Owners of the original Galaxy Note in the great white north are getting a little present today – a brand new (year old) version of Android is coming to their devices. Samsung has announced via Twitter that owners will be getting the update starting today on Bell, Telus, and Rogers.

The update is going out over Samsung's Kies program on all carriers, but it looks like OTA updates are occurring as well. Telus lists instructions for updating to Android 4.1.2 via the phone's update menu, as well as Kies. Forum posts on the Rogers site also say the update can be obtained through Kies or OTA. Bell is a bit murky still. The carrier's site hasn't been updated with information on the update yet. The Bell update should work over Kies at the very least.

The Android 4.1.2 update for the Note brings various improvements to Samsung's apps, including popup video browser. Perhaps more importantly 4.1.2 includes Google Now, expandable notifications, and Project Butter for the original Note. Start mashing that update button, folks.

[Telus, Rogers, Bell (not updated yet), Kies]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://profiles.google.com/bjh2379 Robert Haegele

    Wonder when its coming to Tmobile?

  • Pattmyn

    And this is why the first thing I did with the phone was root it and putting new ROMs on it. Bell is also especially bad for locking out updates to force users to get new devices, in my experience (clearly not true for this device).

  • outcast

    I recieved the update for my note but what I didn't see on the update is the multi window .but other then that its awesome way better then ice scream sandwich.

  • Divot

    As an AT&T Note1 user, I had horrible battery life when I first updated. I had to do a factory wipe to make sure everything was gone. After that, it's running great and battery life is better than ever. Now I can hold out for the Note 3!

  • David

    I tried installing Kies in Windows 7, but it fails completely to install anything on my Galaxy Note. What a horrible idea from Samsung and Rogers, trying to force us to tether to obsolete software on an old-fashioned computer!

    I'll wait for Rogers to push out the OTA, I guess.