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Featured App

Strategy & Tactics: WW II

Today's roundup is presented by Strategy & Tactics: WW II from HeroCraft. You could be forgiven for thinking that this turn-based strategy game looks a lot like Risk, but instead of Napoleonic struggles, the digital adaptation takes the battlefield to WWII-era Europe. Players will advance across Italy, France and Germany, using a variety of ground and air units to push back the enemy. You can duke it out in skirmishes, win the war in three campaigns, or get your multiplayer on in WiFi battles or local "hot potato" play on a single device. There's also a free demo of Strategy & Tactics available.


Relive the greatest battles of WWII in this grand strategy masterpiece. Take command of the Axis to conquer Europe - then command the armies of the USSR and Allies to retake it. In Strategy & Tactics: World War II, you battle impressive AI enemies in three campaigns with a classic turn-based battle system and serried ranks of historically-accurate troops. Fight your way through eighteen missions with an exiting storyline and charismatic characters across Europe, Asia and Africa, research new technologies to improve your troops and build industry, and lead your armies to victory.

★ 3 full campaigns with 18 historical missions
★ Play multiplayer across different smartphones and tablets
★ Realistic global strategy with historically-accurate maps
★ A wide array of game modes
★ Juggle military, economic and scientific development
★ Several hardcore scenarios and a endlessly replayable skirmish mode



Android Police review: Carmageddon Review: Good Old-Fashioned Mindless Mayhem, But Not For The Faint Of Heart

The Mortal Kombat of racing games is back, in a special re-release for mobile. The updated version of Carmageddon looks better than ever, complete with road rage and pedestrian homicide. A mix of different control schemes should help old timer PC players to adjust to touchscreen and/or tilt controls. The classically violent racer is a steal at two bucks, and while it includes in-app purchases, they're only there for those who want to "cheat" and unlock the latter vehicles without earning them. Posers. Here's a free demo if you just want to try it out.


Carmageddon is the original freeform driving sensation, where pedestrians (and cows.) equal points, and your opponents are a bunch of crazies in a twisted mix of automotive killing machines. The game features anarchic drive-wherever-you-like gameplay and over-the-top surreal comedy violence. It’s the racing game where racing is for wimps. Now the same Mac & PC classic that was BANNED AROUND THE WORLD is back and available on Android phones and tablets.


Blitz Brigade - Online FPS fun

Android Police coverage: Gameloft's Blitz Brigade Hits The Play Store, Brings Team Fortress 2-Like Gameplay To Mobile

It's been said - often, and correctly - that Gameloft doesn't have a creative bone in its corporate body. But that doesn't mean their games are necessarily bad, and this rather shameless riff on Team Fortress 2 already has a few fans. With five classes and 6-on-6 team gameplay, plus the standard deathmatch and co-op modes, shooter fans will find a lot to like. But we couldn't blame you if you checked the in-app store for hats.


You ready for multiplayer action? Axis or Allies, victory or defeat, mayo or mustard All will be decided in the ultimate FPS showdown, Blitz Brigade. Become one of five highly skilled and totally badass classes and team up with other players to pound your enemies into the dirt and call them mean names. Finally, a true class-based multiplayer FPS game comes to Android.


Leviathan: Warships

Android Police review: Leviathan: Warships Review – You Wouldn't Buy A Speedboat With A Hole In It, Right?

This game has, hands-down, one of the best trailers for a mobile title we've ever seen. Stop reading this and scroll down a bit to watch it. Go ahead, I'll wait. Back? Leviathan Warships is a turn-based strategy game, an online take on the old Battleship formula that adds a ton of customizable weapons, armor, and ships. Ryan Whitwam found the game enjoyable, but the controls are tricky, and $5 is a lot for a game with just nine single-player missions.


Leviathan: Warships is a strategic action game where players can build and customize their own fleet of warships to play with or against their friends. Play together in the co-op campaign missions against the growing Marauder threat or fight through special Challenge Missions with your friends. If you rather want to test your admiral capabilities, you can fight against your friends or foes in skirmishes across multiple maps. The fleet editor features multiple ship and weapon types which can be combined in almost any possible way, allowing players to try out a vast amount of strategic possibilities.

