Samsung has just announced details of a new syncing/file management tool called Side Sync, which it mentioned last month alongside new ATIV PC branding.

The basic idea behind the app is easy, painless file and information transfer from PC to mobile and vice versa. This is accomplished using a dock that plugs into your PC's USB port. Once hooked up, you can share your mouse and keyboard with your Samsung phone, dragging and dropping files, and copying and pasting information as you please. Users can also set the service to automatically sync photos. Here's Samsung's introductory video for the product:

IconImage_20130508003015447_NEW_WEB_SHOT2_HALF IconImage_20130508003015447_NEW_WEB_SHOT3_HALF IconImage_20130508003015447_NEW_WEB_SHOT4_HALF

As great as the service looks, the tagline "PC in Mobile, Mobile in PC" is at least a little misleading - Side Sync doesn't just work with just any PC – it's only compatible Samsung PCs. As a matter of fact, it only works with some Samsung PCs, so far including the ATIV Book, ATIV Book Q, ATIV One, and ATIV Tab globally, and the same selection inside Korea, with the addition of the ATIV Smart PC. This is its fatal flaw.

If you own a PC that's not part of the above ATIV family, you can forget about effortlessly transferring files and information between your devices with Side Sync.

That said, Side Sync is actually a great idea, and looks like it could provide major utility. If you just so happen to have your hands on a compatible PC and a Samsung phone and you feel like peeking into Samsung's app store, hit the link below to grab the app.

Side Sync on Samsung Apps

via SammyHub

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Bariman43

    Samsung seems to have delusions that it owns its own ecosystem.

    • Egnimatic_Foolishness

      It's not so much that it's delusional about it's level of importance, but it's aiming at influencing the GalaxySheep (that's a thing right?) into thinking that Samsung is that important and that all their customers NEED to have all galaxy everything in order to remain a part of the Cool kids crew.

      Forgive my grammar, it's late and I'm doing a last minute project from work (yet I somehow find time to be on AP....smh)

      • Matthew Fleisher

        I suppose it's a valid moniker...iPhone, iPad, iMac... I'd rather be a Galaxy Sheep than a crApple fanboy.

        • SetiroN

          And why is that? I mean, what is the difference in your eyes?
          Serious question, not sarcastic.

          • Matthew Fleisher

            I have a lot more freedom and control over any Android device. I have owned a few Apple products and just didn't like the way they functioned. If I don't like the way my Android device functions I change it.

          • SetiroN

            Of course; it's clear that you can modify your android phone to a larger extent, but my question was a little different:

            what I don't get is why a galaxy ecosystem is better than the apple one and why buying solely samsung products should be preferred.
            Their phones and PCs still have to comply with windows and android standards, obviously making the single device more open and capable of interacting with many different products, but that goes out the window if you're going for "galaxy everything".

            My question is: what makes buying only samsung products (and getting tied within their ecosystem) a valid if not superior alternative to doing the same with apple products?

          • Matthew Fleisher

            The great thing about this is that the developer community will probably figure out a way to make this work on any computer. I'm not saying Samsung specifically is better.

          • http://www.facebook.com/sfreemanoh Steve Freeman

            Yeah, I don't think anyone (except Samsung) is advocating buying only Samsung products.

          • someone

            I don't have Samsung products. I just have one question for you: from your browser, can you upload any file (PDF) of your choice to any website?

            This seems like basic functionality to be implemented that 95% of devices can do.

            Who says I'm tied to their ecosystem? I can go on the play store OR samsung's for software.

            I can use any USB cable and charger, not just Samsung.

            Samsung also tends to have a superset of features of most phone manufacturers, even while following standards. Have you seen any other manufacturer or software accomplish what this article is about? Nope.

            So to answer your question, a lot of Samsung branded things can still be reused. This dock can still be used to charge any other phone.

            I don't even own a Samsung product (a gnex, but that's not really Samsung managed), and I can see the appeal.

          • SetiroN

            That PDF question is proof that you didn't get the concept I was trying to pass through: I don't defend apple's ecosystem, I despise closed ecosystems in general (not excluding google's) and level them with cupertino's.
            I was (one year ago, lol) merely questioning the sanity of people praising a fully samsung ecosystem, which makes as much sense as apple's: none, unless you're wearing blinkers.

