Though it's been little more than a week since the Galaxy S4 hit T-Mobile airwaves, the carrier's showing the newest member of its smartphone family some love with an incremental update. Rolling out OTA and via Samsung's Kies software, the focus of the patch (version M919UVUAMDB) seems to be on T-Mobile's pre-installed applications, rather than the system software as a whole.


The Visual Voicemail and ISIS apps are set to receive "improvements," whatever that means. Still, it's good to see T-Mobile minimizing bloat while trying to maintain a good user experience so soon after the Galaxy S4's release. The effort is even more impressive when you consider that the GS4 isn't even available on a particular carrier yet.

Owners of T-Mobile's Galaxy S4 can begin looking for the update May 7th. If you notice any other bug fixes or additions this firmware brings, feel free to send us a tip.

Source: T-Mobile

Kyle Wiggers
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  • AdamLange

    Full firmware (not OTA) of this version is also available, you can get it here:


  • Dan

    I think I'll postpone this for a couple of days and let somebody else figure out if it breaks root.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DeadPlasmaCell Dan Garcia

    Downloaded it via Kies last night.. man that took a long time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ntrujillo6 Nick Trujillo

    I updated my S4 today and it broke my Wifi, it won't turn on anymore, so Im calling Tmobile and trying to figure out what happened right now