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Sim

Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Artemis. Its six-player mission: to simulate the operations of a fictional spacecraft. To explore new gameplay modes and network with the PC game of the same name. To boldly go where no asynchronous multiplayer game has gone before. I just wish it had gone there at the same time that the iOS version did.


Artemis Space Bridge Simulator is a game where you take the role of a bridge officer in a sci-fi capital ship. You ARE your favorite character from your favorite space tv show. "This is Star Trek through the Rock Band filter. You are playing together as if you were on a ship." In other words, the game works best when you gather a group of 6 friends, pretend to be a Starfleet officer, and save the galaxy from the comfort of your computer.

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Android Police coverage: [New Game] Mosaique Is A Minimalist Puzzle Game With Simple Strategic Play

It takes a lot of imagination for a puzzle game to innovate, but Mosaique has it in spades. It's basically a match-two game that extends the paradigm to include blocks that are in between those of like color. It's hard to describe - check the video for a demonstration. In addition to a unique mechanic, the game is well-presented, and reasonably priced at one greenback.


Solve the Mosaique. Lose yourself in the pastime of another world. With just seven levels the game can be easily completed in the time it takes for sunlight to reach the Earth. Arrange and clear tiles of matching colors to beat each level and discover the hidden depths behind this addictive puzzle game. The pride of the Vraxis moon colonists is yours to enjoy.

Hero Forge Beta

Ever since Puzzle Quest, the combination of puzzle and RPG genres has become strangely compelling. Hero Forge takes things to the next level, with stylish 3D graphics, a puzzle system somewhere between Tetris and Bejeweled, and online play built in. With the beta comes a limitation - there's no single player quest. But at least it's free, and anyone who enjoys this peanut butter-chocolate combo is sure to be entertained.


Hero Forge is a fantasy puzzle RPG where you battle opponents by matching 3d blocks and executing skills in a series of intense rounds. First multiplayer G+ game for Android. Send us your feedback for the beta.

  • Play against other players online
  • Customize your character by crafting equipment
  • Share progress with friends
  • Challenge friends to duels
  • G+ integration

Burn Zombie Burn

Burn Zombie Burn is the latest in a long line of bite-sized downloadables from the Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam world to land on Google Play. The aim is pretty straightforward: kill zombies, preferably with fire (explosives and lead are not compulsory). While the top-down shooter mechanics of the game are pretty straightforward, players will have to use their heads while killing the undead: let the fires get too big, and your town goes up in smoke right along with the zombies. Also: the main character is named Bruce. Because why not.


Welcome to the char-grilled world of Burn Zombie Burn, where the best type of undead is barbequed undead. As featured in TegraZone. The goals are simple: keep Bruce alive, as he tries to keep Daisy alive, and get the highest score possible. Standing (well, ambling) in your way is a never ending horde of the rotting, stinking and stupid undead. Fortunately our mild-mannered hero Bruce can get hold of some tasty weaponry. Burn, batter, shoot, maim, blow up, mince, and obliterate as many zombies as possible before they make Bruce their dinner…

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Unreal 3 is becoming the go-to engine for some very good-looking Android games, the latest being BlastPoints. In this simplified 3D space shooter, the variety comes mostly from the customizations that can be applied to your tiny ship, which zips through some admittedly interesting Star Wars-grade scenery. Keep an eye out for in-app purchases - remember, there's no such thing as a free launch.


BlastPoints provides the thrill and excitement of space combat on a mobile device. Powered by the award-winning Unreal Engine 3, players control a fully customisable fighter as they dogfight across the galaxy. Over 34 million equipment combinations! Equip your ships with a variety of powerful weapons and special abilities, ranging from lasers and machine guns to missiles and EMP blasts! Test your piloting skills in a variety of mission types, ranging from Deathmatch to Endless. Test your skills against specific enemies in Challenge missions, or destroy them with no weapons!

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Daddy Was A Thief

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Daddy Was A Thief Enters The Play Store, Makes Off With Your Free Time

The economy has taken its toll on everyone. To cope, you can get a second job, do freelance work, or go on an all-ramen diet. For the portly protagonist of this casual game, the answer is burglary. The character smashes through the floors of a skyscraper in a sort of reverse Ice Climbers way, running from the law and avoiding obstacles. It's a cute little game, to be sure, and simple enough for just about everyone to enjoy.