            Samsung follows standards only as long as the market forces it to: you can't use any usb cable to charge your samsung tablet.
            Their superset of features is a half-assed way of swaying customers away from standardised practices in favour of their samsung-exclusive "features", which will try to lock you into it. Not that different from apple, just a little more mild because they still have to run android and windows underneath and stay within their boundaries.
            First chance they get, they try to go in-house (smartwatches, tizen), they're just not very good at it and keep needing standard software anyway.

          • Kim Griff

            I have thought about this question (quite long and hard) it hasn't given me sleepless nights per se, but I needed to make sure that my integrity was intact. I, you see, am one of a dying breed of people who are known for being individual and not "following the so called crowd". The thought of following any sort of crowd makes me shudder, because that is the way I was brought up....to express my individuality and to celebrate my individuality, so effectively being called a "Galaxy sheep", not only annoyed me a little, but also make me wonder if I'd succumbed to some sort of "dark Samsung magic!" My conclusions are that I like a Samsung Galaxy handset (in my case, notes 3 & 4 and a Tab S 10.5), simply because they offer some added benefits over other handsets, especially the Note range.I like the fact that they build a sturdy handset which isn't going to look like a scratched up old toy after 3 months but most of all, I like the fact that the company is innovative and often sticks it's head above the parapet, sometimes getting it wrong but sometimes getting it really right. They don't mind showing their individuality and innovation
            There is a world of difference between a closed ecosystem and a skin (which nearly all handset manufacturers apply over Android anyway)
            I suppose that in conclusion what I am saying is: The big difference being choice....I can choose Whether or not I add extra storage space by adding an sd card. I can choose to carry an extra fully charged battery so I'm never stuck up **** Creek without a paddle. I choose these things.

          • BakoD

            Faulty premise. There's no ecosysyem by Samsung other than being part of Android's. They sell products that work well together. I'd like to see apple write drivers for someone else's hardware.

      • squiddy20

        "and that all their customers NEED to have all galaxy everything in order to remain a part of the Cool kids crew"
        This. Right here. Is proof that Samsung is trying to be the next Apple with a closed ecosystem. Apple does stores within stores, so does Samsung. Apple makes apps that only work on other Apple hardware (iMessage, Facetime, etc), here's proof of Samsung doing the same.

        • spunkysam

          At least Apple lets me run itunes on my Windows computer

    • shonangreg

      My experience from having a Galaxy Note (1) in Japan and trying to use their Kies Windows software (on 32-bit Windows 7) lead me to believe that Samsung sucks at software. I imagine my carrier, docomo, is responsible for some of the problems with the phone, but the mass of problems people all over the world have with Kies leaves little doubt about their ability to write Windows software.

    • tiga
  • Jesse Campo

    I have a Samsung Series 9 13.3 ultrabook, seems crazy it wouldn't work for such a high end computer of theirs, hell it's the one shown in the video with it.

  • Gabriel Redondo

    Screen sharing app works with any windows pc :) (and i think with any android device too)

  • Dean

    There's an app called sharekm which let's you use your mouse and key board. And works with all pcs. I've been using it for around 6 weeks and it works great.

  • Sean Bunquin

    I hope they make this compatible with all PCs or some other dev create something like this instead, its a neat feature

  • Level380

    Google needs to ramp up google drive or some type of sync program just like this for google io release!!!

  • wil

    On my original galaxy note I can plug in a mouse into the micro usb to usb converter and use a mouse on my device right now, it even pops up a cursor on the screen. You can click and right click till your hearts content. No PC necessary. With a blue tooth keyboard you have a "computer" that fits in your pocket. (Yes I have big pockets...ha ha ha)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      That's not really the point of Side Sync at all. It's about synergy-like seamless multi-device usage.

      • GraveUypo

        problem is my pc has a hundred times more storage than my cellphone :|
        also what's the problem with the regular way anyway?

        • József Király

          There is no problem, this is just another shiny feature so Samsung can say "yes we did that too". Use is not too much, except if you have a nice desktop setup with the dock and the laptop/desktop (probably in the future they open it up to any Windows/Linux machine, not so sure about Mac), and the phone is out of reach, you can easily do stuff.

