that swears jailbreaking their phone or iPod ruined it can only blame themselves.

      • Royal2000H

        Don't get me wrong... they weren't saying it ruined their phone. They would say how there's all these bugs, but they still preferred being jailbroken despite the bugs.

        • Shahin Fadakar

          Yeah not directed towards you, I'm just sick of iPhone users being so scared of it when they literally have no clue of what it even is. If anyone doesn't want to or need to jailbreak, more power to them, but if they're going to badmouth Cydia because they literally don't know what they're talking about, they need to shut their mouths.

    • GazaIan

      As an iPad user, it really depends on the tweak. The jailbreak community on iOS has boiled down to a bunch of idiots and noob tweaks to the point where it's meh. There are still good things out there, but it's not s easy coming as it used to be. A lot of the fools who complain about bugginess, slowdowns, etc are the ones who install over a million tweaks, half of which aren't even compatible with their iOS version, then quarter of those which have so many bugs, memory leaks, etc... It's ridiculous. Then, they come back and blame the jailbreak developers.

      On iOS, MobileSubstrate in itself does nothing. It's just a framework. What's installed using MobileSubstrate is what causes the bugs, slowdowns, etc. and the same may apply here to this Android version. It won't show a difference with no tweaks installed, but when you start piling them up.. Don't get mad when bad shit happens.

  • Kree Terry

    Hmmm, this maybe be pretty awesome. just depends on support and how well tweaks and themes work with each other. Can't wait to see how this pans out though.

  • Vitaly Streltsov

    Xposed competitor?
    I'm still on xposed!

    • tintin.92

      Xposed doesn't work for Gingerbread, this does...

  • Omar Al Matar

    Now GIVE ME HALO! <3

    • Ivaylo Stoyanov

      You spelled Holo wrong.

      • Michael Parker

        Halo. From the Paranoid Android custom rom.

      • Omar Al Matar

        I never misspell holo, I. Am. Holo


  • Dan H.

    This is awesome! I was a long time ios user and took the risk jumping over to android. I like android but have missed my ios jailbreak tweaks. I hope this turms out to be as awesome as I hope it is.

  • NemaCystX

    This could literally be the Swiss Army Knife for modding Android.

    I would prefer an app that would act like a "Kitchen" though (I kinda think thats the direction Saurik is going with this though)

    • Michael Parker

      Nice job not reading the article. Something else that does exactly the same, better, and looking nicer already exists. Its in the article.

  • RaviShah

    WINTERBOARD! good memories from my ios days

  • TechGuy22

    meh. stay away from android, former IOS fanboy :D

  • Mike

    Doesn't work thank god I did a back up, my boy soft bricked his

  • z

    this app together with winterboard made problem with my two Xperia S's wifi hotspot.they closed everytime i enabled it.after I uninstalled this two apps,both phones work fine.