Another day, another OTA, this time for Sprint's and AT&T's variants of the Galaxy S4. The updates – which are labeled as builds MDL and I337UCUAMDL, respectively - are beginning to roll out to all Ma Bell and Now Network owners of the GS4, and looks to include a few app, feature, and kernel changes.

Here's what the Sprint update includes:

  • SMS notification enhancements
  • S-Health enhancements

In addition, though not listed in Sprint's official announcement post, we believe this software contains a kernel patch that prevents unauthorized root access. More details can be found here.

Here's what the AT&T update brings:

  • Touch screen sensitivity improvement
  • Enhanced Multi window experience
  • New S-Health version

The updates weigh in at less than 50MB each. Pretty minor. Still, improvements are improvements, and it's good to see continued support from Samsung and U.S. carriers.

[AT&T; Sprint]

Kyle Wiggers
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  • triangle8

    S health definitely needed an update because the step counter wasn't working properly.

  • Andrew

    I can confirm it kills root on at&t phones

    • s44

      Every OTA kills your current root. This AT&T update does *not* lock out su from working, prevent you from rerooting with RootKeeper or MotoChopper, or otherwise block users from getting and using root.

      Samsung is differentiating between bootloader locked devices (no root lock) and bootloader unlocked ones. This is a very good sign.

  • stk

    Another OTA!
    Still have not received the one from 4-27-2013.

  • Asphyx

    I wonder if this also kills the Bootloader exploit that was found for the AT&T S4

  • Dnsmom

    Now unable to hide applications and do not see how to "disable" them. S4 - Sprint - any suggesions?