Bank staff is usually friendly and polite. This time something went wrong. Gain as much money as you can. Hurry. Everyone try to catch you, but you are clever, aren’t you? Find combo speed boosts, shortcuts and grab power-ups to survive.

  • Smashable obstacles: walls, furnitures and more. Gain as much destructions as you can. Crash through walls, floors and watch the pieces fly all over.
  • Playable thieves and crazy power-ups to unlock
  • Different every time you play.
  • Just one finger control. (swipe up and down) Quick pick-up-and-play
  • Many achievements to earn

Punch Quest

Android Police coverage: [New Game] RocketCat Games Releases Punch Quest For Android - Yes, There's Punching

Noodlecake has made some fantastic throwback games in the past, and Punch Quest looks like a tongue in cheek (or possibly teeth in throat) nod to beat-em-ups of yore. The controls offer some basic fighting in the vein of Battletoads and Double Dragon, but the game's humor is decidedly modern. And by that, I mean there's a dinosaur mount that shoots lasers. Character customization and quests round out the features.


Punch Quest is an arcade-style fighting game, entirely controlled by taps with your left and right thumbs. Jab, uppercut, slam, and otherwise pummel your way through dungeons full of monsters, branching path choices, rare events, and fragile pottery.

  • Unlock and equip many special abilities and Supermoves.
  • Ride a dinosaur that shoots lasers out of its mouth.
  • Character customization.
  • Punch an egg that turns you into a magical gnome.
  • Do quests to earn really fancy hats.
  • Combo system where you launch enemies into each other from across the map.
  • Tablet support.

Fractal Combat

Flight sims for Android are thin on the ground, and even thinner in the air. Fractal Combat takes a decidedly arcade approach to the genre, with fast futuristic planes and mildly sci-fi weapons. The graphics look very good considering the rapid pace, especially the environments. In-app purchases are present, but reasonable: a dollar gets rid of the ads, and another will equip you with more stages or planes. Well done, devs.


Fast-paced futuristic arcade flight combat.

  • Spectacular 3D graphics.
  • 7 unique gorgeous fractal worlds
  • Earn new ships, upgrade weapons, generators, radars
  • Epic sound tracks
  • Intuitive accelerometer and touch controls

The DRM: Death Ray Manta

No, this game doesn't have anything to do with Digital Rights Management. It's a throwback to classic arcade shooters, with a modern-day gloss of paint a la Geometry Wars. It's also a port from a popular PC indie title, wherein players shoot enemy ships or get blown up themselves. The $1 title has no in-app purchases, upgrades, or frilly extras - shoot things until they die. And no, I have no idea what "Death Ray Manta" means either.


Death Ray Manta is an ARENA SHOOTER where you blow stuff up and make pretty colours in the spirit of Minter, Jarvis and Fearon. Death Ray Manta is an ARCADE GAME. Two sticks and a screen full of laser beams. Death Ray Manta is based on the acclaimed PC/Mac game of the same name. Edge Magazine [8] and co-star of the Eurogamer Expo 2012. Death Ray Manta does not waste your time. There is no guff, no IAP, no upgrades, just a videogame. Tap to start. Score higher.

Fleece Lightning

Chillingo has cultivated a reputation for simple, well-made games, and now they've licensed Aardman Animation's (the Wallace and Gromit guys) Shaun the Sheep. Fleece Lightning is a one-touch racing game in which Shaun dashes against his stinky and fleecy contemporaries. You'll need to dodge tractors, herded sheep, and inexplicable traffic cones, not to mention jump on farm houses and trampolines, to finish in the money. International readers can download the game here.


An official Shaun the Sheep app from Aardman Animations. Let's Race! Guide a turbo-charged Shaun the Sheep to victory against his farmyard foes, the naughty pigs in an epic Championsheeps themed race known as Fleece Lightning! Race through over 80 farmyard courses, jam packed with jumps, tricky obstacles and awesome power-ups! Fleece Lightning is farmyard fun you won't want to miss out on.

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This game has no text, very little story, and almost no color. So what's it doing here? The 2D graphics and atmosphere in this point-and-click adventure are hard to beat. If you want to try an old-school castle crawler with some new sensibilities, you could do a lot worse than Hiversaires. An atmospheric soundtrack helps to keep you in the mood to escape the otherwise silent prison.


