As is the custom these days, another Android OEM has teased a phone with an event invitation. A year ago it wouldn't have been very interesting to speculate on what LG was up to, but the OEM has been returned to prominence after building the last Nexus device and delivering a competent flagship phone of its own in the Optimus G. This invitation summons press to an event in Macau, China at the end of the month, and it might be the Optimus G2.


The tagline on the invitation is “ImaGination Begins,” so we're definitely looking at an announcement in the G family of devices. The first (and more boring) possibility is that the event will be for a wider Asian launch of the G Pro or a similar device. What we would all like to see is the official unveiling of the much anticipated LG Optimus G2. This device was possibly leaked by evleaks a few days ago.

The G Pro has just started hitting the market in numerous countries, so it might seem too soon to release another phone. However, the G Pro is 5.5-inches, and more of an alternative to the Optimus G. A new G2 could simply take the place of last year's flagship in the lineup. Specs are still up in the air, but a Snapdragon 800 is rumored for the Optimus G2. We'll just have to wait for May 30th to know for sure.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • TechGuy22

    LOL didnt they just announced OP PRO?

  • KenanSadhu

    Imagine how an optimus 4x HD owner felt when in less than a year, LG released the Optimus G, Nexus 4, Optimus G Pro, and now Optimus G2

    • Zetta

      Imagine us G2x (Optimus 2x) owners, our ICS/JB ROMs don't even work properly!

  • Brandon Fletcher

    Dear LG,

    If this device ends up being an AT&T exclusive, let me know now so I don't have to get my hopes up. If this device doesn't support external storage, stop wasting my time. I've played with your recent devices; I want to believe you're a serious contender in the high end Android device market. Make me want to give you my money.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Jeremy6820 Jeremy Gomez

      I own the LG Optimus G, which has no external storage, but 32 gigs is enough for me currently. I have multiple movies, quite a lot of apps, and several games that take over a gig apiece, and I still have room to spare. Being a power user, I could still easily fill the space up, but I'm being careful with the rest of the space. And the average user isn't likely to face problems at all. Google is leaning towards Nexus devices having no external support, and I really don't mind if manufacturers follow suite, as long as the internal memory is adequate. So I'm definitely interested in this new phone, because the Optimus G is great.

      • Brandon Fletcher

        I own an Optimus G as well, luckily the AT&T version (unlocked and using on T-Mobile). The AT&T version is the only model with SD support, and it's really nice. I like to have a few seasons of Archer/American Dad or whatever I'm watching at the time for plane and other extended travel periods. A few GB of music is nice, too. There goes 32GB right there. So now I'm left with 1 or 2GB for games and apps, which some games I've been purchasing lately are 1GB apiece. Then let's go to a concert. That night, between photos at a couple MB apiece, and HD video clips that I want to shoot at 500MB-1GB apiece, all my 64GB of external MicroSD storage is gone.

        Let me go cough up my laptop in the middle of a trip, dump all my files off, uninstall several games. NOW I have storage for pictures and video clips that I'm going to take. OH, I'm travelling back home and forgot to dump everything back to my computer, then reload all my videos/games from my laptop? These are scenarios that I run into all too often. I wouldn't gripe if 64GB or more were available from the beginning. But right now, current manufacturers are attempting to charge me $50 more for 8-16GB of internal storage (Hello, Nexus 4), when I can get a 64GB MicroSD for $50 when i catch a sale. Thanks, but no thanks. As much as I don't want to, this is what keeps me locked into buying plasticy Samsung phones, as much as I'm trying to branch out.

        Also, I was tempted by the 64GB HTC One, but once again, I get screwed, due to the 64GB model being an AT&T exclusive.

        Not all of us have super fast unlimited LTE everywhere we go. When that day comes, I'll give a little on the "everything in the cloud" idea. Until then, I need local storage options. It's not that hard, nor that much of an added expense. Charge me $50 extra for a microSD slot, I'll pay it all day long. Don't insult my intelligence by charging me that much for tiny amounts of internal storage. If I wanted to play the Apple game, I wouldn't be an Android user.

  • http://profiles.google.com/marcusleejh Marcus Lee

    Didn't LG learn from HTC not to dilute their product line with flagship after flagship? I wonder who's gonna buy their their older phones now...

  • Zach Mauch

    I don't know what they are going to announce here, but I don't think it will be the evleaks mystery handset and here's why. According to The Droid guy (I checked his math myself and agree) the screen on it was 5.5 inches. From this one can draw some conclusions.

    First, itcan’t be a device for the may 30th announcement as they just came out with the G Pro. Second, I can’t see it being a G2 at 5.5 inches regardless of date. Finally, its too early for it to replace the nexus 4. Consequently, here is my prediction.

    The evleaks phone is the nexus 5, not as a replacement to the N4, but as a complement. It's a new nexus line. The nexus phablet.


    • Ivan Myring

      I disagree. It could be the G2, or a US and UK GK. The nexus 4 shouldn't be getting a successor yet and 5inches is too small for a phablet.
      Also look at the poster. Its definitely a G series device
      Or it could be something truly revolutionary:
      A flexible phone - Optimus GF
      Or just a new tablet.

      • Zach Mauch

        If it is only 5 inches, I agree, but the estimates have said 5.5. That is the entire basis for my argument. If that fact is true, I don't see many other options besides a VERY early prototype which would be an unlikely leak.

  • Stephen Schilling

    Not sure why everyone is bitching about releasing so many phones. Sure its not a great market strategy but as consumers, choice is nice. If I want to upgrade every 4 months then let me :)

    • Brandon Fletcher

      As someone who does exactly this, I couldn't have said it better myself :)

  • http://twitter.com/Luv_Android Android Fanatic

    Its Optimus G Pro release for china not G2. Here is the pic on Official LG site of E980 (AT&T's Version of G Pro). http://www.lg.com/us/images/cell-phones/e980/gallery/large06.jpg

    Now compare that to pic on the invite :)

  • Vince

    Will be the LG Optimus G Pro for Asia, LG-E988. (similar to the AT&T version)

  • John O’Connor

    please, please manufacturers, start recessing the camera lens. People come in all shapes and sizes so I don't think svelte with a noticeable bulge/protuberance/tumor?? is necessarily the way to go.

  • asdfg

    How come when LG launches several devices you say that this is a bad thing, but when Samsung releases tons of devices over and over again you say it's the best thing ever happened? Useless people!