We first heard about the Jambox's larger sibling, the BIG Jambox, just over a year ago. At the time, it promised to be bigger (of course) and better than the original, offering a bigger battery, a wall power adapter, and "unbelievable sound". If reviews are to be believed, the Jambox managed to deliver good sound and power, while maintaining the unique design language of its smaller counterpart.

If you're in the market for a Bluetooth speaker, the BIG Jambox is a decent choice, and Amazon's sweetened the prospect by putting the device on sale for $249.99, down $50 from its usual $299.99 price.


All three variants – Black Hex, White Wave, and Red Dot – are on sale, so if you want a more stylish way to play your music wirelessly, just hit the links below to take advantage of the deal.

Jawbone BIG Jambox on Amazon (Black, Red, White)

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://twitter.com/JovanEm Jovan

    Slight typo (I think?), "down $50 from its usual $399.99 price." I think that should be $299.99. In any case, I still can't afford it :(

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      Ah nice catch.

  • sssgadget

    I would rather setup my own "almost audiophile" system with $250 (+tax)

    • Pete Van Wattingen

      The advantage of the Jambox is it is portable. That's really the only thing I'd use it for otherwise I have my home theater or headphones.

  • metalspy8

    honestly jawbone is garbage...i have the mini jawbone and its all hype..not worth it....

    • leoingle

      I have the big jawbone and it's def not hype.

      • G

        Agree. I have it also and the sound from it is incredible. They just released an update for it to improve sound quality and battery life by and extra 2 hours. I rarely charge mine, the battery is amazing on this thing. I defo wouldn't go for the small one though.

  • Jake

    As of May 12, 2013, the price was up to $287.
    As of May 13, 2013, now it is $295 (for black), but the white is $262.