Hiversaires is a cryptic point & click adventure game in a textless world. Created for adventurers who remember drawing maps to survive, the dark world of Hiversaires features an original Aliceffekt soundtrack to lure you through its entangled corridors.

Monkey Boxing

No one could accuse Crescent Moon of false advertising: this is a boxing game, and there are monkeys in it. This standard 2D fighter features everyone's favorite bipedal ape, a huge amount of goofy customization, and some pretty decent 3D graphics. Multiplayer is local only, but you can duke it out over WiFi or with multiple players on a single screen.


Enter the Monkey Boxing League with Monkey Boxing. Step inside the ring, do powerful K.O.s and combos, customize your monkey, and compete for HUGE Trophies.

  • High quality 3d Graphics: Fully animated 3D characters with dynamic accurate lighting.
  • Funny to Play: Ludicrous characters and fast paced, crazy gameplay.
  • Customization: Create your own Monkey Boxer choosing colors and wearable props up to more than 269 BILLIONS of combinations.
  • Unlockable Items: Win new wearable props beating loudicrous “famous” monkey boxers.
  • Addictive Gameplay: Challenge yourself and others to get the best score on infinite game levels.

Toy Defense 2

The original Toy Defense was well-received, so Melesta is back with the sequel. This one has a WWII theme for tower defense, but strangely keeps the toys, so you've got green Army Men and perfectly scaled-down tanks plowing through France and Germany. An impressive 72 levels are included in the full game, but if two whole bucks is a bit much for you to risk, there's a free demo with 18 levels instead.


Toy Defense 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the multi-million-download hit Toy Defense. Set in WW2, this action/strategy game is packed with more levels, amazing new features, a big selection of fighting units for each world, and more intense action than ever. Take part in various missions in a range of theaters of war, from the picturesque beaches and forests of Normandy to the deserts of northern Africa. The most epic battles of WW2 await you.


Chuck the Muck

Chuck is a living bit of goo that just wants what every goo wants: to stand tall and gloop freely. But to do that, he needs to eat, and that apparently necessitates being flung around by his own gelatinous protrusions. In this 2.5D physics puzzler, players chuck Chuck around several environments, grabbing crystals and avoiding obstacles. Environmental modifiers like cannons and falling blocks will challenge you in the later levels.


Meet Chuck, a spunky little blob with an ENORMOUS appetite. Keep him happy and watch him grow by collecting crystals in this physics-based adventure game. Use your finger to stretch and pull gooey globs of muck, creating bridges, shooting ooze cannons and flinging your high-flying critter. Navigate through treacherous environments avoiding exploding volcanoes and sneaky Welk guards as you pick up special bonus gear to advance your quest and reveal hidden challenges. The crystal buffet is open and it’s all you can eat, so get ready to Chuck the Muck.

Wizard Ops Tactics

The tactical RPG sub-genre has a small but dedicated fanbase, and they've been woefully underserved on Android thus far. Wizard Ops Tactics takes the turn-based, class-heavy gameplay of Tactics Ogre and similar games, and puts it in a full 3D environment with some welcome over the top humor. Syncing online multiplayer is included, which could be an issue, given the in-app purchases.


Part Action, Part Strategy, Total Wizardry - Battle Friends in Wizard Ops Tactics. Are YOU ready to command a crazy commando team known as the Wizard Ops? Prepare to BATTLE your friends and the rest of the world to see who is the ULTIMATE Wizard Commander. Wizard Ops Tactics is an asynchronous, turn based, tactical game that allows you to battle your friends whenever and wherever you like. Build and customize your armies for maximum destruction.

Emilly In Darkness

Somebody call Tim Burton, things are about to get creepy. In Emilly (two l's) In Darkness, you play as a recently deceased girl, wandering through the twilight of a moody purgatory. Gameplay is a mix of point-and-click adventure to advance the story, and a little Zelda-style action. Graphics definitely have a Silent Hill vibe, or at least they would, if Silent Hill had been hand-drawn and a bit more on the goth side.


