The Droid DNA may not have Boomsound, Ultrapixels, or other HTC-branded buzzwords, but it's most definitely the best HTC device you'll find on Verizon right now. And if you're dead set on not paying more than a fifty spot for a new phone, the DNA is your ticket to a high-end smartphone that won't break the bank - , so long as you're willing to buy directly from HTC.


It's pretty rare that we find the manufacturer of a device selling its phones cheaper than, say, Amazon Wireless or Wirefly, but that's exactly what HTC is doing here with the DNA. Previously, the best deal we saw had a $49.99 price point for new accounts, while upgrades were bumped all the way up to $99.99. With the new deal, both new Verizon customers and those who wish to upgrade can take advantage of the $49.99 pricing. If you've been considering making the jump, this is the best time to do so. Hit the source link to make it yours.

HTC Direct

Cameron Summerson
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  • JG

    With it coming directly from HTC, I was kind of hoping it might have been buying the phone directly, without messing with contracts (like buying from the Play Store).... Def' would have snapped that up.... Need to upgrade bad, and the DNA is on my shortlist .. But I'm gonna hold off... Want to see if the X Phone lives up to it's hype. That and who knows, i/o might have something big... Now that I know AT&T has 4G (HSPA+) in my area I might consider a switch away from CDMA to GSM)

    • TylerChappell

      You'd have to be crazy to think HTC would let a $600 phone go for $50. $500 would be a fair deal though. There's certainly not a better phone on Verizon that you can get than the DNA for even $150 or less.

      • JG

        "I'm not crazy... My mother had me tested" :p I know the likelihood it would have been $50 flat out is VERY VERY VERY VERY low.... but... I'm use to thinking (now anyway) about buying developer editions of phones directly from the OEM, no messing with contract then (at least I assume not, haven't actually done so)... So that's kind of where my thought path was going at first...

  • Mr Moses

    Just picked this up as a Mothers Day gift... That's a bargain I couldn't pass on...