If you've longed for the abstract and ambient world of strategy game Auralux, but don't have a Tegra-powered device, good news is afoot: the most recent update adds support for non-Tegra devices. Exciting, no?

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That's not all, either – it also brings a new level pack "where you invade enemy territory," one new free level, full gamepad and Shield support, and an "important stability [fix] on Nexus 7 devices." 

All in all, this is a pretty good update, especially for those who haven't yet gotten the opportunity to play the game in the first place. The game is a free download in the Play Store, but you'll have to fork over some cash for extra levels.

Cameron Summerson
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  • silenz

    It's a pretty awesome game. Calm, but at the same time annoying. The free levels last maybe two hours, and I'm thinking about buying a few more :)

  • Mungo

    Isn't that just a 1:1 copy of Galcon?

  • anon

    I have owned this game since day one and enjoy it.
    It really never had a tegra requirement as you could just side load onto anything.
    I own all the packs. kind of expensive but i enjoy it.

  • http://lukeskaff.com/ LukeDukem

    I have owned this game since it was released to the market. I got really annoyed at it since it randomly decided to delete all my progress a few months ago. It also has some pretty nasty bugs that cause it to crash from time to time on my Nexus 7. Anyone else have issues with it?