"Emilly in Darkness" tells the story of Emilly who, for reasons unknown, wakes up alone in a dark forest, and after a few moments is fatally gunned down by an unseen assassin. However, she does not die, at least not in the traditional sense of death. Instead, Emilly finds herself suspended in a grim and odd place, not so different from hell. She is lost, alone, surrounded by demons, and oddly enough, other forlorn people, people whose intentions are not always clear. This is just the beginning...

Green Force: Zombies

It wouldn't be a game roundup without a zombie game. To its credit, Green Force Zombies looks like a pretty high-caliber shooter (see what I did there?) that mixes the usual gung-ho FPS attitude with the undead. At the moment the game is limited to standard and survival modes, with just two different maps (at least one more is on the way) and no multiplayer. Beware the wrath of the in-app purchases.


Green Force: Zombies brings the flavour of true FPS gaming with Zombies action. This includes survival mode. We have added a unique mode called Turbo mode and zombies will keep on spawning randomly and aim is to survive as long as you can. You have the choice of different weapons and two maps with two different modes. That makes in combination a lot more choice.


Active Soccer

This is probably as close to FIFA as you're likely to get without selling your soul to EA for seven bucks. The arcade-style futbol game is a bit light on features, but the gameplay is fast, and controls are solid. The audio in particular seems to be a literal crowd-pleaser, with dynamic crowd reactions and chanting. Online multiplayer is included, and apparently goes cross platform too - perfect for playing with your friends on the dark side.


The king of the arcade Soccer is back and now it's available for Android... Play the first online cross platform football game ever, play Active Soccer: be ready for the revolution.

  • Classic gameplay
  • 360 degrees movements
  • Total control of the game
  • Exciting online multiplayer experience
  • Choose your preferred player and climb up the international ranking
  • Compete in the world cup and try to prevail

Ninja Twins

These two ninjas have some interesting quirks. First, they're roughly the same shape as Mister Five By Five. Second, they can only move in straight lines, and can't stop until they hit something solid (or each other). Get at least one of these gravity-defying twins to the treasure in as few moves as possible. The graphics are decidedly retro, with an interesting game concept that takes a little-used puzzle element and thoroughly explores it.


Ninja Twins is a paced puzzle game on you control two ninjas moving them at the same time. The game have 30 levels in total. Your objective is touch the chest with one of the characters avoiding the ninja stars in the minimum movements possible. One advise: Expect the unexpected.

Sargot Free

A mix between a dungeon crawler and a standard puzzle game, Sargot stars a demon who's grown bored of his underworld crib and wants to blow the joint. He'll need to get through a laundry list of RPG obstacles in order to do it. Graphics are simple, but the puzzles themselves should offer some challenge. The full game is just a buck, and you can try out the free demo to boot.


Sargot is a puzzle game involving a demon that is bored with hell and wants to leave. He is allowed to leave, but the way out is full of maddening puzzles. Open gates with books, walk through fire after drinking potions, move giant skulls, walk through portals. In the end Sargot will become free, will you be able to help him?

Lazy Raiders

Remember the bonus levels in the original Sonic the Hedgehog, where you tumble through a constantly spinning maze looking for rings? Namco has essentially recreated this game mechanic, and given it a Raiders of the Lost Ark makeover. Use tilt controls to guide your marble explorer through the temple, grabbing goodies and avoiding hazards. It looks pretty polished, but watch out for a monster file size.


You are in control, as you send the Doctor on a gravity-defying quest through 60 mazes by spinning and flipping the world around. Beware of those thieves and traps, though. Without any challenge, you’ll just grow lazy. And we wouldn’t want that, would we? In Lazy Raiders, you have to help Dr. Diggabone, a lazy, greedy, and funny archaeologist gather lots of money so that he can retire early. Unlike most traditional heroes, Dr. Diggabone isn’t quite the hands-on type of person. That’s where you come in. You don’t move Dr. Diggabone—you move the world around him.

Lemegeton Master Edition

This stupendously expensive game takes its inspiration from Castlevania... and a ton of Japanese RPGs. The 3D action platformer is an expanded version of this free game (which you should probably check out first) with more skills and an extra character. You'll need a high tolerance for anime-style storytelling to get through it, but the 3D graphics (with 2D gameplay) are pretty good. Worth ten bucks? I'll let you be the judge. Check the description below for some entertaining English translation.


