Looks like ASUS has something up its sleeve for Computex this year, as it just released a rather uninformative teaser for the event. Of course, teasers are supposed to be pretty uninformative, so I guess this one is doing its job.

Throughout the video we get brief glimpses of past ASUS products, along with what could be some upcoming products. The most notable image in the bunch comes close to the end of the video, with what appears to to be a new stylus-sporting tablet:


Of course, there's no indication that any of this is Android-related; given ASUS' past dedication to the OS, however, it's unlikely that we won't see at least one new gadget with our favorite open source OS running on it.

Computex is happening early next month in Taipei, Taiwan, so it won't be long until we find out all the details. With Google I/O around the corner and CTIA directly after that, it's going to be a pretty exciting few weeks around here.

[via Engadget]

Cameron Summerson
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  • btod

    The "Note" line of Samsung products just got a competitor...

  • Jonathan Isenberg

    I hope so, the successor to the TF-700 better rock my socks off. I'm holding out for the next in the TF series or the Nexus 11.

    The keyboard dock is a very tempting feature, USB is another great one too.

    • Ivan Myring

      Yes. A 11 inch, quad core 2 GB RAM, full HD tablet with a pen and keyboard would kick ass.
      Also i want root on it from day 1.

      • Ryan O’Neill

        I could almost go without root if there was a tablet that awesome. But obviously there will be an exploit soon after release.

  • http://profiles.google.com/tdubtu Tony Byatt

    Looks like they'll be introducing their next Transformers with a stylus...

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    I am willing to see the products if it is better than the one I am using.

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  • deltatux

    Price it right, design it properly, and having Android on it and I'll buy it. I've been burned by Asus over the Transformer Prime but I'll forgive them if they wow me with this.

  • Loren Cogar

    Please be a Tegra 4 tablet and please fix the i/o issue before releasing!! My TF700 would have been perfect if it wasn't for the i/o lag.

    • Adrian

      For everyone who's got a TF Infinity, I can thouroughly recommend CROMi-X custom ROM on XDA. i/o lag gone! Tab is super slick now. Chef SDBags is very responsive and active in the thread. Check it out - it makes the Infinity the tablet Asus should have released! :)

  • Unni

    Please make an infinity without the i/o lag, with miracast and a digitiser...

  • Brandon Fletcher

    Any Note tablet competition with a non-crap screen and a decent price will be a day 1 purchase for me. A 7-8 inch version would be welcome too, but I can deal with hugeness if the price is right.

  • Rohin Galhotra

    Looks like a router imho.

    Edit: I watched a video and it's definitely not a router.

  • master94

    I want. Always loved Asus, great build quality and cheap prices

  • Chong Kok Hoong

    it should be a windows based tablet IMO, the dropping block at 0:13 might hint W8's Modern UI, and if u look at 0:19, the keyboard seems to have a windows key on it, or maybe a hybrid that runs both. Last parts of the teaser hints mass storage, cloud storage and ebook app?

  • Ryan O’Neill

    Could that "WE TRANSFORM" line at the end have anything to do with...oh, idk...a new transformer tablet?

  • http://www.facebook.com/kiwimalayalee Joel Joseph

    its the new asus watch lol... in the video " time " is emphasized alot...