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If you're in the small portion of the Venn diagram where Google Ingress players and Google I/O attendees intersect, I'm about to make you very happy. It looks like the big G is paying quite a bit of attention to Niantic Labs' social geo-game, because every single registered attendee for Google I/O 2013 will be given an automatic invitation to Ingress, which is still in beta. Ingress will also be given at least some coverage in the initial I/O keynote on May 15th.


There are also going to be organized games on both Tuesday, May 14th and Wednesday the 15th in the Moscone Center, leading up to a "major Ingress-wide game event in San Francisco" on the 17th. Details on this Bay Area pow-wow are scarce, but it will be happening between 7PM and 9PM local time, presumably somewhere outside the conference (or at least in an area that supersedes it) since players across the city will be able to participate.

Here's the text of the email sent to Google I/O 2013 attendees:

We're pleased to share that all Google I/O 2013 registrants will be given an exclusive opportunity to play Ingress, the massively multiplayer geo game that was recently launched by Google's Niantic Labs and is currently in closed beta. We'll be hosting games on both Tuesday, May 14th from 4- 6PM at Moscone West (1st floor), and on Wednesday, May 15th from 7- 10PM at the I/O After Hours Party at Moscone West (3rd Floor).  There will also be a major Ingress-wide game event in San Francisco the evening of Thursday, May 16th from 7- 9PM which I/O attendees are invited to participate in.

Within the next 48 hours, an Ingress code will be sent from [email protected] to your preferred email for I/O communications. We encourage you to set up your Ingress account in advance of the event and begin your field agent training. We'll also have staff on hand throughout I/O, starting on Tuesday, to help you make the most of this innovative mobile gaming experience.

Finally, don't miss out on the opportunity to learn more about the design vision behind Ingress in the I/O session on Wednesday, May 15th at 3:30 PM.

It's a safe bet that some cool new stuff is happening in the world of Ingress. Here's hoping for an end to the closed beta, so that both the Enlightened and the Resistance can swell their ranks.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Kam Siu

    major shit is gonna go down. resistance better kick ass

    • Richard Pino

      The pendulum is currently in the Enlighteneds favor for the huge battle field that is the SF Bay Area.

  • coolsilver

    That's nice. Cause I just remembered about this the other week and still never got a beta code.

  • David Manvell

    Anyone in the VA Beach, VA or Hampton Roads Virginia area who needs an invite let me know. Also eastern shore of VA or NC.

    • HellG

      I'm from the other side of the world, can i have one? pretty please? xD

    • darabo

      I'm in the east coast of NC!

    • wolvinator

      I'd love one!! I'm in Chesapeake/VA Beach area.

  • http://twitter.com/jeffaandrews Jeff Andrews

    I'm not an attendee, but if I still lived in SF I'd crash that party so hard.


  • Sorian

    Wouldn't be amazed if they add Glass support for Ingress sometime in the future.

  • jathak

    I haven't played Ingress in a while, but I live in the Bay Area and, though I couldn't get an I/O ticket this year, it might be fun to participate in the city-wide Ingress event on the 17th.

    • Johnny Lai

      Hope to see you in Mascone center

  • Ashutos jain

    Does anyone have a ingress invitation code here i want one ?

  • Cherokee4Life

    The invite thing isn't a big deal, every player over level 2 can invite people now so if you really wanted an invite you could get one fairly easy. Now the I/O "announcement" and "event" has peaked my interest.

    I am hoping they either close the Beta and turn it live, which seems unlikely to me because then why would they be giving everyone an invite. It just seems like its not that likely. What I bet might happen is that a 3rd groups of people who want to control XM will appear and Google will allow the I/O attendees first chance at being on that team. That would be fun to have 3 teams instead of 2. Make the game for fun and challenging in my opinion.

    • John O’Connor

      a 3rd party...? that sounds promising, sign me up. I'm in that small sliver, so I hope we see some exclusive benefit from the events

      • Cherokee4Life

        hey man I hope you guys get some sweet stuff too, not sure you can top last year though. Wish I was going!

        • John O’Connor

          Funny I just received an email invitation from Ingress but already have an activated accoint on that same email that I registered from io for.

  • Brian Johnson

    I'd gotten into the game from day 1 but had fallen out around January and Lvl 5 due to time constraints and balance issues in our area. Recently I've found reason to jump back in and am loving the game as much as ever.

    This is exciting that it's getting attention at I/O. I'm also glad to see that while still in "closed" beta (though, as someone mentioned, if you want an invite, it's not as hard as it was) there's still big interest in it. Niantic has done an excellent job developing the story and working to make sure new players have a chance to make it in the game. Kudos to the local higher levels who've taken the time to get new folks on their feet!

    Can't wait to see what happens!

  • AceoStar

    Small portion? lol

  • Johnny Lai

    I would like to help any resistance who will participate these event or join the game. Viva la resistance

  • WorkerBee

    Agree with Sorian. Glass Support is looking possible. Did Google leave the Play Services for Games in the Glass app by mistake ? I'm guessing not, and a new version of Ingress will supply the UI. The Ingress home page does a good job of the goal ie. overley of the real world: http://www.ingress.com. Take a look and think about it !!! I could be wrong but it seems obvious ....