A special agent, Sabio, of a mysterious organization, St. Guardian, is ordered to pursue a traitor, Pecador. Pecador steal St. Guadian's vital item, Solomon Ring and run to the well-known Italy ghost town Craco. Sabio go after him and encounter attacks by demons inside Craco. In episode 2, Sabio and Noiva decided to get back Craco. They ensure the escape path such that they can go whenever any dangerous thing happen. Noiva think it is worth to study for investigating the demon world. Sabio want to find out Pecador and Dawn. Also, he want to truth behind everything.

Undead Soccer

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Undead Soccer Is A Solid Casual Game That Must Be The Victim Of A Serious Pricing Error

It's soccer. With zombies. What more do you want? Well, that's not entirely true - this isn't a straight-up sports game, instead you're tasked with killing zombies via a mystical soccer ball, in a wacky modification of a turret shooter. It's kind of like Army of Darkness meets Shaolin Soccer. 30 balls, 6 power-ups, and a surprising variety of bad guys keep things interesting through seven levels.


Protect the world with your only weapon, a soccer ball. After you had been banned from a match, you were waiting with anger in the athlete room. You walked back to the field because it seemed to be too quiet for such a big match and found everything has changed. All players, referees, and audiences became zombies.. Now you have only two things left with you; a football and a trashcan lid. Use them as your weapon and your shield. Your football skill will save you from these cruel zombies.

XField Paintball Beta XFP Free

Paintball games are strange. People play paintball to simulate a real, tactical battle, with some of the rules established by shooting games. Then you make a game out of that game, and everything goes Xzibit. Anyway, this particular bit of recursive insanity includes standard FPS modes, simulated paintball arenas, and a story campaign. A story mode? Are you freakin' kidding me?


Discover the first dedicated 3D paintball FPS, developed by professional paintball actors and supported by brands such as Dye, Sup Air Ball, Paintball Designer, Xpaint or Invisible. If you are a Paintball fan, if you want to see upgrades in a FPS without hemoglobin, if you want new crazy features, participate in the adventure of PCB Game, an independent studio invested in the development of the most evolved game of paintball on mobile and tablets.


Say the Same Thing

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Say The Same Thing Brings Hilarious Trailer And Pricey Gameplay To Android

There's nothing in this game that you couldn't get by playing with people in real life. You attempt to come up with the same word through a series of blind guesses. The reviews aren't even that good - you'll have to win regularly or pay for gaming tokens. The only real reason we're including the game in this roundup is because of the awesome video below, featuring members of OK Go. Because apparently they're game designers now.


From the band OK Go, a totally new kind of word game. It's creative, with no preset answers -- a funny, unpredictable, mind-melding, turn-by-turn game where you have to think like your friends. Say the Same Thing is the word game where you and a friend win together. You each start by entering a random word and then you each guess a word that connects those two, something they both have in common or a bridge between them (see some examples in the screenshots). Repeat with each new pair of words until you Say the Same Thing.


Dust Fighter

This is an officially licensed game starring a Bosch jigsaw. You read that right. The object is to avoid dangerous hazards in your surprisingly curvy cut order, making Dust Fighter remarkably like an endless runner game. Yes, it's an ad, which makes me wonder why it also includes in-app purchases (which are entirely optional, as the app description takes pains to point out). Not that many of you are likely to be upset by this, but the game seems to be unavailable in the US.


Bosch presents Dust Fighter, the endless runner for real professionals. Play the toughest game challenge in the app store. Show that you’re a professional with a jigsaw and don’t give dust a chance. Evade hazardous obstacles, like falling knives, nails, screw wrenches or measuring tapes, and saw your way to a high score. Work accurately, extend the lifetime of your saw and look after your health by collecting the Click & Clean Bonus.

Dark Avenger

We've been pretty down on Gamevil for a while, but we also recognize that some people genuinely like their games. So here's Dark Avenger, a dungeon crawler that's part Diablo and part Devil May Cry. You'll still have to contend with Gamevil's constant IAP upsell, ridiculous advertising, and offensive root permission requests. But if you can find a fun game underneath all that, more power to you.