          Not to mention that if you use your device as a media station (Spotify/Youtube streaming, etc.), it makes life a lot easier, especially if you are working with resource-eating software on your PC.

      • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

        speaking of which, when the heck is Synergy for Android going to become stable?!

  • Nirudha Perera

    Luckily for file transfers and SMS's at least AirDroid has you covered on any most any PC or Mac.

  • http://www.williamint.com William Aleman

    Can we all start to hate Samsung?

    • Kim. P


  • Leif Sikorski

    They said the app is pre-installed on samsung ativ computers, but there will be a software for all PCs in the next months.

  • gladgura

    I don't know, this seams so 1999 early 2000s. I can't remenber the last time I needed to connect my phone with my computer (not rooting anyway). When I had my HTC Dream G1 I was always doing that.

  • maidindan

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  • http://www.facebook.com/toan.truong.94 Toan Truong

    so thís one only work with galaxy s4 ? what about s3 :(

  • Not always on #dealwithit

    Only certain PCs only, well that just sucks seeing as I rather just connect my phone to my PC via cable and I don't need to buy both the dock and samsung computer.

  • Andrew

    This is pretty cool, but having it only on Samsung PCs is retarded. Also, Airdroid, and other solutions, offer most (if not all, when combined) of the functionality for more than just Samsung phones.

  • TheCraiggers

    Sigh. It looks like Samsung is copying Apple again.

    Don't forgot Sammy, the courts decided you could patent business processes too. Watch out!

  • leo Finn

    Seems good and all but why not just try and replace the laptop. You can already use a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. You don't need 500 gigs of space either. Just a good connection at home and you can have what you need for the day cached in a matter of a few minutes. What we really need is better batteries.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcus.blough Marcus Blough

    Samsung makes PCs? For the US market? Regardless, I wouldn't be surprised if someone hacks the PC executable to allow it to work on any PC. It doesn't appear to use special hardware to communicate with the phone...

  • wolfkabal

    Who's ready to tear the software and apk apart to make this kind of thing work on any device? I'll start with the apk, someone else meet me in the middle.

  • Freak4Dell

    The grammar and awkward tone of voice in the video is going to haunt my brain for days.

  • M

    I almost thought to reconsider my HTC One over S4 decision with this feature, but with the restrictions it makes this feature that much easier to dismiss.

  • Kenneth
  • Sic n’ tird

    Samsung has been trying to be next next king of the mountain ever since apple decided to launch the first volley against them in their legal battles. I'm just gonna wait until someone decided to port the program to other PCs or until Samsung finally realizes their shit doesn't smell like roses and makes it available on all systems. We don't need another preppy company. We just need a company that decides that for once, maybe we should care about all of our customers instead of the elitist few.

  • Enes Taşdemir

    I am using a Samsung notebook and it makes me frustrated that i cant use this feature.

  • tiga
  • holdingbreath

    Heck, I can't get it working on capatible Samsung products! And their support is horrible. Was on the phone for hours. Their final answer was that we had to create a Samsung login - (tying you tighter to Samsung for those who are concerned) but it didn't work. I dunno if they are just trying to make it too closed or what, but sidesync has been a frustrating experience.

  • Karena8

    Side Sync is handsdown my favorite app! I am a Samsung S4 power user. Super anal rententive about organization and maxium function of smart phones. You don't spend that much money to talk on the phone and play solitare!
    I take amazing photos on my S4 & go blind using all the cool photo apps even with the larger screen. With Side Sync, my Samsung Tablet becomes my phone FULL SCREEN of tablet via wifi direct link and literally the only thing it cannot do is answer a phone call! I can text, surf the Net, edit photos, post, send emails and I can use ALL of my apps as my phone interface ON the tablet. (With that said, you can shuffle between the tablet and phone) I have a 64GB SD card in the phone so all my photos are filed by folder & event, clearing device space.
    I also have Side Sync with my Dell laptop for download & upload as necessary but I do prefer straight USB transfer from phone SD & or Device to PC. This app makes Apple look like amatuers. Android is just so much more flexible from device to device.