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Hulu's premium TV service hit 4 million users last week, and to celebrate, they've released an update to their Android app. (Actually, the update probably doesn't have anything to do with that. Forget I mentioned it.) The 2.8 version of Hulu Plus adds some much-needed improvements, particularly for playback and video seeking. The free app (tied to the paid service) is now compatible with a wider range of devices - the Play Store is showing everything from the Galaxy S II to my Nexus 7 running Android 4.2 as compatible.

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The revised app has better playback performance and reduced buffering, a great help to anyone who's trying to catch up with All My Children over 3G. You can also see a pop-up preview while tracking through an episode, and there's a 10-second rewind button (a lot like the same feature in the Netflix app). Lastly, Hulu Plus now supports game controllers and other external peripherals, which should be handy if you're using your phone or tablet with an HDMI cable. Unfortunately, the app still isn't universal - my dusty old Droid Incredible is listed as incompatible.

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According to the latest reviews in the Play Store, the update has indeed addressed some of the more annoying streaming issues. If you're a subscriber, let us know how the app is working for you in the comments.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • anon

    Does it still break on all the AOSP custom roms? Pisses me off so bad. Nearly bad enough to cancel my subscription. If the wife didn't like it so much they would have lost the hell out of my business.

    • Tidbits808

      Already canceled mine. If they are that bent on DRM while their competitors are not I will go with them. Netflix, and Crunchyroll work regardless of what rom you use. Hulu needs to get the clue.

    • Daniel Rodriguez

      Good news! I had the same problem before, had uninstalled the app. Only reason I didn't close my service is I still wanted to watch stuff on my Xbox. Anyway..

      I'm on a Nexus 4, running the latest alpha of Paranoid Android, rooted. The previous version did not work on it, so I uninstalled it. I just installed this new version? And it seems to be running fine. Watching an episode of Supernatural on it right now! I even restarted the phone and went back into the app just to be sure, and it's letting me watch shows just fine! It's also working again on my rooted (ParanoidAndroid 3.15) TF300T tablet (after so long not working on it after I rooted it). Nice to finally have it back. So, at least in my experience it seems they finally got over their hate of the AOSP roms. Or maybe it's just PA?

      Anyone else having luck getting this new version of Hulu working on an AOSP rom?

    • AlisonKrauss

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  • TomStieger

    Does it actually work over HDMI? I cancelled my subscription a year ago because the stupid app didn't have the non-plus hulu web content and didn't allow for hdmi output.

    • TLC

      most of the stuff that people whine about is clearly restrictions that are put on them by the TV companies themselves who require extra restrictions be instituted to avoid out of the country access, access for some shows on the TV (which would make u more likely to cancel your cable subscription), etc.

      Hulu is fighting the good fight and is trying to bring the old media into the new reality kicking and screaming. Theyre just fighting it from the inside the system (largely by necessity), which means theyre sometimes bound by these kind of unfortunate restrictions.

      Think about it. Lord knows they don't care if we root our phones or use HDMI-out or pay with foreign credit cards - as long as we're giving them our money. That's totally within their interest... EXCEPT for the fact that the TV companies who they get their content from don't want any of those things.

  • BkEnigma

    Shame I couldn't get Hulu, apparantly they don't allow Rooted phones. Such a shame.

    • Daniel Rodriguez

      This latest version works on rooted phones and tablets. At least, it's working on my rooted Nexus 4 phone and TF300T tablet.

      • BkEnigma

        Hmm interesting, maybe I'll try it again, gotta see if they'd allow a rooted Note 2.

  • Udit Tripathy

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