Enter the dungeon and hack-n-slash your way towards immortality. The highly anticipated dungeon crawler arrives on mobile. Evil has awoken from its slumber. Our heroes must rise and send the forces of darkness back to the depths of hell. Choose from three heroic classes: Templar, Archer, or Mage. Equipped with enhanced, intuitive controls, you will experience the game like never before. Participate in the Tower of Eternity and solidify your rank as the mightiest. Featuring real-time PvP, you can battle friends and foes around the globe.

Toy Story: Smash It! FREE

Disney apparently wasn't raking in enough dough with their licensed Toy Story game before, so they've released a free version with 15 preview levels. It's a lot like a 3D Angry Birds, with the iconic Buzz Lightyear smashing down building blocks and other playroom accoutrements.


Join Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the Disney Pixar “Toy Story” gang in the FREE version of the best-selling puzzle game. Smash through 15 EXCLUSIVE levels not found in the full game. “Toy Story: Smash it.” is an all-new, 3D physics-based puzzle game featuring your favorite “Toy Story” characters. Play the FREE VERSION today with these features:

  • 15 levels of block-breaking puzzle play that are part of an exclusive, lost episode not found in the full game.
  • Play as Buzz Lightyear, and perfect the angles and aim needed to beat every level.
  • Embark on new adventures with the Toys through hilarious encounters in outer space and alien chases in the Wild West.

Flick Golf! Free

The Flick series of casual games has expanded, so now developer Full Fat is offering the original in free to play form. Graphics have been noticeably improved, with great-looking environments on a variety of golf courses.


Flick Golf is back and FREE TO PLAY, featuring stunning new graphics, faster gameplay and more competition. Simply more addictive than ever. #1 Sports Game in over 100 Countries. Flick Golf is unique and so challenging it's hard to put down. The question is, can you master it? No clubs. No rules. Just flick, spin and curve your shots to try and sink that perfect hole in one. Watch out for the usual hazards; bunkers, trees, sand, water... and of course the wind.

Vex Blocks free

We featured Vex Blocks in a previous roundup: it's a pretty basic puzzle game with a surprisingly polished presentation. The new free version appears to include all the levels from the original but adds advertising to the in-app purchases.


“Vex Blocks” is the easy-to-play, exciting and addictive block game. Match up blocks by symbol and/or color to draw the longest chain of lightning possible. Draw lightning chains on your screen to surround and neutralize bomb blocks before they explode or to capture power-ups and increase your coin count. Collect coins to gear up with unique power-ups like the Black Hole, X-Block or Nuke to help you along the way. Challenge your friends to beat your score and earn more coins, or team up and take on our score trials together.

Rage of the Gladiator (Xperia)

We've featured Rage of the Gladiator before; it's a typical Infinity Blade-style beat-em-up with some jaw-dropping graphics. The controls for the game are naturally touch friendly, but if you just can't stand playing with anything but pliable plastic, now there's an Xperia Play optimized version.


You play the role of Gracius, a gladiator battling for his life in the arena. Your opponents are no ordinary evil, but are epic boss fights whose tricky attacks will challenge even the most elite gamers. There are no ‘fodder’ enemies – its all bosses -- the most fun part of games. Beat them before they brutally beat you.

WTF Game(s) Of The Week

Super OBAMA's World

Yup, it's Mariobama. Republicans and elephants take the place of Koopas and Goombas, and check out the red, white, and blue control scheme. I'm tempted to play it, just so I can get to the White House to find that my majority whip is in another mansion.


Join Obama in this incredible adventure in Super Obama's world. Fight your way to the White House in 52 amazing levels. Help Barack in his fight against Republicans – leaded by Mitt Romney in person and seconded by GW Bush. Who will prevail in this fantastic android game? Will smart, brave donkeys be victorious again? Or is it time for strong elephants to take over in this epic battle?

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If you have an application in mind for the next issue of the roundup, feel free to send us an email and let us know.

Important: there are 2 requirements in order for the app to be considered, listed below.

  • the app's launch date has to be no longer than 2 weeks ago
  • it has to be original, ground-breaking, well-reviewed, interesting, fun, etc - the cream of the crop

Now, if and only if the above requirements have been satisfied, fire up an email to this address: [email protected].

1 sponsored placement per week is available (your app would be featured at the top and marked as sponsored) - please contact us for details.